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That Rotten Little Word-- "Of"

By Anna Von Reitz

13 October 2019

Those following Phil Hudok's lead and slavering at the prospect of being able to wallow in a trough of military script are presenting themselves as patriots and as Americans and touting their arbitration process as the greatest victory and blessing and legal insight in history.  

And so they sing their siren song of "easy money" and herd everyone into the wide path that leads to destruction --- knowingly or unknowingly; in terms of impact, it hardly matters which.  

Too bad it's not true.  

All they are accomplishing is putting themselves further into debt and accelerating the process of hyper-inflation----plus, officially admitting that they are British Territorial United States Citizens, liable to pay the debts of both the King of the Commonwealth and the Pope.  

Oh, dear. 

First, there is the fact that Phil never bothered to correct his own political status records, apparently thinking that that was unnecessary, and teaching others the same.  

Second, there are his own claims and words identifying himself as a "citizen of the state of West Virginia".   And that rotten little word, "of". 

Many people miss the point that West Virginia is the State, and anything calling itself a "state of West Virginia" or a "State of West Virginia" or even a "STATE of West Virginia" ---- are not States.  

"Of" means "apart from, besides, or belonging to" ----- so, any form of "state of West Virginia" refers to a separate entity apart from the actual State.  And identifying himself as a "citizen" of such an entity can only mean that Phil Hudok is choosing to "reside" in a foreign political status--- instead of just living in West Virginia as a West Virginian like the rest of us.   

Roman nomenclature was used by the Municipal Government to describe various levels of "state of state" authorities prior to 1860, with "state of State" like Phil's "state of West Virginia" designation being used in their system to identify the original Federal States of States doing business as, for example, "The State of California" ----which was recognized as "the state of California" for Municipal purposes.  

However, West Virginia never existed as a "state of West Virginia" under that system of nomenclature, and "The State of West Virginia", never existed as a member of the original Confederation, either.  

That is because West Virginia itself was defined as a State in the middle of the Civil War --- June 1863, so there's no historical meaning or precedent for the existence of anything called "the state of West Virginia".  .   

Read that: Phil Hudok is claiming to hold a political status and citizenship based on something that never existed.  At all. Ever. 

He is in fact claiming to be a "stateless person" for Municipal purposes, and standing under the King's Law --- and voluntarily subjecting himself to the British Monarch, presumably as a poor refugee suffering from amnesia, since he has forgotten where he actually lives.  

If you needed anything more to tell you that the "Arbitration Award" is fishy and not what it seems, just look real hard at that little word --- "of" --- and understand what it means. 

Claiming to be a "citizen of the state of West Virginia" is a good trick.  Very creative.  Extra credit points.  Totally impossible otherwise.  Ultimately, no banana.  

Any such claim is actually pure craziness and bunk, and if the Pope is willing to throw rivers of Federal Reserve Notes at it, you have to figure that something else is actually going on.  

How about this as the likely scenario?  

The Municipal Corporation wants to bankrupt the Territorial Corporation, so they are opening up the floodgates to issue these "Awards" as Federal Reserve Notes?  

That will cause hyperinflation and the gross devaluation of Federal Reserve Notes.  It will also cause a short term boom, like the Roaring Twenties, with all sorts of crooks swaggering around with stuffed pockets.  

And what if all the innocent Americans participating in this destruction of the United States economy, are at the same time unknowingly giving away their inheritance as Americans?  What if by accepting these Arbitration Awards, their land and soil, and their Unalienable and Natural Rights, are unwittingly being donated to the Queen?  And best of all, from her perspective, they are being snagged to pay the Queen's debts?  

And what if the Queen is herself snagged to pay the Pope's debts?  

A pretty little fraud scheme, indeed.  A criminal enterprise. A round robin circle  of fraud.  Again.  And all aimed at defrauding America and Americans. 


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Self-Governance for the Rest of Us

By Anna Von Reitz

Having a right to do something does not equal doing it.  

I can have the right to pick blueberries on my neighbor's farm, because we have a written contract between us allowing that, but if I don't hike up the hill where the blueberries grow at the appropriate time of year and actually bend down and flex my fingers and pick the berries off the bush, it doesn't matter that I have the right to do it. 

