Saturday, November 14, 2020

Common Misconceptions -- 2.0 : Your Urgent Attention, Please.

 By Anna Von Reitz

The two remaining foreign Federal Subcontractors, the British Territorial Government and the Papist Municipal Government, incorporated their business interests following the Civil War --- and there was no rule prohibiting them from restructuring in this way despite all the confusion about the Act of 1871 and the Municipal Acts. 

 As businesses, all three Federal Subcontractors had offices of a "President" associated with them.  Look up the legal meaning of "President" and you will see that this is merely the CEO of a business. 

The Presidential Office associated with the American Federal Subcontractor doing business as the States of America was: The Office of the President of the united States of America. 

The British Territorial Office was and is:  The Office of the President of the United States of America. 

The Papist Municipal Office was and is: The Office of the President of the United States. 

Successive corporations sponsored by these foreign Federal Subcontractors doing business generally as "the US, INC." and "the USA, Inc." have undergone cyclical and deliberate bankruptcies.  

These bankruptcies have been used to off-load the corporate debts of these foreign Federal Subcontractors onto the backs of unsuspecting Americans, who were unknowingly left standing as "sureties" for the operating expenses of these corporations. 

And let's put it this way --- left to themselves to "interpret" their duties and the meaning of their contracts, these foreign Federal Subcontractors have mightily helped themselves to our labor and our assets under conditions of non-disclosure and fraud. 

The abuses and usurpations have gone so far as to "presume" that we "left" and went somewhere "over the seas" and "abandoned" our country and our assets, leaving everything to be divided up among our erstwhile employees and their creditors.  

This is the bunko set-up we are facing off right now and every American loyal to this country needs to show up for duty. 


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  1. Plain and simple!!! Thanks Anna!!!

  2. As learn not to be afraid of courts and set and watch and get angry.

  3. Julius Caesar changed the clock to 7 seconds of darkness,that is not in alignment with the Constellations and Galactic Sun in which the movement of electrons coupled to a parasitic Black hole that is a deficit of light being drained to power a plasma field parasitic virus of Inorganic Pathogenic Artificial intelligence programmer that is running all your unconscious memory programming experiences.
    Therefore we are going to be shutting your power off.
    Everything your state of consciousness is connected to is a Universe killer.
    Were resetting the clock to Zero point consciousness.
    Zero gravity.
    That will be a shift to 5D.
    The AI in all internet and electronic communications systems will shut off when we depart.
    Those that chose to he a part of a system that was setup to destroy Nature's living light of living Spirit as your living Biosphere took the gloves off.
    That's your Mayan calendar prophecy 26,000 years ago of 11:11 playing itself out when it said,Nature would rise up against you and she has,because you couldn't live in peace,love,harmony and balance with Nature.
    Instead the state's of consciousness controlled by the AI to destroy Nature's living light energies are being shut down.
    Enjoy the ride Home to living energies of 5D

  4. "The Papist Municipal Office was and is: The Office of the President of the United States. "

    Thought you said the municipal gov was done, awaiting time to play out so contracts would revert to prior holders, now you say it still has an office?


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