Sunday, October 13, 2019

The Pigeons and I

By Anna Von Reitz

The last few days my friends have been showing up in droves saying things like, "Boy, the trolls are really after you now!"  and   "That Virgo Triad idiot is at it again." and so on.  

You all know how it goes.  

You are minding your own business and living your life.  

Then something happens and you have to do something about it.  For whatever reasons, you just have to do something about it, because you can't look at yourself in the mirror if you don't.  

So you do.  

And as you stand up for your country and for what is right and what is true, the British and the Papal pigeons both come and poop on you.  

Now, this is just the way it is.  I know that.  You all know that.  

But my words will still be standing here, and what I say and do will still be true, long after those pigeons have flown away and sought some crevice to hide in. 

Don't think that I am swayed or bothered by any amount of lies they can manufacture.  


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  1. Sometimes the Pigeons Pooping on us is necessary.....For God may be using these very pigeons as part of his perfect plan. His power is made perfect in weakness. This is what my experience has been with Pigeons pooping on me! Your doing extremely well Mrs. Reitz. Thank you for your service !Straight Ahead!!!!!!

  2. Being devoted and true to your personal ideals is a foundation component of personal sovereignty. Most people find it too risky to their comfort zones to take a strong position as does Anna that is counter to the status quo, the popular opinion, the politically correct. Most people do not think critically (that is through spiritual eyes and using careful analytical thought) but rather emotionally, therefore their thoughts are ineffective in yielding virtuous results. Such conduct results in losing ground to liars, thieves, rumor mongers, and the rest of Satan's enlistees. Caving to peer pressure is one of mans faults and weaknesses, mostly because Satan has placed fear in the heart of the timid, and to hold on to fear is counter to sovereignty under God.

    So I find it refreshing and affirming of much of the better part of our spiritual potential to read Anna's assertive, firmly decided, unwavering statements of her analysis of the political conditions and degraded spiritual conditions of our day. Thanks Anna for demonstrating consistently the critical components of personal sovereignty, for knowing who you are, for knowing where you came from, for knowing we are in truth God's children and heirs of His kingdom - IF we agree to and in fact do as Jesus does and give God our will by following His commandments and entering in to those covenants he provided for our salvation and the further covenants he requires for our exaltation.

    Anna demonstrates to the best of her comprehension how to effectively rebut all presumptions and assertions to the contrary of her sovereignty. God decides how far and how fast we each develop as His heirs of sovereignty, by our obedience to the laws of His kingdom, which laws are immovable and which can not fail. Fear and timidity has no place under such conditions, and Anna has got that straight.

  3. Nicely said Joel!
    Thank you Anna, keep going Grandma!

    Documented Americans Assemble!


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