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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Pointless Slander and Lies

 By Anna Von Reitz

There has recently been a rash of ugly, untrue, and pointless slander on the internet concerning me and my husband---- most of it being spread by the shadowy offshore "Reign of the Heavens Society"--- a group of quasi-religious nutcases who think they own this country because they bought some memorabilia at a Naval Yard Auction.
No, I am not a murderer. My husband is not a convicted rapist and human rights violator. These accusations smack of the same kind of drivel as the IRS Masterfile which has me down as running a rum distillery in Barbados and has him selling guns in South America.
And what's the point? Even if all the crap they spin were 100% true, my husband would still be the Hereditary Head of State for this country.
All the government officials and employees are "sailing" under his trademarks and under his Great Seals and they are still sailing in his paper ships called corporations in both international and global jurisdiction.
I have said it once and will say it again: to conduct official business in international and global business back in the 1700's you had to have sovereign standing.
The Belchers had sovereign standing because of the Norman Conquest. They agreed with the philosophy of the Founding Fathers and did two things for this fledgling country:
(1) They acted as the sovereign in international and global jurisdiction and issued the trademarks, patents, and Seals necessary.
(2) They did for this country what their ancestor, William the Conqueror, did for them: declared that every man who fought in the Continental Army, and everyone who would be born on our soil in the future, would be a "sovereign in their own right".
My husband's position as the Hereditary Head of State is a safeguard in the event, as has indeed happened, that the government of the people would be seduced and overcome by guile, and placed into such a position as it could not operate without our assistance.
It was with the greatest reluctance that he, an artist, ever stepped forward and issued the order to convene the State Assemblies. He has less than no interest in political matters or political power, and was well-aware that he might be risking his own life and the lives of his family in order to do it.
He is motivated by nothing more or less than love of freedom and love of country and love of his fellow man. He does not wish to see the world overcome by Corporate Feudalism and all that that entails.

Everyone reading this needs to check their own best interests and realize that literally being ruled over by nameless, faceless, inhuman business conglomerates is not a future worthy of mankind and not likely to be a life worth living.


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  2. Thanks so much, Anna, James, & Team,for your loyal patriotism, devotion to Truth & Justice, while we reconstruct our usurped government, Now in Session in State Assemblies peacefully lawfully for good of all the people. Teamwork makes the dream work for highest good of All! We are so grateful to be part of this restoration of our republic and return to self-governance. Love & Blessings to you and all people participating in this project preserving our American way of life. FreeMom7 :)

    1. In the future you need to identify yourself at least with a handle. We do not accept Anonymous or Unknown as a handle.

  3. Thanks Anna for all you do and for keeping us updated and educated. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Thank you Anna and many thanks to your Man, Amen,

  5. I'm grateful someone packed the parachute and someone had it on and someone pulled the string. Now where do we want to land? :)

  6. You naysayers want to deny facts? Anna tells facts. Her husband is who she says, she is who she says. To deny facts is to cast oneself from the simple facts into intellectual chaos.

    Neither he nor she claims to form any kind of monarchy or unrighteous dominion. Nothing is claimed by Anna but a call to return to re-asserting en-mass a claim to sovereignty which her husband has proven ancestral claim to, and her own claim as fiduciary for The United States of America, an unincorporated entity created by State Citizens sent from State Assemblies to organize unincorporated states as The United States of America to bring forth a plan which did cast off the foreign tyrant and tax maniac King George III. Read our Peoples Declaration of Independence to review the jarring reminder of some of the reasons for our Peoples righteous indignation at the outrageous behavior of that king.

    And keep a clear perspective of what Anna states as facts. Foul language and casting undeserved criticism/condemnation at Anna works to undermine, not build, our march to re-ordering American society with the proper and original framework. That framework requires sovereign People and a fiduciary of their vehicle to our re-Confederation of States: The United States of America. We are the sovereign People or else we are feudal serfs dispossessed of our birthright names, alloidial soil and land, ancestral common law and customs. Which will you be? If not a serf, then stand firm as a American State National/citizen. We are building an insurmountable wall of will, co operation and unity in our State Assemblies.

    1. Joel- I'm right with you!!! There are certain folks in The Assembly that do not have the intellectual and emotional capacity to comprehend what is at stake and the objectives of The Assembly unfortunately!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Heaven!!!

  7. Long live Anna and James!!! Amen, so be it said our Father (Yahweh) in Heaven!!!

  8. Balkanized is a strategy circle the wagons .
    Pick your battles and plan like Napoleon mathematical precision that’s what I did in combat as liaison chief .
    Orchestrate the distractions the support timing is important.
    Mohammed Ali famious roap a dope let your opponent tire him self conserve energy then when the time is right unleash your power.
    Nothing is a sure thing but these strategies work.
    We don’t have the strength to beat our opponent yet the DOJ,Congress,financial interests , media,,silicone valley .
    Are to strong for a divided populace.


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