Monday, February 8, 2021

Situation Update, Feb. 8th – A philosophical framework for human freedom

(Natural News) In today’s Situation Update, I’m announcing a shift of focus for the broadcast. Instead of running down each day’s bad news — which is sure to continue for years — we are laying out real-world solutions for how to protect ourselves from tyranny.

To defend human rights and human freedom, however, we must first understand where rights come from.

Rights do not come from government. This is why no government can legitimately take away your rights, as they were not the source in the first place.

All rights are natural extensions of a very small number of gifts from God. These gifts include the gift of life and the gift of consciousness (free will).

From those gifts — which can only be granted by God, as no government, corporation or person can create life or consciousness — spring a series of natural rights. These rights include:

  • The right to freedom of expression (which springs naturally from the gift of consciousness).
  • The right to say no to medical interventions (which springs naturally from the gift of life and body… i.e. you own your body).
  • The right to self-defense.
  • The right to sound money, which springs naturally from your right to benefit from the product of your conscious labor or creative works.
  • The right to travel freely, without restriction.

… and many more such rights.

In today’s Situation Update, I cover why the future of human freedom rests in codifying these divine rights into local law so that our God-given gifts and rights may be protected even in the face of federal government tyranny.

I also discuss we censorship, coercion, vaccine mandates and fiat currency systems are all expressions of Satanism, while freedom, honest money and the respect of free will are divine principles in alignment with the Creator.

Listen to today’s full podcast to gain this key understanding of the foundations of human freedom and where your rights actually come from.

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  1. And how do we enforce our rights when we are constantly under attack. We are only powerful in numbers. This is why they are putting so much effort into keeping us seperated. Talking about all the wrongs being committed against us does nothing for us. Talking about all the evil and talking about our rights being violated and putting a label on it , like fascism, communism etc.does not stop it. Knowing and understanding is not enough. The time for action is now. Knowing that these rights are from God and that no Government has the rights to violate our rights is not going to do shit. We are past the knowung . We need to enforce our rights. It has come to the point where we need to fight fire with fire. Action. Sitting around talking about what we already know while they kidnap people to force injections is not beneficial to humanity. You can talk this subject to death and nothing is acommplished. Its time to stand up for what God has given us. The more we sit around and talk about what is happening and how wrong it is. The MORE IT CONTINUES. THIS IS SUICIDE. Sit on the railroad tracking knowing the train is coming and all you do is talk about what its mechanics are and the cause and effect of what is going to happen to you when it reaches you is not going to do shit. You have to move, get off the dam track BEFORE it hits you.


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