Sunday, October 13, 2019

Follow Up for the Flag Officers

By Anna Von Reitz

Questions are going to be asked of Phil Hudok and his followers--- serious questions.  

Why did you encourage people to execute a non-disclosed contract?  

Did you know that signing on to this Arbitration Award would result in official conversion of political status?   And lead to people being identified as British Territorial United States Citizens?   

Did you know that by all standards, that conversion of political status represents a profound loss of material and immaterial rights and assets?  

Why would you knowingly accept---or encourage anyone else to accept--- such a comparatively disadvantageous political status?  

Were you aware that you were acting in a way contrary to the best interests of your country?  And contrary to the best interests of your countrymen?  

Did you know that foreign banks, especially the Vatican Bank and the Bank of England would benefit from your actions?  

What did you think you were doing?   

Why didn't you listen when Justice Riezinger explained it to you?  

Why didn't you do your own Due Diligence to further investigate?  

What credible evidence do you have that you were not knowingly acting as an Undeclared Foreign Agent? 

And on and on and on like this.   Be ready, because it's coming. 


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  1. Maybe, I am out in left field but I read all of Anna's postings but have no complete idea about who exactly is Phil Hudok and circumstances about surrounding any arbitration awards.

    Sometimes, there are names and events discussed on the postings in which one comes in..... in the middle of the story..... the same feeling of being in a group of people with knowledge of an inside joke...

    Maybe someone on the blog could enlighten me....point me to a posting regarding the context surrounding this "story"....

    Much appreciated

  2. Here is a link that may help

    So this Phil Hudok guy says that he won a settlement in arbitration that would retun all of us back to our creator status and make us free and clear of all debts, blah blah lah

    When I went and checked on this so called SITCOMM outfit providing the so called arbitration award the outfit is situated on an island that how about that is a set up of the queen yet again

    Read what their web site says - we are debtors we signed up to be debtors through something called 'the new deal' this would be the FDR crap where they sold all our birth certificates and us as the debtors to pay the debts of their defacto 'government'

    From what I am reading the company is a debt collector and they set it up on this island, like they did in Puerto Rico and starting the process over again, is what I am getting

    They trying to get peoples signatures on this Peace Treaty 2020 and that in their is the trap is my opinion - once they have your 'consent', as Anna says, they have trafficked you right back in to pauper status

    Hope this helps

  3. Thank you as well Shelby. Excellent question and point made by Richard.

  4. I also did not know the parameters of this situation or where it started.

    I inquired at the Coordinator meeting on Sunday about the arbitration process as a whole.

    The arbitration process is not the specific situation with Phil Hudok.

    Anna suports the arbitration process but is warning about entering into this contract expecting a remedy.

    Read, Read, Read! If it smells like Legal Chicanery (Stench of the Dead) it probably is Carrion Fodder.

    Annie McShane
    On Delaware