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Friday, September 23, 2016

The Big One - 20 years of work filed in your behalf

by Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday I filed the Big One, the Summation of over twenty (20) years work in behalf of the actual American states owed the land jurisdiction of this country and the living people of the 50 States United. Of course, with something this long in the making, there is a lot of remembering involved and a lot of focus required, so forgive me if I am brief with this announcement. I am very tired.

We, the living American People who claim our birthright political standing as American State Nationals---- Texans, Virginians, Ohioans, Wisconsinites, and so on--- and who have moved back to the land jurisdiction of our native land, are the beneficiaries of our estates.  Those who additionally act as Fiduciaries in behalf of our states on the land are American State Citizens, obligated by oath and honor to act in the best interests of all and to meet The Prudent Man Standard in all those actions we undertake.

For many who have grown up listening to a constant litany of "National Debt" news, it may come as a great surprise to learn that you are, as American State Nationals, not in debt.  You are by far the richest people on Earth.

In fact, you and your States are the Priority Creditors of the entire world. 

The debt that the rest of the world has owed us has been so insurmountable that it has served to quash business and growth, spawned a huge black market in counterfeit currencies and "derivatives", and caused unnecessary suffering that needs to end.  So, in our own right and in your names, we've have moved to end it. 

As your servants and as "Prudent Men" we have requested a worldwide accounting and set off of debts, meaning that our debts to other nations are to be set off against their debts to us.  What remains as "insurmountable debt" owing will be forgiven---written off, so that everyone can have a clean start. 

This is being done to regenerate hope and economic freedom and to prevent any necessity of war or undue suffering.  It is well-within our ability and in our best interests to do this.

Our fortunes are so vast that it doesn't even matter.

We are the beneficiaries of approximately 185,000 of the richest corporations on Earth, approximately 10,000 state of, county of, and municipal corporations in this country, and corporations like CANADA and AUSTRALIA that "own" entire countries, together with all their corporations under them. 

Quite literally, we little pea-pickers and Indians have inherited the Earth. 

Now what to do with it?  For starters, everyone needs a living stipend to make life possible for many in the Third World and make it bearable for others, even here in America.  So our proposal is that every man, woman, and child receive an individual payment equivalent in local currency to $2000 per month as an independent living stipend on top of whatever other income they may have.

This will end abject poverty throughout the world and make life bearable for many who are now suffering needlessly.

We have also proposed that each one receive the equivalent in local currency of $1000 per month in a savings/investment account that they can use to invest for their own future. 

These funds are directed to be paid individually with no strings, no middlemen, no governments involved.  Just a straight one-to-one transaction from the World Heritage Fund and the World Investment Fund to each one of you.

For many this will all just be pleasant "extra", but for others it is the difference between life and death, starvation and a good future.

There will also be plenty of money for infrastructure investments, for re-booting the government we are owed, and for all the tasks which face this planet and our nation among all the nations of the world.

Britain, France, and other nations have tried to obscure the truth of the American States and mischaracterize and misrepresent and fool the American People, so as to set up a false claim that we all "voluntarily" chose to serve as "United States Citizens" or "citizens of the United States" and that our States of the Union were "civilly dead"----- but as we and everyone else now knows, that is nothing but a self-interested lie promoted by foreign interests seeking to avoid their own debts and hoping to come in as Secondary Creditors and bring false claims of "abandonment" in commerce.

Those actions have been forestalled by the fifty (50) State Liens recorded as Non-UCC liens and by two subsequent actions which collect the National Debt and re-convey the assets of the actual States to the land jurisdiction. 

It's done.  It's over.  It's on the record. 

Much too everyone's surprise, the Sleeping Giant woke up at its own funeral and yawned and said, "Fie, fei, foe, fum!" 

Get your motors running.  Inform the Vatican.  Inform the Kremlin.  Inform Beijing. The Republic States are alive and well and so are the American People. 

Contrary to what you've been told, we are not the "United States".  We don't have a $19 trillion-plus National Debt. 

We have a $19 trillion-plus National Credit.  And that's not all. 

