Monday, February 8, 2021

Anyone Besides Me Sick of This BS?

 By Anna Von Reitz

This year has been brutal.  Everywhere you look the good people of this country and most of the rest of the world are hip-deep in a sea of nothing but lies and corporate manipulation.

Yes, Corporate, as in Corporate Feudalism.

The Robber Barons are using the Corporations and the Corporations are using the Politicians and the Politicians are using everyone else.  Got the picture? 

Know which receiving end you are on?

The politicians used to be the weak link because of elections, but now they just dial-a-victory using computers and fraudulently elect whomever they please.

The next weakest link in this chain are the corporations themselves and you all need to get on board to bust them.

The corporations are being manipulated by fear and by “government” regulations which are really designed to make the corporations into political tools for the government.

Look at the illegal and immoral Internal Revenue scheme— “they” make the corporations that hire you into their bill collectors and revenue agents.  You are not subject to the Federal Income Tax. You are not a Federal PERSON—- but the business you work for probably is.

So the rats order your Employer to do the dirty work of stealing from and enslaving you to pay taxes that you don’t owe.

Same thing with censorship of news and opinions about the virus.  The virus is patented.  It’s an invention by Gates, Fauci, Soros and the rest of the miscreants.

We can’t mention it’s name without infringing on their patent — and the news media and social networking corporations can’t stand by and let you use that patented name in vain, or they are on the hook for patent infringement.

See how that works?

The only answer is to seize back public control of all factors of the government— the elections, the patent office, and the corporations.

Where do we begin?  With ourselves.  We have to wake up and tune in and hone our native ability to sort apples and oranges and learn to see for ourselves how we are being manipulated so that we can also see how our institutions and corporations are being manipulated.

Today I got another disgusting video saying, “Michael Flynn Recants”—- when all he did was repeat his Oath to protect and defend the Constitution —-and he didn’t recant that, either.

It was just sheer, twisted, yellow journalism at its worst, making something out of nothing, misleading headline included.   Flynn said there was “no plan”, but then, so what? 

He didn’t recant anything. He never said there was any “plan” he was Party to. The whole purpose was just to make people think he recanted something — or be left with the impression or feeling that he did— when he didn’t.

Shameful, really. But what do we expect when we have not held journalists responsible since before World War II?

TIME Magazine finally broke the election fraud story.  ONLY three months since it made headlines in Europe.  Goes to show how fearful and manipulated all the news and media groups are in this country. 

They are all in lockstep, because technically, the “government” owns them.  Whatever the pols tell them, that’s what they parrot. Whatever the military tells them to suppress, they suppress.

But take heed, we finally woke up and found another piece to the puzzle this week— and it turns out that neither the Pope nor the Queen own all these corporations. 

When you sort it all out, these corporations were chartered under conditions of fraud. They are stateless—and operating without valid charters and without any corporate “veil” or bankruptcy protection—- unless we recharter them and bring them back under the Public Law as American Corporations, they are doomed.

Hear that stock market?  Hear that Wall Street? 

We can, with a flip of our pencils, offer corporations that wish to operate under the Public Law as lawful corporations full amnesty and they can be set free to continue operations.

Just as easily we can declare all US and USA Corporations formed and operated in this country since 1870 to be invalidated,  and in the absence of their immediate acceptance of amnesty and new lawful charters—- we can declare them to be crime syndicates engaged in inland piracy.

Mr. Trump and his cohorts are going through the Patent Office finally and are discovering all sorts of new insights into the motivations of the Mega Corps, suppressed technologies, and more.

But what will be the result?

More suppression? More being brought to light?

We’ve been in a Propaganda War for four years, with no end in sight, but if you are as sick of this criminality and confusion as I am, then stand up.  Shake off the cobwebs. Exercise your right to self-govern these United States.

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