It's not my neighbor's fault if I fail to exercise my right to pick blueberries.  

I have the right, but to accrue the benefit of it, I have to exercise my right by taking actions of various kinds.  I have to locate the berry patch.  I have to notice the time of year.  I have to find a pail.  I have to hike up the hill.  I have to exert myself to bend down and I have to move my fingers to pluck the berries and put them in the pail.....   

It's the same way with the American Government.  You have the right to organize it and operate it and enforce its laws and do all else that is necessary, but if you don't do it ---- guess what?

It doesn't matter what you say.  You can talk about blueberries and argue over where the best patch is and whether or not you should use a pail or a basket for the rest of your lives, but unless you get yourself up that hill and actually pick berries, it's academic.   

It's the same way with the American Government. 

You can huff and puff and talk about your rights all day long.  You can argue about the meaning of "unalienable" and "Inalienable".  You can make all sorts of claims about your rights --- but it is not a matter of what you say, it's a matter of what you do.  

I have raised the alarm and pointed out the fact that you are being misidentified as a foreign citizen, and that as a foreign citizen, you lose your rights as an American.  Things have slipped a cog beyond just not exercising your right to self-govern.  If you don't object and correct these falsified political status records, you won't have the right, even in theory, to walk up the hill and pick blueberries anymore.  

If you don't answer these false claims you will lose your right to self-govern--- and your failure to exercise your right, will result in denial that you have the right to do so.   

So correcting these "registrations" and recording your counter-claims and serving Notice on the Perpetrators making "presumptions" about you and about your political status choices --- that is Job One.  

And this is why everyone needs to go through the effort to reclaim your political status as an American State National and everyone also needs to step forward and populate your lawful State Assembly.  

You have to take the action to self-govern before you can claim to be "self-governing".  

People in a majority of States of the Union have done this already, and have "populated" their actual State Government as a result.  They are, in fact, exercising their right to Self-Govern at a State level.  Their unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, is now fully operable. 

Why?  Because people have done the work to Self-Govern.  

They have made the effort to not only exercise their own rights, they have empowered their government "of the people, for the people, and by the people" by taking the necessary action to do so.  

They walked up the hill.  They bent down.  They picked the berries.  

If you consider yourself an American and you were born within the borders of one of our States, and you are not directly and actually employed as a Federal Military or Civilian Service Employee, you can do the same. 

The actual Government of this country is not an exclusive group.  

You don't have to do anything beyond waking up and reclaiming your birthright political status to be recognized as an American State National.  

And having gotten that far, you need to take additional action and accept the rest of the work of Self-Governance.  To do this, you accept your responsibility to act as an American State Citizen.  You agree to act as a Juror and stand as part of your State Jural Assembly.  You agree, if you are able, to serve as part of the State Militia.  You may even have to serve an elected State Office or County Office.  

Generally speaking, we all know what it takes to pick blueberries, but on a stormy day, it might take a raincoat. 

You agree to take the actions and accept the responsibilities that go with Self-Governance, or you are just talking about picking blueberries and eating blueberry pies.  

And that simple fact is what is escaping so many would-be patriots.  

They like to strut around and talk about their "rights" but they aren't even taking the most elemental steps to correct the identity theft fraud that has been practiced against them by their Federal Employees.  

They spout endlessly about these "rights" but not about the responsibilities and actions necessary to exercise those rights ---and they take no actual, factual, sufficient, and necessary action to Self-Govern this country.  

As a result, their rights remain stuck in the airy-fairy realm of yes, you have the right, but exercising that right and actually Self-Governing requires more than talking about it.  

Nobody is keeping anyone from walking up this hill and exercising their rights. 

The doors to the State Assemblies stand open, waiting for all these patriots to come home and straighten out their political status records, fill all the jury pools, occupy the vacant offices, and do the actual work of Self-Governance.  

Without which, they are stuck standing under foreign governments, presumed to be foreign citizens in their own country, and generally speaking, up a creek without a blueberry in sight.   


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Uh-Duh....The United States of America, Not the States of America

By Anna Von Reitz

Just so that this is absolutely clear to everyone worldwide: the actual American Government still exists and is still functioning.  The Proper Name of this country and of its international Government is: The United States of America.  