We are the majority shareholders in virtually everything big enough to spit at from here to Damascus. We are owed 150 years worth of back rent, the entirety of the 1930's bankruptcy fraud, and so much more.......that at the end of the day, the only real question is---- can we all imagine a better world? 

A much, much better world?  
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  1. The biggest question on my mind right now, is how do we put the perpe-TRAITORS of all this criminal activity in JAIL so they can't do it to us again?

    1. Well hopefully this coincides with the end of their fiscal year, sept 30, and tenure, the white hats "enforcement ie big
      guns" and we are off to the races. Thank you paul and anna for all your thankless work and I did donate to the living law firm today hope others do too.

    2. Hey Paul,
      Jail isn't such a hot idea to begin with. It breeds criminals! (not my opinion, statistical fact)
      To begin with, someone will have to be in-charge of the project to reform the criminals. Not necessarily an easy task but, vital. A curriculum that works is already known & proven workable. Most often, a reformed criminal wishes to help other criminals reform!
      An amends project can be written for each grade or class of perpetrator. Of all those that participated in the fraud, etc, they all had varying degrees of culpability. These projects can be assigned accordingly and those that wish to rehabilitate themselves can begin, under supervision of course. They can be brought along until they have returned as responsible, contributing members of their respective societies (communities) again and forgiven.
      Those that refuse to participate can be isolated, for the safety of the rest of us, until such time as they change their minds or expire naturally or at the hands of each other so isolated. I believe the best place for such isolation would be an uninhabited atoll in the middle of the Pacific ocean. They can be air-dropped in with minimal provisions and tools to accomplish their own survival so that they can work out their own salvation amongst themselves. A protocol can be established for any that wish to repent and return for their rehabilitation amends project.
      It should be relatively easy to set-up surveillance to maintain the sanctity & security of the location and international treaties created to maintain the isolation. Nearly every country will have offenders that refuse to repent.
      This is a brief outline and can be perfected but, the driving intention needs to be continued for rehabilitation. Mankind will only ever be as strong as it's weakest member. Treating the perpetrators with care & dignity as anyone you truly cared about is essential. Offering a choice for rehab is the only way to get folks to arrive on their own determinism. "getting even" or punishment will only feed the cancer!
      You have to remember that men are not not fundamentally evil. That is an artificial, fictitious entity that never did really exist, when you break it down and thoroughly look at the matter.
      Make sense?
      All The Best,

    3. Good question, and jail is just for starters. Treason carries a heavier penalty than jail, but first we have to put teeth in the actions taken so far and round them up for trial. Here is the snafu in my opinion. Do we really think these people will really simply hand over the keys to their empire?


    4. Hey Wirkin Dawg, didn't somebody try that a while back? I think the experiment was called Australia. Then there is the Iceland solution. And what are we going to use all those FEMA camps for anyway?

    5. As much as we all desperately would like to believe this is all true the proof is in the pudding. What is missing from this picture, at least in my mind, is exactly what margy is asking. to them we are nothing but useless eaters, other wise they would not have foisted the fraud upon us in the first place. what am I missing that it will take place as described? I am not faulting at all the efforts regarding what needs to happen, just asking what I can't help but believe is a realistic, honest and widely held question that everyone would like answer for.

  2. When we getting paid? You did a lot of work....u deserve a big chunk... But when?

  3. This sounds great, but before the rest of us out here are able to help you enforce this, we will need to see file stamped copies of the paperwork. Then we can all get to work and make this happen.

  4. In what court or venue or country or before what authority, and into what record did Anna von Reitz file the "Big One"??? Why don't you know the answer to this question??? Because Anna has not provided the information so that you can prove what she is telling you. Get real, start asking the obvious questions. Anna's info is unreliable at best.

