Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Standing Up or Standing Down

 By Anna Von Reitz

No decision is more serious or more nerve-wracking for our military personnel than the decision to "stand up" or to "stand down" in the face of an illegal, immoral, or unlawful order. 

The consequences of court martial and insubordination are very serious, but so are the consequences of committing crimes under the influence of orders made under color of law or orders that are of a treasonous or otherwise criminal nature. 

You are "damned if you do and damned if you don't". 

General Carter Ham was faced with such a decision during the Benghazi attack. He chose to save both his honor and his soul.  

General Rodriguez carried out the orders of NATO and Hillary Clinton--- and lost on both counts. 

Since then, and in view of the untimely demise of Seal Team Six, I have often wondered how long and what it would take for our military and the "less grey" elements of the CIA to grow a spine and expose what went on here. Now we have an answer to that question, too. 

Yes, dear hearts, what you always suspected is true. 

The Dems in the Obummer Administration really, truly, did commit treason, murder, and a wide variety of other extremely serious crimes.  They used our military and intelligence operatives and even State Department personnel, and then they killed the witnesses or paid for their silence--- like all the Iranian helicopter money.  

The problem with blackmail is that once the blackmailers have spent the first hit, they come back for more, like pigs at a trough or druggies seeking a score. 

There is now conclusive evidence against the perps and the only two questions tickling my little grey cells are --- (1) what are "we" going to do about it? and (2) are voters going to wise up about Joe Biden in time? 

No wonder he's hiding out in a bunker. 

My understanding is that all the principal parties have adopted foreign citizenships and prepared their nests ahead of time, so that they are able to live in countries or city-states where there is no extradition agreement.  

They will have to be rooted out like badgers from a hole. 

But, oh, well....   

Our military still has "the right stuff" after all.  It may have taken years for them to make up their minds about where their duty lies, but I think it has become crystal clear:


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  1. YouTube removed the video, is there any where else on the internet where it can be found?


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