The States of America was our subcontractor, formed under The Articles of Confederation, and functioning as a business consortium to provide essential government services in international jurisdiction.  The organization operating as the States of America was never our actual government. It was a subcontractor, under contract to perform services for us, that went belly up.  It was one of three such subcontractors.      

What has happened is that two other interloping foreign subcontractors, both organized as corporations, and both ultimately owned and controlled by the Pope,  have contrived to usurp upon the work intended to be done by the States of America under conditions of non-disclosure and fraud.  

This would be a situation similar to a farm owner subcontracting with three Italian corporations to do three different kinds of work on a contract basis for him.  He hires one such firm to do his plowing and fertilizing,  and another to provide labor to bring in the harvest,  and a third to manage his hay and grain deliveries to market.  

One of these Service Providers is unable to perform, so without telling the farmer, the other two contrive to take over the additional work and benefit themselves while the disabled contractor is under "reconstruction".  

That is the actual situation.  None of these entities are the actual government of this country and never have been.  They are foreign subcontractors obligated by treaty and trust and service contract to provide us with Good Faith Service ----and the details of this history and their respective contracts are now open for public discussion worldwide. 

At the very least, the Pope and the Queen operating the Pope's Territorial Commonwealth interests, have both shown extremely Bad Faith toward their employers, the American States and People.  

Their activities are fully exposed as either incompetent or criminal-- or a combination of both.

As the full scope of their fraud and criminality is exposed and people worldwide come to grasp the extent of the misery that these two run-amok foreign subcontractors have caused on our shores and for everyone else worldwide, there will be profound disillusionment with the Church and with the Queen and also with the United Nations which is largely influenced if not outright controlled by the Pope and the Queen.  

Hundreds of millions of Catholics will flee as the pagan schism within the Roman Catholic Church is revealed and they realize that the Office of the Pontiff was in fact devoted to the worship of Mammon and similar Babylonian "gods"---- bloodthirsty and venal idols at their worst.  

We must not lose sight of the fact that the actual American Government is still here and still owed all right, title, and interest in American assets, and also is owed all control of all government functions.  

The United States of America as opposed to the Pope's Territorial Commonwealth subcontractor doing business in our name as "the" United States of America, is a living government organized directly by the people of this country.  

Our actual government has been called to "assemble" and has been in the process of doing so for several years.  We now have 27 States properly constituted and assembled--- a number sufficient to do business.  

We are holding the Pope and the Queen accountable and responsible for making correction and honoring their actual contracts with us.  We, The United States of America, as the Delegators of all Delegated Powers, have the power and the right to direct our mandates however we see fit, and we have directed the Territorial Commonwealth Government under contract to us to protect and defend the States and the People that they are actually under contract to protect and defend. 

This will be quite a change for them, but it must be thoroughly understood by everyone concerned.  

The Pope and the Queen are at the moment both in Gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract with respect to us and our actual Government, The United States of America.  World opinion must gather and do its work to check and balance their grotesque behavior. 


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Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine's
The Church's Year

