Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Recap of Our Maiden Voyage

By Anna Von Reitz

You all sent in some great questions for our "Maiden Voyage" broadcast of our first-ever Countrywide Call for The American States Assembly:

Among the important topics we discussed were:  (1) the differences between States and States of States, (2) where the whole concept of soil and land jurisdictions came from (British Land Law), (3) how a Law Enforcement Officer is different from a Peacekeeping Officer (the Mack and Printz v. USA, Inc. decision and Pinkerton Laws), (4) the status of Federal Civilian and Military Employees, (5) the continuing obligation of Federal Employers and Social Security to pay pension dividends and provide services to vested participants regardless of changes in political status after retirement or other severance of employment.  (6) We also discussed the importance of Baby Deeds and putting an end to the shameful practices that have allowed these predators to falsify our records in the first place.

Unfortunately, as we are still working out the bugs, the recording of this event was lost and won't be available for replay.  No doubt we will revisit these large and important topics again and we look forward to more new questions this week for next Monday's Countrywide Call.

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  1. I was very glad that i was able to have the ability to be a part of the webinar and look forward to the next one .I look forward to finding other assembly folks in northern Minnesota that have their paperwork recorded also to get this ball rolling my e mail is woodbyhand@yahoo.com I have limited access to the internet so anyone from northeastern Minnesota that e mails me i will share my phone number How can i get access to assembly folks here??

  2. Someone must have recorded it, I had to work and could not listen. can someone send me the recording?

  3. I wasn’t able to join either and so hope someone recorded it.

  4. Yes, please record the calls in the future so those of us that want to follow but can't can follow up. Thanks!

  5. RE: The lost recording. We have the questions. Anna, why not repeat the answers? I’m sure there will be a lot of newbies.