    1. Well hopefully don your negativity does not prevail. We would be better off to focus on the positive and bring this to fruition through visualization and spreading the positive word. Afterall how does anything materialize? Through visualization and then blood, sweat and tears.

      so get to it and pass the positive word and maybe just maybe you might surprise yourself :-)

    2. I agree. So far Anna has not said anything that hasn't turned out to be truth. I know I complain that she doesn't give enough info in her posts too, but eventually it is forthcoming. She's not superwoman and like us all, sometimes needs to be reminded of what might be missing. I checked on her filing of liens for the states done in Alaska, and it's all there, so why wouldn't this info be filed somewhere too? I'd also ask that Anna tell us where we can find and read what has been filed so we can take action, but don't fault her for not doing so right now. Besides, give her a break...she did say she was tired, and I know from experience, sometimes things fall between the cracks. I'd be willing, if I were a betting woman, to bet we will see what you are looking for soon and applaud Anna for these efforts. Don, why don't you take your state lien and make hay with that, it's all out there for everyone to see and is huge? I'm using that information in my property tax issue as a counter claim. How can we be taxed when we are the creditors? The Clearfield Doctrine, which Anna kindly made known to us, says the COUNTY can't tax the land upon which I live as they are incorporated and cease to be bona-fide government. That alone should be enough to get state nationals out of that tax.


    3. Positive thinking does not supply the verifiable info needed to prove what Anna von Reitz is claiming. We need solid, reliable sources and proof - evidence. As usual, Anna provides no reliable proof - evidence for her claims which appears to be ideas, speculations and dreams, that fuel the minds of people with hope, who wish things would change, and hope Anna takes care of everything for them. We the people must abolish or alter the corrupt government. Changing the status of Americans to an unconstitutional "National" will not help at all. Trashing the Constitution and our constitutional citizenship only helps the corrupt government remain. Blessings.

    4. Hey Don, If you delete a comment you wrote, please come back to the page and delete a second time so it is completely removed.

      Since you used the term "Constitutional Citizenship" I would like to comment that I don't think you understand the term citizenship or national either one. Evidently you have not read much of Anna's work or you would understand the difference. It's pivotal, and critical for you to understand what the founders did.
      Read more of Anna's work starting with this one.

      The key term is Sovereign. The whole concept of sovereignty was contained in the original organic document. The so called 14th Amendment was fraudulently added to change us all into citizen subjects instead of sovereigns which we are by birth, so that we would all be considered to have only privileges and immunities instead of God given rights no government can change.
      So, if you have a BAR card, tear it up.

    5. Don EVERYTHING starts as an idea through visualization and blossoms from there my friend, at its most basic

    6. Don EVERYTHING starts as an idea through visualization and blossoms from there my friend, at its most basic

  5. What happen to the large lump sum to everyone indibidually, then a monthly stipend?
    How do we work without banking?

  6. Remember there are no magic bullets or some happy ending. Now we must not forget, keep waking up and keep moving. Ending the stupid poverty and destructive slavery will allow the giant to actually get up, have breakfast and get busy enjoying productive days.

  7. Thank you all, for all your hard work.
    peace to all
    juan jose

  8. Indeed, the big one!! Beautiful job Anna, thank you and to all who have endured and prevailed. What a feat!!

    To those of you who are nah sayers, go back to grade one, (1) and begin again your studies. Go to America and you will see the 'paperwork', read again your homework,that you have neglected to read and now are far behind the rest of us. Only then will you hopefully see, you have not done your homework nor action to assist. Wake the heck up, get off the couch, turn off the tube, and READ. You know, the black n white gathering of words on paper bound in things called books. Remember books? And now with the speed of internet, you have no excuse.none. Stop this nonsense of burying your heads in the sand and denying the truth before you. Think for yourselves instead of what the obvious controlled 'media' of lies servesup, news de'jure. We have been lied to, period. Over and over and over, for 150 years ++ It is this very action, or non action and complacency by us that has brought us all to near ruin. Stop behaving like belligerent children and take responsibility/ies to say 'enough is enough'. You know what is happening, you see it, feel it, but refuse to 'change' it...thats insanity. You are either insane or numb/dumb. Stop pounding sand, playing 'their' games, stop believing in the tooth fairy. It takes all of us to join together and make this change. Many other countries are doing what it takes, andthe people are demanding the change with much success, look it up, read for yourself, its all here and now!