At the Introit of the Mass the Church prays for the peace which God has promised by His prophets:
INTROIT Give peace, O Lord, to them that patiently wait for thee, that thy prophets may be found faithful: hear the prayers of thy servant, and of thy people Israel. (Ecclus. XXXVI. 18.) I rejoiced at the things that were said to me: we shall go into the house of the Lord. (Ps. CXXI. 1.) Glory be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.
COLLECT O Lord, inasmuch as without Thee we are not able to please Thee, let Thy merciful pity rule and direct our hearts, we beseech Thee. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the Unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end, Amen.
EPISTLE (I Cor. I. 4-8.) Brethren, I give thanks to my God always for you, for the grace of God that is given you in Christ Jesus, that in all things you are made rich in him, in all utterance and in all knowledge: as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you, so that nothing is wanting to you in any grace, waiting for the manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ who also will confirm you into the end without crime, in the day of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
EXPLANATION St. Paul shows in this epistle that he possesses true love for his neighbor, because he rejoices and thanks God that he enriched the Corinthians with different graces and gifts, thus confirming the testimony of Christ in them, so that they could without fear expect His arrival for judgment. - Do thou also rejoice, with St. Paul, for the graces given to thy neighbor, for this is a mark of true charity.
Tenth Sunday After PentecostGOSPEL (Matt. IX. 1-8.) At that time, Jesus entering into a boat, passed over the water, and came into his own city. And behold, they brought to him one sick of the palsy lying in a bed. And Jesus seeing their faith, said to the man sick of the palsy: Be of good heart, son; thy sins are forgiven thee. And behold, some of the Scribes said within themselves: He blasphemeth. And Jesus seeing their thoughts, said: Why do you think evil in your hearts? whether it is easier to say, Thy sins are forgiven thee; or to say, Arise, and walk? But that you may know that the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins (then said he to the man sick of the palsy): Arise, take up thy bed, and go into thy house. And he arose, and went into his house. And the multitude seeing it feared, and glorified God who had given such power to men.
I. Those who brought this sick man to Christ, give us a touching example of how we should take care of the sick and help them according to our ability. Christ was so well pleased with their faith and charity, that He cured the man sick of the palsy, and forgave him his sins. Hence we learn how we might assist many who are diseased in their soul, if we would lead them to God by confiding prayer, by urgent admonitions, or by good example.
II. Christ did not heal the man sick of the palsy until He had forgiven him his sins, by this He wished to teach us, that sins are often the cause of sicknesses and other evils, by which we are visited, and which God would remove from us if we were truly repentant. This doctrine Jesus confirmed, when He said to the man, who had been sick for thirty-eight years: Sin no more, lest some worse thing happen to thee. (John V. 14.) Would that this were considered by those who so often impetuously demand of God to be freed from their evils, but do not intend to free themselves from their sins, which are the cause of these evils, by a sincere repentance.
III. "He blasphemeth." Thus thought the Jews, in their perverted hearts, of Christ, because they believed that He in remitting the sins of the sick man, usurped the rights of God and thus did Him a great injury; for it is blasphemy to think, say, or do any thing insulting to God or His saints. But these Jews did not consider that they by their rash judgment calumniated God, since they blasphemed Christ who by healing the sick man, and by numerous other works had clearly proved His God-head. If Christ so severely reprimanded the Jews, who would not recognize Him as God, for a blasphemous thought against Him, what will He do with those Christians who, though they wish to be adorers of God and His Son, nevertheless, utter blasphemies, curses, and profanations of the holy Sacraments?
IV. When Jesus saw their thoughts, He said: Why do you think evil in your hearts? This may be taken to heart by those who think that thoughts are free from scrutiny, and who never think to confess their evil and shameful thoughts. God; the most Holy and most just, will, nevertheless, not leave a voluntary unchaste, proud, angry, revengeful, envious thought unpunished, any more than an idle word. (Matt, XII. 36.) The best remedy against evil thoughts would be the recollection that God who searches the heart sees them, and will punish them.
PRAYER How great, O Jesus! is Thy love and mercy towards poor sinners, since Thou not only forgavest the sins of the man sick of palsy, but calling him son, didst console and heal him! This Thy love encourages me to beg of Thee the grace, that we may rise from our bed of sins by true penance, amend our life, and through the ways of Thy commandments enter the house of eternal happiness.


