Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chuck Baldwin answers the TV News smear article!

Last week, a journalist from one of the national newspapers in Spain flew to the Flathead Valley to interview me. This is not the first time that a reporter from a foreign country has taken a trip west to interview me. A few months ago, Great Britain sent a journalist. And they all seem to have the same motivation: try to paint Chuck Baldwin as a racist, anti-government extremist. I assume they all must subscribe to the ultra-liberal, hate-filled propaganda newsletters produced by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), because their questions all smack of SPLC rubbish. I even asked the Spaniard if he got his background information from the SPLC and he wouldn't answer me.

The journalist from Barcelona left disappointed. He didn't find what he was looking for. The London journalist couldn't find what he was looking for either and left in a huff. These people are so predictable.

Then, a local daily rag (called a newspaper) in a Montana city a few miles north of where I live, ran a story about my support for a county sheriff candidate with much the same smear tactics. No, of course, the "reporter" didn't bother to contact me; she just regurgitated the same old radical SPLC propaganda.

It would really be nice if just once-in-awhile a reporter (especially a national reporter) could actually do some real reporting instead of robotically spewing forth the same worn-out liberal drivel.

Over and over, the mainstream media reveal either, 1) lazy journalism, or, 2) deliberate propaganda. Either way, seldom are the American people getting even a semblance of truth from these so-called reporters and journalists. So sad. Journalism used to be an honorable profession. Now-a-days, if you want the facts, you gotta go to the Internet. No wonder the newspapers are going broke.


My Comments and opinion:   (1st Amendment right invoked here)

No surprise to me.  The people that run TV News got their liberal education in Missoula at the university from what I remember.
They are also radical left wingers as far as I can see. They fall right in to the leftist ideas and they have always done the bidding of the 'good ole boys club' in Lincoln County.  They are as close to communists as I have seen locally. They can't win an argument on the issues so they demonize the messenger.
Here was my counter article published the same day the paper came out.

 I am surprised that you have not known about this MHRN radical hate mongering organization before.
They take most of their material from the SPLC  hate organization. That's Southern Poverty Law Center.
These people are radicals and communists who are deliberately fomenting hate and discontent and are whipping the police agencies into a frenzy over resistance to leftist control and loss of freedom.
SPLC has a long history of some very shady activity. They are so radical that the FBI kicked them off their national website.
They influence the fusion centers that law enforcement get much of their information from.
If I had to pick one word to describe SPLC and MHRN  it would be   SUBVERSIVE  of the American rule of law and the Constitution. Just my opinion of course.  But it's not my opinion alone.

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