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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Special Invitation from Sheriff Richard Mack - Critical for Freedom

It's critical to get this to all on your mailing list. Watch the videos below.
We all need to help get this done.
Sent: 11/2/2011 1:23:17 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time


We have started an organization called FREE AMERICA NOW. We have a temporary site online ( Our regular site will be up and operational in a few days. The education we promised will be provided via this group. We have an excellent group of people involved with these efforts. One of our Board members, Gerry Donaldson, has a radio show on Tuesday evenings which will be a large portion of our educational program. Go to

Below is a plea from Sheriff Richard Mack asking for your help. The US is circling the drain. And for all those who may not be aware, once the US goes down, the rest of the countries will soon follow. It does not matter from which country you hail, you will be well served to dedicate to this endeavor whatever meager or generous amount suits your means. FREE AMERICA NOW is working jointly with Sheriff Mack to ensure the success of this sheriffs project. It is imperative that you recognize the significance of having your county sheriff keep his/her oath to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and to the People. Having your sheriff attend this conference in Las Vegas will arm him/her with the essentials necessary to implement his/her authority and a support group comprised of other sheriffs around the country. WE NEED OUR SHERIFFS IN OUR CORNER. The sheriff has the authority to stop unlawful foreclosures, IRS freezing our bank accounts and stealing our property, and can stop all this ridiculous encroachment of the various federal agencies. This project will lay the very foundation necessary to begin regaining control of power for and to the People. Each of the 3,141 sheriffs across the country will receive an invitation from Sheriff Mack's office. When that invitation is sent, you will be notified and it will be necessary for you to contact your sheriff personally to prompt his/her attendance. Please do not contact your sheriff about this until that time. If your sheriff is not interested in standing with other Constitutional sheriffs whose numbers are steadily growing, he/she will need to be replaced in your next election. We need to know which sheriffs are for the People and which are for the status quo. This project will help determine just that.
I ask you all to please write your own forward for this letter from Sheriff Mack and send it to as many people as possible. No one can afford to sit idle in these times. It is crucial to get this message out to the masses and ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY TO GET THIS FUNDING!!!!

Watch these videos - Infowars Special Report With Sheriff Richard Mack - Oath Keeper Sheriff Richard Mack Freedom Watch Sheriff Mack - State Sovereignty

Just One Chance!
Dear Friends,

What would you do if you knew you had just one chance to save your family and country from complete and utter destruction? What would you do if you knew there was a lawful and peaceful way to restore the Constitution and its Bill of Rights as the supreme law of the land? As a former peace officer and county sheriff, if I were to take the stand in court right this minute, and be sworn to tell the truth, I would, without any hesitation or ambiguity, testify to you and every American, that there is a solution, that there is in fact a way to secure liberty, protect ourselves and our families, and once again live in peace and freedom.

The solution is in your hands, it is within your own backyard, and it is right in your own county. The solution is state sovereignty and each county acting in accordance with the principles established in the 10th Amendment. It's you working with your county sheriff and locally elected officials to stand for the Bill of Rights and stand against the out of control federal government and it agencies.

The bottom line answer is your county sheriff. Ultimately, he is the one who will decide what is and what is not enforced in your county. He has the authority and oath bound duty to interpose himself on your behalf to protect you from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. He is the people's protector.

But the county sheriffs cannot do this alone. They need training, education, and support. To this end, I have helped form the CSPOA or the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association. And, one of our first projects is national convention of up to 200 county sheriffs, targeted to convene in January 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We can free America now, one county at a time, with the leadership of one county sheriff at a time. In Las Vegas nearly 10% of America's county sheriffs will walk away with the constitutional training and first hand knowledge of fellow sheriffs' success stories in upholding their oaths of office. These constitutional sheriffs will establish a Declaration reaffirming their Oaths and enumerating the federal government violations that will no longer be tolerated.

This convention is a significant step in formalizing a nation of constitutional sheriffs. There is no abuse they will not be able to stop. When the county sheriff enforces the Bill of Rights and upholds his oath of office, we can free America now. No more waiting for the next election, the time to act is now, and it is within your grasp to make this happen.

To make this happen, this project needs your financial support. Our founders pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to this holy cause. What are you willing to do to restore our republic? We are not asking for your fortunes, but merely that you do what you can. To ensure that each sheriff attends, we must raise $200,000 to cover travel, accommodations, and training costs. To make this happen in January, we are targeting this fundraising goal to be reached by December 15, 2011.

With your help, this could be one of the most important meetings since the Founders signed the Constitution.

The Sheriffs are key to taking back our Republic!
To donate online for this urgent meeting visit

To send checks or money orders mail to CSPOA, 112 Ridgewood Dr., Fredericksburg, TX 78624. Your contributions are not only appreciated but a valuable part of restoring freedom in America!

Yours in liberty,

Sheriff Richard Mack (RET)

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