Monday, October 25, 2021

The Cracks in the Dam

 By Anna Von Reitz

No, we are not talking about a physical dam. No reference to Three Gorges or Hoover.

We are talking about an intellectual construct upon which The Great Fraud has been built, and by which it will fall; for surely no Lie has ever been the foundation of the true and living Judge.

Remember when I told you that the research which has brought us here consists almost equally of both positive and negative proofs?  
There are the abundant primary and public records which assure us of our position, and sometimes even more importantly, there are those things which should be present if our sunny but ignorant grasp of history were true—- but which are absent, and remain absent no matter what we do.

Like the missing official Declaration of War from the Congress at the start of The American Civil War.

Like the absent official treaties ending that same conflagration….

And all the many “Federal Laws” which at first glance appear to apply to Americans, but were never published in the Congressional Record.

Try as we might we can find no proof that The Uniform Transfer to Minor’s Act was ever published in the Congressional Record—- which it would need to be, if it applied to average Americans.


So the Uniform Transfer to Minors Act does not apply to Americans  and furthermore, the positive law represented by 12 USC 95 a, Subsection 2——does apply.

As a result of the lack of publication proof, it is easy to deny the central claim and tenet upon which all controlling claims of the Bar Attorneys depend when they “offer” to administer our purported infant decedent estates for us.

And as a result of the positive publication of 12 USC 95 a Subsection 2, it is equally clear that this legislation was established for us as a  remedy.  

Pay attention to where each such law is published— remembering that if a Federal Law applies to us it must be recorded as part of the Federal Record (also called Congressional Record) and will not apply to us if it is published in the Federal Register.  


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