Thursday, November 12, 2020

Whose Fault Is It?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Question: Why is there no Article III, Section 1 Court available? 

Answer: Because we didn't finish the Reconstruction and provide ourselves with one. 

One of the most galling things about this entire situation became apparent early on, when we began grappling with certain Cardinals in the Roman Catholic Church who were high enough in the hierarchy to know the truth.  

To a man, their answer was that, well, it was our own fault.  We had the power.  We simply didn't do our duty to exercise it.  We have the right to self-govern, but didn't do so. And who is at fault for that? 

Question:  Why don't we have "Constitutional" Sheriffs in every one of our over 3100 Counties?  

Answer:  Because we didn't bring our Assemblies into Session and elect them. We let the District Assemblies elect and hire "law enforcement officers" instead of hiring our own people to act as Peacekeepers. 

And again, we didn't provide ourselves with what we wanted. We "let George do it".  

So, the Cardinals shrug and say, "It's your own fault. You have every right to do it, but you haven't done it.  Why blame other people who stepped into the gap and did what they could do to keep things running in your absence?" 

They have a point, except that nobody in their ranks and certainly nobody in the British Territorial Government ever did their moral duty to us as our Employees.  They didn't inform the populace of the circumstance and they didn't help us one iota with organizing the Reconstruction, and that much was certainly within their job description.

According to the Cardinals, we have been "absent" for many decades, and though they and others "hoped for our return", that hope faded as time went by and there was no "sign of us" until now --- when we showed up on their doorsteps ready to spit. 

What they mean, of course, is that our American Government has not been in Session.  We haven't brought our States into Session in decades.  We've slept on and let the Brits conscript us as babies.  Nobody has been running the show.  And the Reconstruction of the Federal Republic and other matters of "pressing interest" still haven't been addressed. 

If our Government actually continues to exist at all, why haven't we assembled our States of the Union and finished the enrollment of all the States that have been formed during and after the Civil War, for instance?  

What sane people would leave half their country "unsettled" and in the care of custodians for over a hundred years?  

The Cardinals wag their heads and say, "What were we supposed to think?  The people and resources of those states have been left hanging for generations, in limbo, waiting for you, Americans, to finish their enrollment as States of the Union." 

By the grace of God, we have called our State Assemblies into Session and our Assembly Members have straightened out the issue of their actual political status. We have finally enrolled all the States that were formed during and after the Civil War as States of the Union.  So far, so good. 

And we figured it out and we did it ourselves, standing on our own two feet, thank you.  The Queen and His Holiness (Francis) have done precious little to help, but then, why should they?  

Our "absence" left them in control of our assets and our trade policies. It has allowed them to conscript our men as cheap mercenaries, control our currency via the implementation of legal tender laws, and a whole lot more. They were in the catbird seat for generations and they liked it that way. 

But whose fault is it?  

I encounter people every day, patriots who want to blow off their mouths, and who wave copies of the Constitutions, and who make all sorts of claims about what "they" owe us, meaning the remaining Federal Subcontractors.  

These people are invariably confused and unable to distinguish between what "they" owe us and what we owe ourselves. They also often mistake the purpose and meaning of the Constitutions, too.  

The Constitutions do empower the Federal Government, but from our side of it, the important point is that the Constitutions also limit the Federal Government and obligate it to perform and yield certain "guarantees" to those of us who claim our birthright political status as Americans. 

When you get down to it, as we have, you soon discover that you are for the most part whipping a dead horse.  

Yes, there have been usurpations and infractions and fraud schemes to do end runs around those constitutional obligations, plots to undermine our sovereignty, racketeering, pillaging, and all sorts of other evils and criminality.  

Our employees shouldn't have done this and they shouldn't have done that, and those directing our employees "for" us, shouldn't have done this or that, either.  
Gross crimes have been committed against our nation and against us as individual "persons".  

It's all true, and yet---- where were we?  Why didn't we stand up and object and give our employees our instructions?  We weren't doing our job, and they were never empowered to do our job for us. 

So?  The Cardinals take a step back on one slippered heel, nod their heads forward, and say, "We're sorry you're not happy with what we've done, but neither the Queen nor the Pope ever had the power to complete the Reconstruction of your Confederation or your Federal Republic."

And that is absolutely true. 

The States have to reconstruct their own States of States. 

Those States of States have to reboot the Confederation, otherwise known as the States of America. 

And then, the States of America has to reboot the Federal Republic, the American portion of the Federal Government. 

Nobody on Earth can do that "for" us.  

It's like blaming your next door neighbor because they can't eat dinner for you.  And then beating them up because they can't. 

"So, while you may be angry with how your country has been "administered", you haven't done what you needed to do, and you've been in control and able to do it the whole time."  The Cardinals wag their heads again. 

Let everyone on Earth know that we finally did step up. Our States of the Union are now in Session.  

