Thursday, December 16, 2021

The Use of Slaves

 By Anna Von Reitz

Here's an example of "blood money" on steroids --- a loan (one of many) that uses The United States of America's lawful gold and silver to create credit in the form of notes (Federal Reserve, Treasury Notes, USNotes, etc.) and palms the credit off to a "federally approved supplier" of this credit (which is owed to us) to the banks (instead of us).
They use our gold and silver as collateral to borrow against. Instead of allowing us to access our own resulting credit, however, they pass the credit on to Third Parties, in this case, Pacific Corp, which acts as if this credit belongs to them, and next distributes the purloined credit of the American people out to the banks. Upon acceptance of our credit, the banks are indebted and they issue debt notes --- Federal Reserve Notes, USNotes, Treasury Notes, whatever kind of "notes" and bonds of various kinds--- for a leveraged share of the benefit from the theft and misuse of our credit.
The middleman position which in this case is held by Pacific Corp, varies depending on which partners in crime are involved. They run in pairs.
When the U.S. Treasury (IMF) issues Treasury Notes and Bonds, they are engaged in exactly the same kind of credit theft scheme with the U.S. Treasury (IMF) acting as the middleman instead of Pacific Corp. Federal Reserve Banks accept the "loan" of our credit at interest (Treasury Notes and Treasury bonds) and in turn, issue Federal Reserve Notes --- passing the debt off onto the public. Us. The actual Creditors.
And we become liable for their debts if we "voluntarily" accept their notes, but most people are kept so ignorant that they don't even know what notes are (I.O.U.s) much less the fact that they have to notify the U.S. Attorney General that they are not "voluntary Commercial Transactors" and have to endorse their checks in a certain way to rebut these self-interested presumptions.
Pacific Corp is no doubt backing a different brand of "note" --- probably US Notes --- or the Rainbow Currency Notes --- but it's the same scheme. Everyone is siphoning off our assets in exactly the same way, slush funding and manipulating our credit, cheating us and unjustly enriching themselves using the exact same fraud scheme.
Oh, what a tangled web.... and this is what underpins the world's entire economy.
If you are really paying attention, the banks and middleman Corporations are the actual Debtors. They owe all that credit to us. Plus interest. And it is exactly this inconvenient fact that they are trying to ignore and escape.
All that lovely credit belongs to us, and so does all that lovely debt of theirs. It all belongs to us.
Unfortunately, too many Americans have been trusting and clueless ---- two things that make them very tempting "marks" for any illicit and evil scheme to claim and make use of them and their assets.
Like the present attempt to redefine us as Genetically Modified Organisms that are called "Transhumans" and which have no rights --- not even the right to live, let alone the right to own money and credit.
Just another chestnut from the scumbags.
But hear this, the truth is the truth. The lies and the deceits are all coming home to roost.
JPMORGAN, we won't be fooled when you call yourselves the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD OF GOVERNORS.
IMF, we won't be confused when you call yourselves the United States Treasury.
U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL, we won't blink when you call yourselves Wells Fargo Bank.
These and other complicit corporations have gotten away with this gigantic swindle by pretending to represent us. They claim to be our Agents, our Trustees, our Administrators. Never mind that these purported arrangements and assignments have never been disclosed to us, much less approved by us.
Brought to bear, they say that they never harmed us by stealing the benefit of our credit and leaving us to pay their debts. All these misfortunes befell their indentured servants and slaves, instead, the imaginary British Territorial Persons and Municipal PERSONS named after us.....
And over half of us stagger on as if hypnotized. Burdened down by this fantastic load of crap and not even cognizant enough to object.
Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents, Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals.
All High Courts are hereby given Public Notice of the Facts and the Law.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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