    God speed, we will triumph and always have, throw out the tyranny, enough is enough. There is enough food, space and infinite resources to provide for all. No one should be suffering but for their own lack of effort. We have been given opportunities time n time again but false evidence appearing real (fear) has been allowed to rule over us and stifle the very steps necessary to hold us down, no more. Shake yourself out of it, and get busy. It all starts with you!! And it begins NOW!

    Warmest regards to you and the team,

  9. Thank you for the work and dedication you are putting in this life changing actions! It pleases my heart to know there is a team working toward the benefits of all. Thank you for giving hope!

  10. Thank you for the work and dedication you are putting in this life changing actions! It pleases my heart to know there is a team working toward the benefits of all. Thank you for giving hope!

  11. You are the GIANT, Anna. There are no words that could ever thank you enough for everything you've done. You are such an incredible woman. Your knowledge and intelligence never ceases to amaze me. Many thanks and blessings to everyone who have dedicated their lives to create a better world for the benefit of all.

  12. This is great. Are you (Paul, Anna etc...) in contact with Winston Shrout? Sounds like you are all on the same page.

  13. I have only been following this work for a short time, however this seems very similar to the "One People's Public Trust" (OPPT) that was filed back on December 25th, 2012. At that time I was very curious about the reports and I spent the money to retrieve copies of the UCC filings and verified that those truly do exist in the government archives, and were never rebutted. Those filings were then supposed to lead to:
    "One People’s Public Trust Lawfully Forecloses Corporations, Banks and Governments for Operating Slavery and Private Money Systems". That trust was also supposed to return the wealth to the people. That never did come to fruition, so how is this different? (See link below) Anna's work seems very similar to Heather-Anne's work so I am wondering how this work really differs? Please understand I am NOT trolling here, just asking questions.

  14. I'll be waiting for my check in the mail. LMAO

  15. is there any new update's on the bank! ASAN i'm really stoked about that idea and would like to invest in if possible when the time comes

  16. Dear judge Anna, you remind me of myself when i was going to college in my early 20's as a pre med major. Back then i was very idealistic and living in an ivory tower. But it didnt take me long to figure out that the real world we have been born into was not the caring one i really thought it was, the one i studied so hard to improve by becoming an honest medical doctor, dentist, vet., even for awhile, an attorney. But after i got my BS in Biology, i decided to go into the work force for awhile. What a wake up cal i got. College was nothing more than a detour from reality which is probably why i liked it so much. College doesnt prepare anyone for for the "Big lying Corp. World" that actually hinders advancements or cures in just about every field from medicine to energy, to law. The "hypocratic oath" no wrong...give me a break. Judges and attorneys oath and bond...worthless. And why??? Because of ginormous multinational Corp. whose bottom line is the "only line"....Profit. Even if it means destroying advancements that that actually cures people and the planet as a whole. And how much sense does it make when someone that can throw a ball through a hoop make $50 million a year, while people who sacrificed their whole life to become brain surgins that actually help people, wind up getting only a small fraction of that amount, and never attain the acclame that ball player gets. It makes me sick to my stomach. Your motives may be honest and sincere, but very naive. If you think money alone is going to make people happy, i can tell you from personal experiance it doesnt. When my dad died in 2002 he left my brother and me with over a million dollars in cash and mostly assets(real estate). We personally gave people $10,000, $20,000, $40,000 and a couple of people that promised to help us with a business over $100,000 apiece. You know what it did....nothing. It didnt make anyone happy for long, and in some cases actually got them in more trouble, and used the money to steal even more money from other people. The one friend i gave $40,000 to buy his house is the most negative and unhappiest person on earth. And the dumbest. He always tells me why should i read a book if it doesnt earn me any money....its a disease, a sickness. Before you just give that money to people, they have to do something for it...they have to study and read for the first time in their lives about everything we all have been studying on this site for years now. You can give them two years to read and study our true history and prove it by taking a test like all the rest of us that went to school or studied on our own, at great sacrifice of time and money to ourselves...and in my case even jail time just to learn the truth.