Be of good heart, son, thy sins are forgiven thee. (Matt. IX. 2.)
The same that Christ says to the man sick of the palsy, the priest says to every contrite sinner in the confessional, and thus remits the crime or the guilt of his sins, and the eternal punishment, by virtue of the authority given him by God. But since sins not only bring with them guilt and eternal punishment, but also temporal1 and indeed spiritual or supernatural punishment, such as, painful conditions of the soul, as well in this world as in purgatory, and natural ones, as: poverty, disease, all sorts of adversities and accidents, we should endeavor to liberate ourselves from them by means of indulgences.
What is an indulgence?
It is a total or partial remission of the temporal punishment which man would have to suffer either in this or the next life, after the sins have been remitted.
How do we know that after the remission of the sins there still remains temporal punishment?
From holy Scripture; for our first parents after the forgiveness of their sin, were still afflicted with temporal punishment. (Gen. III.) God likewise forgave the sins of the children of Israel, who murmured so often against Him in the desert, but not their punishment, for He excluded them from the Promised Land, and caused them to die in the desert. (Num. XIV.) Moses and Aaron experienced the same, on account of a slight want of confidence in God. (Num. XX. 12., Deut. XXXII. 51. 52.) David, indeed, received pardon from God through the Prophet Nathan for adultery and murder, (II Kings XII.) still he had to endure heavy temporal punishment. Finally, faith teaches us, that we are tortured in purgatory for our sins, until we have paid the last farthing. (Matt. V. 26.)
Did the Church always agree with this doctrine of Scripture?
Yes; for she always taught, that by the Sacrament of Penance the guilt and eternal punishment, due to sin, are indeed forgiven for the sake of the infinite merits of Jesus, but that temporal punishment still remains, for which the sinner must do penance. Even in the earliest ages she imposed great penances upon sinners for their sins which were already forgiven. For instance, murder or adultery was punished by a penance of twenty years; perjury, eleven; fornication, denial of faith or fortune-telling, by seven years of severe penance with fasting, etc. During this time it was not allowed to travel, except on foot, to be present at the holy Sacrifice of the Mass, or to receive the holy Eucharist. If the penitents showed a great zeal for penance and sincere amendment, or if distinguished members of the Church, particularly martyrs, interceded for them, the bishops granted them an indulgence, that is, they remitted the remaining punishment either totally or partially. In our days, on account of the weakness of the faithful, the Church is lenient. Besides the ecclesiastical, the spiritual punishments which would have to be suffered either here or in purgatory for the taking away of sins, are shortened and mitigated by indulgences through he treasure of the communion of saints.
Has the Church the power to remit temporal punishments, or to grant indulgences?
The Council of Trent expressly states, that the Church has power to grant indulgences, (Sess. 25.) and this statement it supports by the words of Christ. For as Christ protests: Amen, I say to you, whatsoever you shall bind upon earth, shall be bound also in heaven; so He also promised, that whatever the Church looses upon earth, is ratified and loosed in heaven. Whatsoever you shall loose upon earth, shall be loosed also in heaven. (Matt. XVIII. 18.) Even an apostle granted an indulgence. In the person and by the power of Christ, that his spirit might be saved in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ, (II Cor. II. 10.; I Cor. V. 4. 5.) St. Paul forgave the incestuous Corinthian, upon whom he had imposed a heavy punishment.
What is meant by saying, indulgences are granted out of the treasury of the saints or of the Church?
By this is meant that God, by the Church, remits the temporal punishment due to sin for the sake of the merits of Christ and the saints, and supplies, as it were, by these merits what is still wanting in our satisfaction.
What kinds of indulgences are there?
Two; plenary and partial indulgences. A plenary indulgence, if rightly gained, remits all ecclesiastical and temporal punishment, which we would otherwise have to expiate by penance. A partial indulgence, however, remits only so many days or years of the temporal punishment, as, according to the penitential code of the primitive ages of the Church; the sinner would have been obliged to spend in severe penance. Hence the name forty day's indulgence, etc.
What is a Jubilee?2
It is a plenary indulgence, which the pope grants to the faithful of the entire world, whereby all the temporal punishments of sin, even in cases reserved to the pope or the bishops, are remitted, and forgiven in the name of God, if the sinner confesses contritely and receives the holy Eucharist and has a firm purpose of doing penance.
What is required to gain an indulgence?
First, that we should be in the state of grace, and have already obtained, by true repentance, forgiveness of those sins, the temporal punishment of which is to be remitted by the indulgence; and secondly, that we should exactly perform the good works prescribed for the gaining of the indulgence.
Do indulgences free us from performing works of penance?
By no means: for there are few in the proper state to receive a plenary indulgence in its fullness, since not only purity of soul is necessary but also the inclination to sin must be rooted out, it therefore cannot be the intention of the Church to free us from all works of penance by granting us indulgences. She cannot act contrary to the word of Jesus: Unless you do penance, you shall all likewise perish. Luke XIII. 3.) She rather wishes to assist our weakness, to supply our inability to do the required penance, and to contribute what is wanting in our penance, by applying the satisfaction of Christ and the saints to us by indulgences. If we, therefore, do not wish to do penance for our own sins, we shall have no part in the merits of others by indulgences.
Can indulgences be gained for the souls of the faithful departed?
Yes, by way of suffrage, so far as we comply with the required conditions, and thus beg of God, for the merits of His Son and the saints, to release the souls in purgatory. Whether God receive this petition or not, remains with Him, He will act only according to the condition of the deceased. We must, therefore, not depend upon the indulgences and good works which may be performed for us after death, but rather endeavor, during our life-time, to secure our salvation by leading a pious life; by our own good works and by the gaining of indulgences.
What follows from the doctrine of the Church concerning indulgences?
That an indulgence is no grant or license to commit sin, as the enemies of the Church falsely assert; that an indulgence grants no forgiveness of sins past or future, much less is permission given to commit sin; that no Catholic can believe that by gaming indulgences he is released from penance, or other good works, free from the fight with his evil inclinations, passions and habits, from compensating for injuries, repairing scandals, from retrieving neglected good, and glorifying God by works and sufferings; but that indulgences give nothing else than partial or total remission of temporal punishment; that they remind us of our weakness and lukewarmness which is great when compared with the zeal and fervor of the early Christians; that they impel us to satisfy the justice of God according to our ability. Finally, they remind us to thank God continually that He gave the Church a means in the inexhaustible treasure of the merits of Christ and His saints, to help our weakness and to supply what is wanting in our penance.

