Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Two "Occupying" Forces

By Anna Von Reitz

There are a lot of people stomping around blatting about sovereignty.

We, the American people, are recognized sovereigns.  For most of us, our sovereignty lasts a few days or weeks at the very beginning of our lives, until the bean-counters get around to "registering" us as property belonging to a foreign corporation. 

Because the theft of our sovereignty happens while we are babies, we aren't aware that it has been stolen, and that we, ourselves, have been kidnapped from our birthright political status and mis-identified as "US Citizens".

We've been unable to correct the situation as adults, because we were never made aware of it in the first place.  This is a "totally unconscionable" contract. We don't even know it exists.  

The evil in this country and in much of the world is because of this fraud practiced against us and our lawful government, but it is also because of our own ignorance and gullibility. 

How could we live in fear of the IRS and be coerced to give up to 60% of our earnings, and ever believe that we were "free" in any sense of the word?

No, in order to be free, one must take responsibility and self-govern --- and that we have failed to do.  To correct the situation requires us to make a mighty correction and at least in the short term, undertake a lot of work. 

There are two foreign occupying forces on our soil, one British, one Holy Roman Empire-based. 

The British Territorial Government controls our military and trade functions and runs the military-industrial complex. 

The Holy Roman Empire-based organization runs the "civil" government as in Federal Civil Service, under the auspices of the Municipal Congress authorities (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17) operating in gross usurpation.

Both of these entities are foreign subcontractors with respect to our actual government, but we have been lulled to sleep and haven't operated our actual government in 150 years, so they have just made themselves at home and drunk up our wine cellars.

Most of the time they work together hand-in-hand to fleece us blind.

Sometimes they play carrot and stick with us, with one pretending to be the "Good Guy" and the other pretending to be the "Bad Guy".

And sometimes they earnestly fight with each other over turf, over direction, over profits.

They are currently coming up against each other as the "Royalists" of the Monarchies come push to shove against the "Globalist" Holy Roman Empire.  Instead of viewing these as anything completely separate from each other, it is more profitable to imagine it as an in-house fight between Cousins.

One Cousin, the Holy Roman Empire, is trying to draw in its carefully constructed net of interlocking trust directorates and rule the whole world via controlling money and commerce, while the other Cousin is objecting to having its share of worldly power subjected to the Globalist scheme.

Both of them mean to do us harm and continue fleecing us, so again, we have a choice between Bad and Bad, just two different flavors thereof, but the circumstance together with growing worldwide awareness of their criminal activities does open up the opportunity for us to shake awake and self-govern.

If we don't have the right to tell our subcontractors how high to jump, who does? 

In order to do so, we have to face up to a 150 years of history, have to overcome falsified commercial claims, have to overcome 12 years of public school indoctrination, have to find the courage and energy to act, have to plot a lawful path out of this morass and have to get organized to self-govern.

We are the lawful sovereigns of the land and soil, but sovereignty is hard work. 

Self-governance is also deadly serious work, but for some reason, many people go off on tangents.   

They scream "Fraud!" at the top of their lungs, which it is. 

They dig in and try to cram course it all. And fail.

They endanger themselves and everyone else by making wrong assumptions.

They form little backdoor groups and sneak around. 

They use fake names and fake addresses. 

They go snake-eyed and paranoid.

Once that happens, they can't reason their way out of a paper bag.

Most of the time they fool around and get themselves arrested.

Or they slink off into the hills and try to hide. 

Neither response does anything toward fixing the real problems we are faced with and neither is realistic. 

Educating millions of Americans, showing them how to reclaim their birthrights, and then motivating them to restore the lawful government they are owed may not seem realistic, either.  But it is still what needs to be done.


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  1. Anna could one say that the Territorial is the British side=Republicans and the municipal is the Holy Roman Empire side=the Democrats even though i know they both are in bed with each other like you put in this post its like choosing one of two evils for the unfortunate US Citizen ?

  2. i rebuke the the FORCE that GOVERNS YOU UCADIA the truth is NOT in you i can tell by the fruits of your DECEPTIVE NATURE BE GONE

  3. You better hope we dont fail UCADIA as the next step is your 99.9999% getting chipped as slaves. But thats ok because you can trust your vested "government" incorporated.

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    1. Thanks for admitting you are a coward. Just as I thought. If you had a foot to stand on or you were a man you would take the oppurtunity to meet and have an adult conversation, an exchange of ideas and maybe learn or teach something...but thats not you. Your posts will be deleted to the crap pile of obscurity.
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