Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Israeli Scientist Blows Down the Covid House of Cards

Severely Ill COVID-19 Patient Moved 1,000 Miles After Doctors Threaten to Turn Off Ventilator

German Lawyer Sues The World Over Coronavirus


  1. hey how about this;

    in their Courts that we now know are Courts of Commerce, not courts of law,
    there is a BAR attorney who is:
    An Administrator.
    An Adminis-TRAITOR?
    A Prosecutor.
    A Pro sé-CUT-er?
    An Exec-utor.
    An Execute-er?

    DAMN, this really is looking more and more like a deth cult...
    babies paper genocided.
    "probat"ing proBAITing living babies "estates" as if they were born ded and then living off the god given benefits of the "ded baby" gifts from god while that baby may be cold and hungry homeless or sick?
    i keep hearing these people talking about "oh we gotta forgive everybody" and god have mercy on them.
    are you kidding me? ya really think he will??

  2. "The Viper Patch Is Coming Soon…"