Saturday, October 31, 2020

9 Things that blur the stats on cases, from Ron Paul

 If you’re tired of the pandemic and the nonstop stream of misinformation on it, the Ron Paul Institute has a list of nine things that are contributing to the skewing of the statistics and blurring of the facts.

No.1, the PCR test is “practically useless,” as the amount of virus in up to 90% of tests is so “minuscule that the patient was asymptomatic and posed no threat to others;”

No. 2, a positive is NOT a case;

No. 3, only 6% of deaths attributed to COVID-19 are due exclusively to the virus.

No. 4, less than 1% of positive cases are potentially life threatening;

No. 5, according to the CDC, 85% of positive cases wore masks always or often;

No. 6, there are inexpensive, proven therapies for COVID-19;

No. 7, the U.S. death rate is NOT spiking;

No. 8., most COVID-19 deaths occur at the end of a normal lifespan; and

No.9, CDC data show that there is minimal risk for COVID-19 to children and young adults.


SOURCE: Ron Paul Institute October 28, 2020

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