Wednesday, June 23, 2021

My Crystal Ball 2.0 - The French Connection Again

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, the Brits are at the bottom of every dog pile. But the French are at the bottom of the really big dog piles, and this is a really big dog pile.
There is a reason for this, and it is very simple. The French have owned and manipulated the British Empire since the 1600's, and have used the Roman Catholic Church to Commonwealth interface to interject themselves at crucial moments.
That's why history seems so haphazard, when in fact, it is not haphazard at all.
We plug along and become inured to the British collusions and malfeasance, but this is only the Raj part of the story, the story of the military and bureaucratic thugs. There is also the story of the French Dominance, which includes most of Continental Europe, and this is the story of the puppet masters, not the puppets.
When the French and the Powers of the European Mainland are pushed out of their perennial crouch, you see just how diabolical things can be.
A few years after Dr. Fauci was being accused of genocide for his brutal mishandling of the AID/HIV epidemic, other voices were raised, as in this case in which a brilliant scientist disclosed the nature of "magnetic vaccines" such as are now being deployed by the Monsters in Suits.
What this French doctor disclosed in 1995 is exactly what is happening now. He knew about the vaccine programs in East Africa. He knew about the beta tests that resulted in the genocide in Ruanda.
All the worst of it has been engineered at the French Pasteur Institute.
Only now, the Plague is in America. The most horrific genocide of the entire age is underway, and once again, the Parasites are killing their Priority Creditors, for no better reason than that they owe all these people money.
Even as millions succumb to this evil, and even as millions receive the Mark of the Beast and are overcome, it isn't passing unobserved. It isn't without a loud alarm being raised.
We are raising the alarm. Our entire government is raising the alarm. No blood will be found on our hands. Our watchtowers are blazing. Our warning is being heard.
Those who have done these things and polluted the blood of innocent people must and will perish; their recompense is due. Let the Lord of Hosts have his way with them, and devour them like chaff in a furnace; may his name be blessed for his vengeance is just.
The French have done this to us; too late, they will realize that they also did it to themselves. The fools at NATO have done this, thinking that they would pit America against China and make a war for profit out of destroying their former Host, but the parasites have slipped up. Their provenance is known.

They can no longer blame the victims. They are on the hook for all that they owe.


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  1. MATHEW 24 22
    The fact that the destruction to the environment escalates even though unheeded warning signs are clear, emphasizes the importance of unity, seeking truth, and God's direction

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  3. The massacres in France of the Huguenots in 16 and 17th centuries.The fairskinned people of Shem create explosive growth. This viewed with great envy and fear by the Canaanites who wielded great power on Frances’s the black Nobility, they furnished the warriors of Normandy,who invaded British Isles. Continue thair extermination the people of Shem.
    The Canaanites were able to turn the massacres into a great orgy of ritual murder.
    Children were seized and thrown into pots to be boiled.
    Many thousands of Huguenots were able to flee (white flight) made thair way to the new world.

  4. The black magic child sacrifice to Baal compiled into the Babylonian Talmud .
    Jematria turning everything into a numerical equivalent. Freight 77 77 floor trade center. Building 7. London 77 bombing .
    Ritual blood sacrifice.

  5. We Were Soldiers in the movie shows opening scenes of French soldiers on patrol all wiped out suddenly by the enemies. The French were guarding plantations owned by wealthy French utilizing locals for slave labor. When they were overrun. This was when the U.S responded and become involved. The plantations were off limits for troops similar to other places in wars where the rich live that are not part of the war, not to be touched.

  6. its totally understandable why they despise the majority of people for their cowardice their conformity their compliance their stupidity and their weakness.Centuries of evidence proving the case beyond reasonable doubt .Guilty of the crime of renouncing their own autonomy and sovereignty through sheer fear and lack of faith.Only a few brave people on this stage even speak up for principals and morals and have faith in their own beleifs and in God.The rest are lost souls usually over love of money.

  7. Oh and btw the King of Spain claims the French Crown as the Bourbon heirs.Just in relation to Annas other writings and of course the Jesuits being subjects , im sure of their Monarch

  8. The Roman Catholic Church had a state assembly in Pennsylvania and claimed it Commonwealth. :( "Pennsylvania, officially the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is a state in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeastern, and Appalachian regions of the United States."