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  1. they lack integrity of Gerald Celente
    many have knowledge about CAFR such as We/Us minivanjack but yet Ad🎙 Homien🤬 scapeGOAT the You Individual like Shabbos Goy proxies😷 when they loose their collective Rites🤐

  2. secret CORPORATE governMENT that "Issues charters" to GOLD Lodge and or angel MORONi templeLETS giving Diplomatic in Country Immunity with No Allegiance to any Nation as Police have No arrest powers when entering a Lodge "Interview with a 32nd Degree Freemason"

  3. Dear Anna:
    I’ve followed you for years. I am a big fan of your book and work.
    Please consider this comment to be constructive-criticism.
    I don’t care if you publish this comment.
    When you blame Americans, the multi-generational-victims of international-crime, for the crimes, it defeats your purpose and steals energy from your cause.
    I don’t believe you are an agent of the pope, but some do.
    Your blame-the-victim-attitude seems to support these suspicions.
    That’s all I want to say.
    You deserve this honest opinion.

    1. @:ronald:son-of-jack
      I don't believe Anna is blaming the American People with this article. Anna pointed out that Americans blame others instead of looking to themselves, which is just pointing out the Truth of the matter. Most people I talk to about correcting the record by declaring your proper status still believe I'm nuts and it is very frustrating as my mission within my heart is to help people. Trying to convince a man who believes he is free that he is living in voluntary servitude to a CORPORATION and he needs to address the issue is the hardest part. People do not want to admit they have been deceived. EGO... People in general blame others for most of their problems instead of accepting responsibility for their own behavior related to the problem. When you are pointing a finger at someone else, three fingers are pointing back at you. We allow ourselves to be deceived, spending our entire existence complaining. The Truth is published. If a man/wombman ignores the Truth, they are still a CHILD, a WARD of the STATE, a Voluntary SLAVE. Anna is completely correct with this presentment. We are our own keeper and responsible for our own self-governance. We can only govern ourselves. When presented with the Truth and rejecting it makes people there own worst enemy. People happily suffer corporate government. After learning the truth, which took hours of commitment and the loss of family members, it is with Clarity all suffering is ones own fault. A MAXIM of MUNICIPAL CIVIL LAW is "Let those who wish to be deceived, be deceived". So who is at blame? Them or us? It's just business. If you don't learn how to be in their business world then you agree to be their DEBTOR voluntarily. As a mother who has two progeny who no longer speak to me because they make the conscience choice not hear and see the Truth presented to them is heartbreaking. Once you wake up to the Truth, that all suffering is about Fear in your own mind because you don't know who you are or where you stand, there is no going back. Living in Fear is non-existence.
      Annie McShane
      Delaware Assembly Coordinator

    2. Vietnam war was a part 2 mercernary war. Pary 1 started quietly 20 years beforehand, Left of Vietnam, before combining with Vietnam war.. Proof? See FDR 1937 INCREASING Govt spending for foreign Gold theft & profit for Bankers.

      Anna knew the 35 - 45 year secret mercenary Wars, and did not assess any damages on both sides other than rushing to claim the Bankers massive stolen gold , this will bring Ww3 for sure.

      Karen Hudes represents crooked Bankers & war lords. Anna & her husband claimed to be King & Queen of America, to take their stolen gold, how crazy the madness & confusions gone so far.

      Folks search Download this doc from the internet, See for yourselves: Is this real ?

      Americans dont remember how many million deaths in 1940's Ww2.

  4. Historians will tell you that even states that didn’t participate in (((civil war))) were over thrown with carpetbaggers Jewish Rail Road attorney Lincoln
    Came into thair clean hands State and declared them unconstitutional not a “republican form of
    government “.
    Replacing actual elected

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  6. That's all good, but then why didn't they, the church say anything? Withholding information is the same thing as lying. Anyway you look at it, it's fraud. That's the way this system works. Since when can the church take all the assets of the world? They are not God. Right now, there is only one person in control of the Worlds assets and that is Kim Goguen. She is in control of the Manna World Trust Fund.
    All the central banks can do is create fiat currency with no backing which will eventually collapse their entire system.

    1. @Awakend
      Wow, you are claiming one single wombman is in control of all the Assets of the all the people of the world, and all those Assets supposedly stolen by bankers for the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH are in some fictitious TRUST because they claim it to be so?

      Why didn't the Church say anything??? Does IT have a voice??? IT is run by pagan's, Satanists. They created the Idea of a Savior and the people took the bait hook, line and sinker. This Fleecing has been going on for 1000's of years at the hands of the Church. The Teaching of "Jesus" the man is to seek the light and the Truth. To believe some Man Made Religion is good is to delude/deceive yourself. Religion is used as control for those that can not think for themselves. They are all lumped into the same CORPORATION, no matter the denomination. It is up to each of us to save ourselves, then help save mankind by shining the light of Truth. The only thing evil needs to prevail is for a good man to do nothing.

      My land is right outside and I can put my hands into the soil anytime I want. Claiming a thing is Real, like some fictitious TRUST filled with paper created by BAR ATTORNEYS does not make it so.

      They may have some counterfeit instrument they claim is associated with my Assets but that is a piece of paper with words on it, created by pirates. Ownership of property does not change when stolen by pirates.

      There is one CORPORATION, the VATICAN. The idea of CORPORATIONS were created by the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. Follow the truth. All Corporations are incorporated into the VATICAN. There are two entities, People:Living - CORPORATIONS:DEAD. Trust only exists because people choose to be the walking DEAD. Whose fault is that individual choice?
      Annie McShane
      Delaware Assembly

  7. Thank you Paul I still follow & read articles i also follow you on Facebook but have not been seeing any of your posts recently


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