Monday, October 26, 2020

Public International Notice Served

 By Anna Von Reitz

All pretense of any so-called "Common Law Liens" processed against me, my Given Name, my Pen Name, or any other description belonging to me is addressing a sovereign and unincorporated being and true Lawful Person enjoying complete and absolute and well-established immunity from all suits and liens in all jurisdictions; the unknown and unidentified fraud artist referenced below is attempting to establish a trust and/or business relationship interest that does not exist between myself and this entity calling itself "Trustee of THE INTERNATIONAL TRUST FUND".

I note that the use of all capital letters appellations immediately identifies this as a corporation having no access to any actual civilian common law, and that no military common law applies to an American State civilian or person belonging to an American State civilian.

So the copyright holder and the entities named below stand rebutted and denied any valid claim or complaint; for all aspects and issues that have been mentioned in this person's diatribe; I assert complete prior interest and perfected sovereign immunity and return counterclaim in true common law jurisdiction, attaching all property interests, PKIs, assets, charters, patents, trusts, foundations, LLCs, copyrights, records, and items of personal and corporate assets related to this purported Trustee, their corporation and their trust numbers.

I also note that these Persons Unknown are using Certified Mail Service which cannot possibly apply to me, my pen name, or anything else related to me and that they have failed to serve any valid notice or due process or other query related to their off-the-wall pretenses.

These referenced entities below stand permanently rebutted and rebuffed: and as they are all already attached by me under due process provisions, these Persons and ENTITIES have no standing for any cross-jurisdictional claim.

copyright©2020 Trustee of THE INTERNATIONAL TRUST FUND #8D7ABDB1-C39E-448D-A9AC-D398A7BFC698 - Certified true copy of the affirmed American Nationals and the American National Union of The United States of America Et al vs. ANNA VON REITZ by document custodian  


  1. Hmmmm, immediate amputation at the knees... Sun Tzu would definitely approve!

  2. Perhaps the ferocity of the flak indicates proximity to targt....just saying

    1. Patriot58- This is an ongoing lawful/legal paper war, a lot better than going to physical war!!! Anna and The Assembly has always been under the flak, we got the right folks attention!!! These pirates are testing Anna and The Assembly and so far as I can see Anna is passing with flying colors!!! Slowly but surely Anna and The Assembly will prevail!!!

  3. No fraud or scam can stick to Anna and The Assembly, Anna has her and The Assembly bases covered, our oil and their water don't mix!!! I will make sure of that!!!


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