Wednesday, January 27, 2021

My God, My God....

 By Anna Von Reitz

People have been asking me about a Facebook link to a presentation about Adrenochrome, a drug hailed as "the Fountain of Youth"--- except that it requires torturing and killing children to create it.  

I will post the Facebook link though you have to open up Facebook in order to follow it, and I do not expect it to be on Facebook for very long.  

But then, I will cut to the chase and post the documents that this report is based on and let you read it for yourselves: 

These papers are internal production records -- production of Adrenochrome, that is, --- including the names and dates of birth of the children "used up" to produce the given amounts of "junk".  

The papers detail the names and locations of "centers" where this "harvesting" was done by a corporation called CYM. --- a Defense Contractor working for the United States Army Special Medical Corps --- itself just the name of another Municipal Corporation owned and operated by the British Territorial Government. 

The Brits, again. 

They were keeping these kids in detention centers, calling them inmates, calling themselves wardens,  slowly torturing these kids to death, and harvesting the adrenochrome from their blood.  

The adrenochrome is produced by the body in response to the terror and torture.  

Now you know where the tales of vampires and the Marquis de Sade come from, and what motivated these horrific, heinous, murderous acts against children and young teenagers.  

Now you know that the "Special Medical Corps" of our British Territorial "United States Army" was involved in the factory-like production of Adrenochrome.  

They were producing it, selling it, and using it for their own purposes --to keep their venal leaders alive long after these evil men and women should have died, to entice people like Hollywood actors and Supermodels who depend on their appearance to maintain their careers, and to blackmail everyone involved at any level as producers or consumers of the drug.  

More shocking, look at the names and the photos of the people who were involved in these activities.  They look perfectly normal, don't they?  They look like anyone you might see in the grocery store or the ballpark, a car wash, a concert, or, even in church --- and they were making their livings by torturing little kids to death. 

Some of them probably even thought that they were doing something important and necessary for "the government".  

Read through the list of the children's names and their dates of birth.  Imagine how you would feel as the parents of these "missing" children.... 

These men and women, all members of the United States Army Special Medical Corps who put up with this and "went along", all of them who were involved in this hideous business, must be appropriately and decisively punished. 

Any politician or agency personnel who knew about this and did nothing to stop it, deserve the same fate. 

Anyone who claims that any part of this was part of their religion needs to be jailed in a mental hospital for the rest of their lives. 

The corporations responsible deserve to be liquidated, with great prejudice. 

Any shareholder of CYM. having any knowledge of its operations or actual business (that is, not money market shareholders) or any other such organization, deserves to be exposed in public and shamed, stripped of their wealth, stripped of their reputation, and they should never be able to access the privilege to incorporate, operate a corporation, buy stocks or bonds or profit themselves from the labor of others in any way. 

The punishments meted out to these criminals should be in all ways commensurate with their crime, and should reflect the severity of it. 

Beyond that, I am just going to say -- God bless Timothy Holmseth.  God bless Kevin Annett.  God bless all the good and decent people in our Armed Forces. 


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  1. Why is this allowed to continue. Is there no one with any authority that isnt involved. No one is speaking up for these children. Why has this gone on for decades? Where is the Voice for these children? Why if you are in some type of offical capacity you get away with this. People should be outraged. Good people need to stop this. What horrible lives these children went thru. And what about the ones that are going thru the torturous unimaginable crimes today. Why is something not being done about this. This is just monstrously evil and disgustingly vile. It's heartbreaking. Theeessee. People need to suffer in the same way their victims did, if not worse. Just killing these vile evil f___ is not good enough.

  2. Sacramento Army depot closed in the mid 90s. Tried to locate some of the named, couldn't find them.

    1. "On March 3, 1995, the Depot officially closed. No Army maintenance capability remains. The Sacramento Army Depot has always been an important part of the Sacramento community. Since its establishment in 1941, the Depot has supported the nation by performing vital defense-related services and operations. It has also supported the community by providing more than 3,000 jobs in the Sacramento area.
      The Sacramento Army Depot occupies 485 acres within the city limits of Sacramento, Sacramento County, California, approximately 7 miles to the southeast of the Sacramento business district. Morrison Creek enters the SAAD eastern boundary. The creek parallels the depot perimeter to the south and discharges on the western boundary. These essential services required the use of hazardous materials, such as solvents, degreasers, acids, and even radioactive paints, in daily operations. Operations conducted at the facility include electro-optics equipment repair, emergency manufacturing of parts, shelter repair, metal plating and treatment, and painting. In conjunction with these operations, the Army maintains unlined oxidation lagoons and burn pits, a battery disposal area, areas designated for mixing pesticides, and a firefighter training area.

      On the day the Depot officially closed, the City of Sacramento leased approximately 370 acres of the total 485-acre depot to Packard Bell for its world headquarters, an important first step in the revitalization of the Sacramento community. While the BRAC Cleanup Team and the Restoration Advisory Board were working to clean up the Depot and keep the community informed of ongoing restoration activities, the Sacramento Army Depot Economic Adjustment Reuse Commission diligently continued its efforts to secure reuse opportunities and maintain the jobs of the people employed at the Depot.

      In the Fall of 1994 Packard Bell, the computer company whose plant in Northridge was damaged by an earthquake decided to relocate a 3,000 employee assembly plant and distribution center at the Depot. As of April, 1996, Packard Bell had 3,500 employees working at its Depot facility (down from 5,000 in August 1995) and in February 1998 there were 3,100 employees, in October 1998 3,400 employees. This is the only Packard Bell manufacturing plant in the U.S. In mid-2000, Packard Bell NEC, Inc. announced it would shut down all manufacturing operations by year's end and layoff 1,400 of its 1,550 workers at the former Sacramento Army Depot.

      Copied with permission from

      Post Closure Army Activities:

      US Army Reserve

      With the closure of the Sacramento Army Depot, which included the former US Army Reserve Center at the corner of Fruitridge and Florin-Perkins Road, the former troop housing area was converted to a US Army Reserve Center. The center was dedicated to the memory of local California State Assemblyman Brien T "B.T." Collins. The barracks and other permanent buildings were modernized while new administrative, training and maintenance buildings were built. In addition to Sacramento based Army Reserve units, the site also hosts the Area Maintenace Support Activity.

      California Military Department
      The area south of Okinawa Street was transfered to the California Army National Guard. The former child care center was converted to a California National Guard Youth Programs Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) educational facility known as "Starbase". The next facility built was a joint classroom and museum storage building. In the early 2010s the new eight-bay Field Maintenance Shop 32 was built, replacing a three bay facility located at the Sacramento Meadowview Road Armory. This was followed by the contrauction of the new Sacramento Okinawa Street Readiness Center which replaced the obsolete Sacramento 58th Street Armory."

      Quoted from above link.

    2. Bellerian1, thanks for sharing.
      I hope they close everything for good. The US Army really is Controlled by foreign entity's. Including the U.S.(inc) Navy and U.S. Air force. How do I know this? I C their Freemason tokens, selling on ebay for many years.