Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Problem with Peymon

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many have written to draw my attention to attacks by Peymon M. and the Freedom Law School crowd, and there have been many requests for me to reply to his claims and accusations.
I haven't done so, up until now, because the problem with Peymon and his motivations for attacking me (and the rest of us) are so apparent.
Peymon and his Freedom Law School charge people $4,000.00 cash every year to have their organization defend against claims made by the IRS. In many cases, this is more than the people owe the IRS in the first place, they are simply too afraid of the IRS to argue, and so agree to pay Peymon and the Freedom Law School for protection.
From one racketeer to another, the victims either pay the IRS or they pay protection money to Peymon, and in either case, they are paying for something they should never have to pay for in the first place.
Peymon says that I have no victories against the IRS, but I do, and perhaps more importantly, so do plenty of other people including Carey Zollman, who --- in my opinion --- has a far better program that costs far less than what is offered by the Freedom Law School. The benefit of what Carey offers is that once it's done, it's done. No need to keep answering demands from the IRS every year. And no need to pay Peymon large sums of cash every year.
As for me, my intermittent battles with the IRS are aimed at something totally different. I am aiming at the lawful restraint of the IRS and its racketeering activities on a systemic level.
The plain fact is that none of these agencies have any right to operate outside the District of Columbia, nor do they have any authority or reason to address the General Populace of this country. [See their own Subsection 72 of Title IV --- no actual Congress has ever extended the Federal Enclaves on any generalized basis into the States of America.)
They get away with imposing an employment tax on federal government employees and dependents as a condition of their employment or dependency, but the vast bulk of Americans are not employed by these foreign corporations, do not receive federal income, and are not liable for any such "tax" to begin with.
Instead, Americans have been the victims of a sophisticated and orchestrated impersonation scheme that has allowed these foreign governmental services corporations to misidentify them and deprive them of their natural identity and standing under the Public Law. That in turn has allowed the charlatans to evade their own responsibilities and constitutional obligations owed to these same Americans.
Ending this gigantic fraud scheme being perpetuated by our Employees and their subcontractors known as "Agencies" is my aim and should be the aim of all Americans.
It isn't my intention, job, or goal to defend against individual cases and sundry attacks; rather, it's my job and Public Duty as an American to enforce the Constitutions and other International Law to prevent crimes of impersonation and barratry to begin with..
How can you help rein in the IRS, aka, Internal Revenue Service, and other so-called agencies?
First and foremost, by declaring your birthright political status as an American and recording this action on the Public Record; this rebuts their presumption that you are voluntarily adopting their foreign political status and its obligations.
Second, bring forward the information that your States of the Union are now all fully enrolled and in Session, so there is no basis to presume that any American is stateless or under custody of any foreign government.
Third, bring forward the information that the States of America have issued an International Peace Proclamation officially ending The American Civil War, so that there is no longer any excuse for maintaining the existence of any war or war-like activity on our shores.
Finally, join and support your own State Assembly. By joining together with others of like-mind and political status, you can assist us in our effort to restore full function to the lawful government of this country and put an end to the employee-sponsored mayhem.

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