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Monday, April 2, 2012

My experience at Front Sight Firearms Training Center

Last weekend 5 of us from Montana and one of our friends from Farmington New Mexico went to Front Sight Firearms Training Center in Pahrump Nevada for some very intensive training for 4 days.

I took the 4 day defensive handgun course, and let me say that this was definitely NOT a vacation.
They work the living daylights out of you for four,  10 hour days, and test with timed exercises on the last day.

You are standing in the desert with the sun beating down and they want you tired on the last day since, as they say, you are only half as good in a gunfight as your best day at the range.

In the defensive handgun class ( ours had 37 students) they use the buddy system for training so you will always have your partner standing behind and to your right close enough to help keep you out of trouble.

The first thing you will learn is how much you DON'T know about handguns. The second thing is how good safe handeling of handguns is completely different than what you thought. And the third thing you will learn is how to listen and use humility to soak up a very safe and deadly method that will keep you alive in a surprise situation, and defend your life and the lives of your loved ones very effectively indeed.

We had 4 instructors and a range master overseeing our every move, and drilling us over and over in these innovative but successful methods that have been used and improved for over 16 years now.

About 25% of the class were women, and about 75% of the class were shooting Glock handguns.
Others were shooting 1911s, XD, H&K or some other brand. Front Sight maintains that the best defensive handgun ever designed is Glock in 40 S&W or 45 ACP calibers.

One lady about 35 years old had never shot a handgun before 3 days earlier, and by the end of the class was shooting within the top 30%  of the class.  Several of the guys were competition shooters, and you could tell it in their accuracy be they all said they learned a lot by coming to this training.

I highly recommend that anyone who carries regularly go to this training. Part of the training is in the classroom where you learn the consequences of shooting in self defense, legal, physical, and phsycological, as well as some of the choices one can make that will defuse a situation and make it so you don't have to use your new skills, (always the best choice if available).

The website to look at this is:

If you want further information about my experience with Front Sight call me at 800 889 2839 weekdays during business hours.  I am a lifetime First Family member with Front Sight, because they have a program that is working very well to restore our 2nd Amendment rights across America.

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