Friday, May 4, 2012

Anonymous: The real terrorist Are Right Here At Home, Not Overseas

The real terrorists are in the US Government!


The wars are immoral. The wars are Illegal. The wars are without the consent of "We the People" because they were never declared wars by the US Congress.

Withdraw your consent by boycotting anyone who supports the wars. Throw out the Neo-Cons and the leftists who support the wars.

Elect Ron Paul as president.

Do your part at home to get out of the system that supports these wars. Boycott foreign goods. Barter and trade with your neighbors. Visit with them. Turn OFF the TV. Get your news from the Internet.

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Decentralize by trading at the local level and patronizing local businesses instead of big chains. Get your food from local farmers when you can instead of big grocery stores.

Our future does not depend on who is president so much as the movement toward freedom and the number of people who are part of it, because they understand the principles involved. So education is the key, and willingness to get out of our comfort zone to promote freedom is the answer.

God Bless you All.
Paul Stramer

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