  17. Im sorry if you dont agree with me judge Anna, but after 150 years of lies and Corp. mentality of selfish materialism, and generations of extreme excess, most people have actually become "persons"(corp. entities) having no greater goals than selfish materialism, like my friend of 50+ years. We dont even talk now. All he does is watch sports and smoke pot, while he plans his next toy purchase. If you really did claim that money for us than you have an even greater resposibility to see that it will really make a difference that will last this time. You have to think like they do, but honestly. That means the very first two things you need to do with that money is get control of both our public school system and our courts. But nothing is more important than teaching our kids and their teachers about both law and money....mandatory from elementary to high school. There is no graduating either until they are competant of knowing both and the history of how it got this way. Thats is the only way we can bequith liberty to all other generations from now on. Penities have to be put into place if they arent taught properly. Criminal penalties. If you can use that money just to do those two things, this country actually could not only be great again, but stay that way...

    1. james pansini you took the words right out of my mouth :-) well said.. well said.

  18. Thank you Anna and Paul
    For now I agree with Wirkin Dawg.
    But they should work at helping those who lives they destroyed, like a normal job lets say building homes that can be shipped from that island to the people who don't have them yet. And as they taught their children greed... they must be taught compassion now. And sadly, their children removed from them to be educated not schooled. There is much more I could add but I don't know how much longer THEY will allow me to stay in MY house when the eviction notice is put on my door. I'm still fighting them. Disabled, broke, and not able to financially get the proper medical treatments because of them and living in total fear. One side of me says shoot them all for treason against us all, but they can still be productivity for us as payment for what they did.. hell for what they are doing now. There seems to be about 300,000,000 of them.
    One thing please how and when will the money be given please. Some much in need of a little for now.
    Thank you so much

    1. PS It was only in the last 4 years that I learned how to deal with money. And how to save it and distribute it to help the poor.. it doesn't matter whether its pennies or billions.. funny because I'm at poverty level. Believe it or not.. money to me it is the most hated thing I can think of.

    2. I forgot to add that the cult of the new world order must go to... "THE POPE" or am I on a page of controlled opposition getting our names to?

    3. Anna, Paul if what I say is truly wrong... I apologize. I think one can understand my concern. For we have been scammed all our lives. Thank you

    4. I heard the jubilee will end October 2, 2016 What has been accomplished?

  19. Seems to me if you read "The Declaration of Independence" we have the mirror image of that going on now. We pointed out the usurpations at that time and they went ignored. They will just do the same thing again, because you are dealing with the same entity, the crown (no caps their not worth the dignity). This cabal is pure evil. Everything Anna is espouseing is 100% correct. They know what is up and have contingency plans for it. Sometimes I think this Hydra will only be slain by Joshua(Jesus) as delineated in the book of Revelations. We'll see. I hope and pray for everyone involved in bringing us back to the "Land Jurisdiction" I am a newcomer, but have known something was wrong since an early age. YASHUA bless You!

  20. Posted by Paul Stramer for Princess:


    I have done so many things since 2000 when I woke up, that did not a thing to change my status to non taxpayer or to take me driver list. I have lost my home because of property taxes. I haven't driven a car except in emergencies since 2008.

    What I didn't do was to claim to be a State or American national just a living woman, sovereign, try to set up a trade name and record it in the county which they wouldn't accept at the price set in the statutes. They had the big wigs come down to tell me they wanted 50 not the 5 in the statute.

    With what you have just announced that you have done, will property taxes just stop? Will I be able to suddenly drive without a license? Do I have to send a notice to the municipality sending me tax bills that I am a State or American National not a citizen?

    The bills went out in July.

    It is now September, if I just don't pay I could wind up with a sale of a tax certificate being sold this december and having to pay the tax plus penalties and interest and attorney fees.

    Are we to believe that status of an American State National, American National, or just plain national is now the solution without us having to write one word on paper to those sending the property tax bills because you have filed a document for us in our stead?

    If that is true, horay!! but how do we check this change of status was actually done?

    If not, how do we make this claim to change our status from citizen to national to the municipality and to whom and what do we say in this claim?

    Are we to believe and have faith the municipalities are just going to change all of us from United State Citizens to nationals without us having write to them?