1. See Instruction on Satisfaction on the fourth Sunday in Advent.
2. The word jubilee signifies deliverance, remittance. With the Jews every fiftieth year was so called, and all the prisoners and slaves were to be set free in this year, according to the command of God, the inheritances which had been sold, restored to their masters, the debts cancelled, and the earth left untilled. This was a year of grace and rest for the Jews. This Jubilee of the Jews is a figure of the Catholic jubilee, in which the captives of sin and Satan are liberated, the debt of sin remitted, and the inheritance of heaven, which the sinner had sold to Satan, is restored to him.

The Pigeons and I

By Anna Von Reitz

The last few days my friends have been showing up in droves saying things like, "Boy, the trolls are really after you now!"  and   "That Virgo Triad idiot is at it again." and so on.  

You all know how it goes.  

You are minding your own business and living your life.  

Then something happens and you have to do something about it.  For whatever reasons, you just have to do something about it, because you can't look at yourself in the mirror if you don't.  

So you do.  

And as you stand up for your country and for what is right and what is true, the British and the Papal pigeons both come and poop on you.  

Now, this is just the way it is.  I know that.  You all know that.  

But my words will still be standing here, and what I say and do will still be true, long after those pigeons have flown away and sought some crevice to hide in. 

Don't think that I am swayed or bothered by any amount of lies they can manufacture.  


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Transcript of "The Illuminati and the CFR by Myron Fagan (1887-1972)

The link here leads to a 30 page transcript of an audio recording made in 1967 by Myron Fagan which Anna asked me to put on her website.

The title of the talk is  'The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations.'

Anna's note to me was:

Paul -- is there any way that the attached transcript could be posted on the website?   The information is so important and succinct I think it would help people cope with all the bumps along the way.  

So here is the link:

And here is Mr. Fagan reading his document.   Thanks to Ed Movius for this.

Follow Up for the Flag Officers

By Anna Von Reitz

Questions are going to be asked of Phil Hudok and his followers--- serious questions.  

Why did you encourage people to execute a non-disclosed contract?  

Did you know that signing on to this Arbitration Award would result in official conversion of political status?   And lead to people being identified as British Territorial United States Citizens?   

Did you know that by all standards, that conversion of political status represents a profound loss of material and immaterial rights and assets?  

Why would you knowingly accept---or encourage anyone else to accept--- such a comparatively disadvantageous political status?  

Were you aware that you were acting in a way contrary to the best interests of your country?  And contrary to the best interests of your countrymen?  

Did you know that foreign banks, especially the Vatican Bank and the Bank of England would benefit from your actions?  

