Monday, May 30, 2022

Looming Price Hikes on Food Set to Hit Americans This Fall

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  1. I LIKE Epoch Times . They are fair and Balanced and welcome critics and differences of opinion. Unlike this site, having you walk on egg shells and immediately deleting anyone and their comments that do not fit the narrative. We are talking about intelligent unique perspectives that challenge the narrative being thwarted out , all done in respect and love in order to reach the truth, NOT Anna's truth but the whole truth. I don't know if it' is Anna, Paul, or someone else deleting these entries to discover the truth that Paul preaches and claims to be a Christian says this sit is all about. Very disturbing that this is how you operate. CENSORSHIP WILL BECOME A THING OF THE PAST AS WILL ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO IS CENSORING IN ORDER TO hide the Truth and push their unholy half truths. BY SILENCING OTHERS YOU ARE NOT ABOUT LOVE OR FOR THE PEOPLE AND IF YOU WANT TO TAKE ON SUCH VITAL TOPICS THAT INVOLVE THE PEOPLE ONLY TO SILENCE THEM AS OF THEY WERE GARBAGE YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE RUNNING A SITE LIKE THIS UNLESS YOU ARE BEING FORCED AT GUNPOINT AND Dirty CIA Agents are the ones doing the censoring. But this is unlikely. Anna is probably the one and we request You make a statement as to why you are censoring the people, otherwise it is self Evident your not really for America people or this country your only for those who will fuel your unholy obvious aagenda. Reap as you so as you wish.