    There is nothing in the world I would like better. These "persons" anna calls British citizens running the municipalities who steal our homes once a year if we don't pay their tax bills on our private property they have deemed classified as commercial (see New Jersey classification of property at 4A and this definition says that all the classifcations

    [(a) class 1 vacant land, (b) class 2 Residential, (c) class 3A: farm property regular, (d) class 3B Farm property qualifies (c) Class 4A" Commercial properties" Means any other type of income producing property other than property in classes 1, 2 (residential), 3A, 3B]

    collect rent, need to be behind bars.

    Here is the classification of property in New Jersey Administrative Code title 18 Property

    It is found on page 5 at: 18:12-2.2 Property classifications with definitions.

    There are not too many of us that have stopped paying property taxes. I know of only a few and only one (in Florida who claims to have had success) who has helped others. Unfortunately, he had to sign a non disclosure and the law suit is sealed.

  21. Dear Princiss...I think a lot of us , including me have already been through the foreclosure process, and im sorry to say have lost, because no matter how good your paperwork is, no matter how much truth and facts prove they are committing fraud, the judges have either been told or payed(bribed...dont think it doesnt happen) to go along with the banks..."or else"!!! I have been studying this fraud for the last 40 years, and even fought my own cases, using my own paperwork, in these courts. By 2014 when i lost my house, i had 40 years experiance with fighting this unlawful legal system. I handel it the same way the banks do it...First Administratively, by giving them 3 letters sent registered mail. 1) A Qualified Written Request in the form of a "conditional acceptance", than 2) A second letter which is an "Opportunity to Cure ( because they can never answer simple questions about your loan in the first letter, like where is the Original "Note"(promissary note) that gives you the right or "STANDING" to even start a foreclosure on this property, because the only one that has a right to foreclose on you is "THE REAL PARTY OF INTEREST"...FRCP17(a). Your only dealing with service companies using hugh "law firms" as foreclosure mills because they are dealing with millions of foreclosures that is so overwhelming they had to hide most of their illigal paperwork through their own "PRIVATE" recoders system called MERS(Mortgage Electronic Registration System), which mimics and unlawfulling competes with the lawful "PUBLIC" filing system through the "county recorders office" which we have access to. We have no access to theirs(MERS). In fact, you really have no idea who you are really dealing with, because one company you think your dealing with, actually goes by another name. The "NOTE" doesnt exsist anymore because it was lost in the "Securitazation" process on wall street and bundled into extremely complicated derivatives, and got the rating agencies in securities to rate them triple A' rating, when they knew they were "junk bonds"(worthless securities), and sold them all over the world that way, most of it winding up in China. And you wonder why the rest of the world hates us. If they can con whole countries, do you really think you stand a chance against these people. In order to have a valid "claim" for a foreclosure standing the banks have to prove two things..1) the most important thing of all is the Original "NOTE" stating pay to the order/or bearer of...and 2) the Agreement(the actual Mortgage or as its called in this state, A Trust Deed or Deed of Trust). Which brings us to the 3rd and last letter)..Letter of Default sent to your bank and filing it in the county recorders office as proof that they never answered either your honor. I still dont know to this day who is "THE REAL PARTY OF INTEREST" is(FRCP17(a)... and no one has come up with the "Original Note". Without the note, there is no agreement(ie Mortgage or Deed of Trust)...period. Demand an "AUDIT OF THE EQUITIES" and a "Data Integrity Report" at the banks expense to prove their "CLAIM" your honor...