What did you think you were doing?   

Why didn't you listen when Justice Riezinger explained it to you?  

Why didn't you do your own Due Diligence to further investigate?  

What credible evidence do you have that you were not knowingly acting as an Undeclared Foreign Agent? 

And on and on and on like this.   Be ready, because it's coming. 


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Treason Does Have a Cost -- and Protocol

By Anna Von Reitz

I hear a lot of scuttlebutt and ignore most of it until hard evidence surfaces, but Field McConnell is one of those people whose information has turned out to have teeth over time, so when he says that Obama was executed for Treason at Gitmo on September 29, 2019 ---- I listen.  Carefully.  

Almost incidentally, Field discussed the fact that people who know about Treason and don't report it to the following list of officials --- are guilty of treason, too: (1) one state Governor, (2) one Chief Justice, or (3) a justice of any one state.  

Turns out that there are specific officials that we are supposed to report Treason to.  And we'd better know who they are.  That's something that should be taught to kids in grade school, but like nearly everything else that is important, we've been left out of the loop. 

I have reported a lot of things that can be considered Treason and I have reported these to Governors and Chief Justices and state justices, too, but that was just horse-sense resulting from my grasp of law.  Nobody ever gave me The List and said, "This is who you are required to report Treason to."  

Naturally, I want to spread the news to my fellow-probably-not-so-explicitly informed Americans.  I'd hate to see some Innocent backed against a wall, just because they reported Treason to their local Sheriff and called it good.  You have to go to: (1) one State Governor; (2) one Chief Justice; or (3) a state justice.  

And what would the High Crime of Treason amount to?   

Selling information vital to our National Security, conspiring against the Constitution, large scale international counterfeiting injurious to our economy, giving away billions of dollars in cash to the government of Iran--- there are all sorts of things that could qualify as Treason, but principally, its undermining our country and our government and aiding and abetting enemies thereof, especially in time of war.  

It is entirely plausible given the known public record of things that Obama did while in office, that successful Treason charges could be brought before an Admiralty Court.  If this has in fact happened, it would explain the absolute and sudden panic-attack of Nancy Pelosi and Company ----and the desperate drive to find some means to impeach Donald Trump.  

Charging and executing Obama for Treason would bring the message home (finally) that it could also happen to them.  And give them good reason to panic. It would also point out that all of those who acted in support of treasonous activities, even those who knew and did nothing to stop such activities, are next in line.  

Yes, that could easily take out half of the Beltway. Squawk, squawk, squawk. They are great ones to dish it out.  Not so hot on the receiving end.  

Sitting here tonight and thinking about all the suffering our people have endured, all the children murdered, all the money and assets squandered, our young men and women squandered, our Uranium being sold to the Russians, our ports being sold to the Chinese, our Ranchers being ambushed and murdered on our Highways, those planes plowing into the Twin Towers and being recorded by Hollywood Film Crews put in place the night before.....I can't say it bothers me to think of these traitors facing firing squads.  

After all, a firing squad is simple, swift, and sure.   

A firing squad is a far more humane and orderly way to go than what happened to LaVoy Finicum, or all those people in Waco, or those at the World Trade Center, or for our misled young soldiers in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq, or for our children snatched from our arms never to be seen again.  

It is all their fault, these politicians who knew and did nothing to protect and defend, who did profoundly evil things in our names, who squandered our money and our lives, who lied to us, who denied us freedom that was owed to us from the moment we were born, who sat snug and smug in Washington, DC, and called us "livestock" and planned to make us wear RFID tags like cattle, who foreclosed our land and evicted us from our homes for non-payment of mortgages and taxes that we never owed, who vaccinated our children with poisons and who poisoned our water with industrial wastes as well, who commandeered our medical care to "control our life cycle", who poked their noses into our bedrooms, who licensed our rights, and who turned Due Process and Justice into jokes. 

Yes, it is their fault.  And it isn't that they weren't told about the injustices and misery suffered by their constituents.  They heard; they collectively didn't give a damn.  

So if Mr. Obama is no more, you won't see me sniffing in the back row feeling sorry about it.  If a good many more of the guilty parties join him, I still won't feel sorry about it.  


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