Monday, July 29, 2019

The LAST 2 full days are upon us!

If you missed the notifications below on Friday...

There's 2 very time sensitive topics here:

1. If you haven't yet secured your Founder's Club position...

There's just 2 full days left to claim a lifetime of rewards.

(Those who joined on or after July 1st have their 1st 30 days.)

So don't miss out...

Imagine getting a piece of EVERY
Auto-Wealth coin we ever sell...

You CAN!

But you need to hurry because entry
is limited to the 1st 100 Achievers.

Review this PDF for all the details.

2. Remember, beginning on August 1st we will start our regular $20 one-time set-up fee and $15 monthly for the Wealth Platform to become an Ambassador.

Now is the time to get everyone you can in so they, like you, will Save the $20 and lock in on the $9.97 for life instead of the regular pricing. So...

Here's To the Wealthy Life!

- Quick Silver

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