Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Dangerous Bias of Big Tech Can Kill Freedom

Found Here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=ricI5t66cj8


  1. They are brainwashing your kids in public schools
    Common Core and UN Agenda 21
    Machine learning is one of the 'new' technologies hence why they are putting laptops in every classroom along with harmful wifi


    Veritas I believe is controlled opposition

    I have read that one of the signs that it is an operation is they sit in front of brick walls - free masonic

    He sits and smiles and laughes as he talks about their deliberate manipulation of the people

    Trump was a 'registered' democrat before he 'ran' for President and CEO of the US CORPORATION

    They are both 527 tax exempt organizations - they work for the same bankers

    Just my opinion

    1. Their facades are cracking Shelby.

      Buckle up, because a lot of the bamboozler's "fronts" are collapsing.

      The longer they have to spin their yarn, the thinner the yarn gets and pretty soon its just threads you can see through.

      It will be sickening to find out who agreed to help destroy us in exchange for a part of the stuff they were told we would be leaving behind.

  2. That is (((their))) goal
    Google’s Grand Wizards Caught Casting Their Spells

    1. I read your article
      Remember they own all the media
      Charles Manson and Helter Skelter
      I wonder how much money they made on this story
      How much hate did they spread with this story
      Is he really Charles Manson
      How about OJ and court room tell lie vision
      Or how about the Rodney King incident
      Amy Weinhouse = Lady Gaga
      Adele = Drew Barrymore
      Tell lie vision disney, desilu magic

    2. May be why they recently 'killed off' the character Ross Perot
      I wonder who he will become next?
      How about Rubio? Is it really Rubio or a made up character?
      Lee Camp of RT America (Russia Today America)
      Why do you think they want a 70" tell lie vision in your home, how about one in your hand, or how about 20 in every bar, or you can now keep informed when you go pick up your pizza at pizza hut they have one in them too
      Doctors offices, got them in there too
      Cameras in every store as you first walk in look up
      So the crooks devising the scheme making all of us out to be thieves, thugs, whatever while they themselves are the very crooks
      And you can bet the kids they trafficking across the borders are being chipped and put to work
      I went through a Walmart check out the other day and the kid couldn't be more than maybe 15 - not a native to here for sure, very shy and backards, doesn't look at anyone etc etc etc
      They bringing in slave labor displacing other workers and putting these kids to work that they are trafficking from other 'nations' that they have already destroyed
      They are processing them through these FEMA camps that Halliburton and Cheney got a multi million dollar contract to do
      They are using these as facilities to outsource the civilians in work programs - like chain gangs
      ICE, DHS, FEMA all part of the process, all for profit private corporations
      According to the article
      Over 30 foreign military bases under the United Nations flag are already set up in the USA
      These bases are already manned with over ONE MILLION troops from:
      Great Britain
      Asian countries
      No doubt these are troops they have trained and armed and are housing with your very own tax dollars