  22. None of us have never been trained how to follow up the paperwork on our "Deeds of Trust" because we all trusted everyone to do the right thing. What all of us should have been doing is immediately(in 1 or 2 days is go down to the "county recorders office" and see what was filed. THATS WHERE THE WAR IS BEING WAGED AGAINST US BEHIND OUR BACKS. Go look at prinses immediately. Everyone else too. Its to hard to do it on your own computer because they limit your searches to 5 years at a time, which makes it time consuming at home, and confusing. Their computers show your entire history at once. But heres the real will see that when you first bought the house you were listed as the "GRANTEE"and the bank or loan company as the "GRANTOR". The grantee has controlling "interest" in the property(it represents the creditor). The grantor only has secondary interest in the property(possession) until he cant make his payments(so grantor represents the "debtor"). Now ask yourselves why in the world would the bank ever list you as the GRANTEE(creditor). Because you are. Your signiture on that "NOTE" monitized the note in the first place. The banks dont lend you any money of their own, because they arent even allowed by law to create money they dont have. But we can because as judge Anna has said we have always been the true creditors. The banks are nothing more than clever theives. Your "SIGNITURE" is the equivilant of "GOLD". So in essence you just created your own loan and the bank took it and put it on their ledger as an asset to them, and a debt to you, with the added insult of charging you interest besides the principal. Can you say "MAFIA". The banks had to list you that way in order to have some simblence of honesty and legality. But now go back to the county recorders office the next day or two and see that the bank went back to the recorders office(sometimes that same day) and now your listed as the "Grantor" and all of a sudden they are listed as the "Grantee"(creditor and controlling interest). But how?? Because in those 20 or 30 pages you signed at the bank for the loan is a "power of attorney clause" and a "power of sale clause" that you waived giving them the right to do all the paperwork behind your back to complete the transaction and yiu just gave them the right to sell your home as soon as you default on your payments. All those jokes they make about attorneys are well Since we have no control of these contracts there is only one thing you can do as a remedy right at the time of signing...always put beneith your signiture..."without prejudice". We can depend or use their ignorance of law too. Basucally it means your signing under protest and never waive you rights ever. If anyone ask you what does that mean. Just tell them i always do that so people know im not prejudice against anyone. It comes from the UCC code at 1-308(it used to be 1-207). As soon as they get wise to what we are doing They always change codes or laws at will. Devils, all of them.

  23. And, on a last note about my foreclosure, after it was over, i had nothing but time after that to do a little more research about what happened. It occurred to me finally that the county rerorders office is for open public inspection, not only about us, but about anyone else we might want to know about. Well since it was ultimately the judge who turned out to be my true adversary, and i had her name(thats all you need to make a search on someone) i decided to find out a little about her situation. Records can be very reveiling on people especially when they are all public, free to inspect. Guess what i found out about the judge i was dealing with...Turns out the good old judge was in foreclosure herself. She was behind payments on a $400,000 home herself. She was behind by $80,000 . Her house went to auction twice already. It only had to go to auction one more time before the bank took it. It seems that at the 11 hour, she was able to get another loan on her house for $125,000 which payed for the delinquent $80,000 she was behind, but now she owed even more on the house. And you will never guess what banks she was dealing with...yep, the same two banks i was dealing with...HSBC and Bank of America. Talk about a conflict of interest. These judges are having finanicial troubles of their own. Her record also shows she has been married it looks to me at least 3 times. She changed the names on the Deed at least 3 times. They are just as scared and stupid as the rest of us. The difference is, i wouldnt hurt other people in that position just to save my own neck. But there are tons of people that are just like that judge. You would think by now they know this banking system is rigged, but they are directly related to it. And now, they even have to protect it, even if it compromises their every moral decision. I bet she didnt get much sleep that week. But she did keep her home...this is the world we live in now people. But i learned one helps to pray about your situation. As it turned out in the end that foreclosure was the best thing that happened to us because all of us being so called friends, turned out just yelling and shouting at one another. As soon as my brother and i qualified and applied and got our SS benifits, we found a brand new place being built, with all amenities included and water and garbage included and got the place for only $540/mo. Between my brothers SS and mine we have no problem paying for rent and bills without working. Meanwhile, the other two roomates who did nothing but take advantage of us have been living in hell since we lost that place. Karma is a bitch. Praise god. He listens and knows what people have done or havent done. You may lose your house, but that doesnt mean god has forgotten you. He knows we are all being taken advantage of. And he will find you a new place. We were extremely giving to people when we had money, while everyone else around us were extremely selfish, self centered, and arrogant. Never once thanking god for anything.

    1. HSBC and the US Justice department are criminal enterprises. The argument can easily be made by the actions of the current US Attorney general before she got a promotion.

      Criminal acts deferred? Criminal acts that caused bloodshed to other innocent people in Mexico. This agreement is a pay to play agreement period and implicates the US Justice department as guilty by association. And they praised themselves for the agreement.


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