Friday, July 30, 2021

Cut to the Chase

 By Anna Von Reitz

We've been cleaning house the past few weeks and did things that needed to be done.
Three Federation volunteers were removed for direct insubordination resulting in endangerment.
One other Federation volunteer was investigated twice, once by the Federation, once by the State Assembly, with the same result ---- mishandling of funds.
And all the whining and false accusations and blaming and stomping is not going to change any of that. These people are going around bad-mouthing me and bad-mouthing the Federation, and yet, the proof is in the pudding.
Right now, Eric Dingis is involved in a corporation-backed mercenary operation and setting up a "compound". He didn't stop what he was planning all along. The fake insurrection is being set up with help from the corporations that stand to benefit. Innocent people are still in the cross-hairs, but at least it won't be our innocent people.
If people want a Top Down government, they need to go to the District Assembly and swear allegiance to the British Crown. The rest of you are responsible for recognizing those folks and ushering them to the door.
If other people want to foment an insurrection they will have to use something or someone else as an excuse. They aren't going to use State Assemblies for a storefront.
If still others want to try to run a State Assembly as a private club and dictate who can claim their birthright and who can't, they will have to be removed, too. The State Assemblies are public, not private.
If anyone occupies a position as a Recording Secretary, they'd better do their job in Good Faith and not bungle things up on purpose.
If anyone gets donations for their State Assembly, the money had better go in the Assembly account.
Until the Assemblies are fully functional, and fully seated, they remain under the guidance of the Federation, which has already --- several times --- saved their bacon.
We must all be aware at all times that there are people joining the Assemblies who have their own "agendas" that have nothing to do with what is good for America or the people who live here.
Those agendas may be simple and selfish, or they may be complex and orchestrated and purposeful, but any agenda other than getting the Assembly set up and functional is not on the table.
We have a job to do, we have the means to do it, so let's go.
This morning I got another insulting email from Susan Hauck in which she denies her attempt to disband the Continental Marshals Service, and goes on to attack me and the Federation and to denounce Harold's efforts to get people thinking about the role of the County Assemblies, etc.,etc., etc.
Susan was placed on administrative leave for cause. The old PKTF was dissolved for cause. At least a dozen men witnessed her attempt to dissolve the Marshals and anyone who wants to, can hear the recording of the meeting where she announced this totally unauthorized action.
Proof in the pudding again.
We know them by their works.
When people work to cause trouble, to foster lies and ill-will, if they create controversy, wreck havoc, speak ugliness, promote gossip and discontent, disrupt the flow of work, center attention on themselves, push fear-mongering, encourage hatred and doubt, refuse correction, willfully disobey clear instructions, nit-pick everything to death, blame others, misrepresent their own actions, try to control and bottleneck things, steal community funds or equipment, deliberately pursue foreign agendas, are aggressive, or insulting, try to "use" the Assemblies or the members in the bad sense of that word, spread disinformation on an ongoing basis, promote Ponzi schemes, backbite other members, always want their own way, make others paranoid, talk about violence, create arguments about trivia, play the "injured party", refuse to take responsibility----all while claiming the moral high ground, you will know that you have members of The Liar's Club in your midst, and from now on, you will know what to do with them.

Pack them off to the District Assemblies where they belong.


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  1. To Anna and "the Team",

    You have my heart felt Thanks and Appreciation for all you have done for Michigan and more importantly America..
    In the light of what was revealed by the Federation's intervention and de-certification of the Michigan State Assembly,, I am absolutely certain it was necessary and correct..
    And yes ,, you "saved our bacon",, Again,, Mine in particular.. and 3 Family members too.
    Not to mention all the other people on michigan who wish to escape the debt slavery we have all been subjected to for so very long,,,,

    I can now correct paperwork mistakes and help rebuild the Michigan Assembly as a stronger more competent member of Our American government ..
    Thank you again Fred

  2. Those sons o' bitchin' bastids. :D