Thursday, October 1, 2020

Correction to correction.

 By Anna Von Reitz

It is apparent that the purveyors of iDeed and the Independent Living Being identification system are either unaware of or being deliberately obtuse about the effects of copyrighting.  

We have just gone through a period of our history where identity theft and impersonation have both been accomplished via copyright and patent and trademark infringement and “name capture”. 

It would be stupid of us to fall back into any similar situation or scheme, despite the apparent goodwill and idealism of those promoting iDeed.  

A deed is a deed is a deed. 

It is necessary for the promoters of these systems and products to explicitly and contractually and in every case fully disclose all  results of using their system to identify private property and to explicitly, contractually forego all rights, claims, and interest in the names and other data of their clients. 

The lack of such disclaimer indicates that this system could be misused and abused in the future in exactly the same way that the birth certification process has been used to latch on to the names and other private property interests of Americans and we do not propose to have any more of that going on.

We also don’t propose to promote any other or fundamentally different kind of government.  We are here to lawfully and peacefully restore the American Government.  As a public effort and entity our Government is fundamentally different and set apart from the many private enterprises that contribute goods and services to our government.  

Not understanding and recognizing the difference between public and private endeavors has led to the present problems we all face in this country, so we are again bound to remind everyone that private copyrighted materials are private and do not pertain to our public purposes. 

The American Government has no association with iDeed and the use or non-use of iDeed products by individuals must be understood as a private and individual product or service purchase on a work-for-hire basis and not part of any government program. 

The American Government is providing its people with valid, official credentials for identification purposes and is maintaining a public data base for the protection of individual property rights and assets.  

This is not a private enterprise and any private enterprise that latches anyone’s name or other intellectual property so as to incorporate it in any private business held under any private copyrights or charters, is merely a repeat of what the British Crown Corporation has done  in violation of both international law and our Public Law. 

IDeed would do well to appropriately and officially define exactly what it’s terms of service and ownership interests, if any, are. 
The promoters and users of this system should also realize that their private system is not a replacement for public protection of intellectual assets.  

IDeed is not a government.  It’s a private corporation and incorporated business enterprise.  I said what I said and I meant what I said and I am not feeble-minded or mistaken about the implications and possible abuses of what iDeed is doing. 

I find it necessary to remind everyone of the jurisdictional issues involved and also to remind iDeed that full disclosure is a requirement of all valid contracts on land.


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  1. Thank you for the additional clarity Grandma.
    I appreciate your efforts to warn us all.

    Cordially and With great love,
    an American.

  2. Don't think it gets any clearer than that. Thank You

  3. Thank you Anna for being very clear on this issue.

  4. I was confused by the apparent endorsement, by the Arizona Assembly, of the IDeed stuff after receiving your first there some sort of rift forming here? I appreciate the latest explanation...and agree.

  5. Thank you sister Anna, God Bless everytime


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