Why I post all this election and intelligence information.

 Anna said in an email that I got this exactly right.

So here is what I said.

Some of you might wonder why I have been following all the voter fraud and crimes that occurred during the 2020 corporate elections, considering the fact that all the state assemblies are in place.
Well until the assemblies can get to the point of electing a president don't kid yourself into thinking these corporate elections don't effect us.
If what happened is allowed to stand our security will deteriorate rapidly, to the point that we won't be able to finish the work of the assemblies.
I don't know about you but I don't want to stand in the gap against these evil crimes alone. I will expose all the evil as I find it, and I will protect my family and my county against the tyranny as I am able.
I hope you do the same.  Spread these videos and my blog as far and wide as you can and as fast as you can.
Paul Stramer
Eureka Montana
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We are at war with the enemies of freedom. The war was just an information war but we are seeing it going hot day by day. People are dying now. See Jeffrey Prather's video below to understand this. Get ready to defend yourself and your loved ones. We are in the end game, and the more we win the information war, the less severe the kinetic war will be.