Thursday, February 10, 2022

It's Late at Night...

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am told that "they" --- the public employees --- are scared.
Well, they and everyone else damned well ought to be.
Every clique on Earth is busy trying to do something last minute to grab a piece of what they think is "The Pie", but in the Bingo Room, Nancy Pelosi is scheming to push through a "cashless society" which will enslave humanity and let these pikers mercilessly kill and deprive anyone they wish to kill or deprive at their whim.
Stare at it. Look at it long and hard. That's what they are trying to hide behind all the flashing lights and logical default settings associated with their plandemic.
So, now we know.
Cliff High has been ruminating as I have, about their last card.
What is left to play?
Weaponized, AI-controlled money. Worthless digital digits which THEY control.
It goes along with the weaponized Common Cold.
And they expect us to pay them and put up with them and let them kill us and defraud us and steal the value of everything we have.
They'd better be scared.

They have never understood good people. That's what scares them most of all, because they have no way of telling what's going to happen when a lot of good people get fed up enough to turn bad.


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