Saturday, August 29, 2020

Democrats plan to commit Treason against America



  1. What do you mean plan to commit Treason against America ?

    This is so funny I must say, all of these people are already committed HIGH Treason long ago here's the details:

    1) Democrats, Nancy or not, All of them since 1865 committed Great Crime of impersonation and Treason.
    2) Republican did likewise.
    3) The British, UK++ Vatican City have their own copies versions of fictitious America.

    You need to see the Tree and branches of their Racketeer.

    The foreign Power hired them to Extract assets, confuse, Destroy America and her people. I wish I have more time, what you need to see is the graphical tree their corruption. A picture is worth a thousand words. That's why Anna should work smart. By adding a big Tree of Treason. That will solve all the tedious explanations over and over again.

    1. HOW TO STAY ALIVE, ON COVID-19 (Fake & real virus) ??

      IF you are set up to have a COVIND-19 vaccine, or IF you're sick, and need to go to hospital, Be careful these days, Why?

      As human, we don’t know how to use our 3rd eye to identify IF we are being set up to get killed. Here is how you can tell:

      1) Ask yourself is your age 59 or above? If Yes, then should be careful, follow the next instruction.

      2) Did your boss, men, or authority figure order you to do something against your will ? IF YES Then check out, their evil as follow:

      ********** Know your real birth sign, and Check out your sign Tarot-reading for that week immediately *********

      3) If you get a "Ten of Swords" plus a "DEATH card" 3-day before a full-moon, and at the full-moon, you feel alarmed, after a wolf or, a dog or an awl making weird sound at mid-night. That is a Conclusive sign, that you are about to be killed.

      4) You must act to avoid against their conspired order, at any cost. You don’t have to confront with them. Disappear from their sight or the appointment quietly. pack and run ASAP. Perhaps the next cycle they could return, if they don’t, you could return home later. But I still would feel unsafe for a few months.

      Judge Antonin Scalia had the described events. He did refuse to go to his dead camp, he can tell something wring going to happen, refused and his boss gave him: A BIG NO, that’s the sign of a 10-of-swords, he could have avoid it, from going to the appointed location.

      After Judge Scalier death, 5-6 days later he felt miserable, regretted, extremely sad and sorrow, for the whole year 2016. JFK felt the same 7-days later after he realized his death. All human will go through this transformed experience.

      I just found another dead soul age 59, someone I know personally.

  2. Have a read - the SURNAME

    1. Your living identity and the SURNAME CONNECTION

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    3. I made lots of misspelling's with a new keyboard. So I decided to kill my post.

  3. Read the entire article, last paragraph partial clip of it below link
    In summation to this Q&A I will state precisely what is being done. What they are doing/have done is setting up a two tier legal system, one for serfs and one for sovereigns. They are putting the people back into a neo-feudal system. By withholding knowledge of how the Common Law system works from the serfs they keep it so only they can operate from within it as sovereigns while the masses are subjected to the Corpus Juris “laws” on their corporate plantation feudal farms. They have developed an exploit to bring communism in through the back door under the Common Law system by using contracts with foreign corporations to get people to consent to signing away their rights as a sovereign in order to “work” for the corporations putting them into a different jurisdiction.

    Just couple of things need to look at

  4. People arrested for praying - Satanists don't want people praying to the one and TRUE God. The Satanists and Masons worship Lucifer - The great architect. It's God versus Lucifer. You can't serve two masters; choose wisely.

    Henry Makow Retweeted
    Shirtless Pundit@ShirtlessPundit
    If Masks Actually Worked, They Would Have Been Banned…Just Like Hydroxychloroquine

  5. Comments being deleted on this blog

    Have a read


    This clip below is from the article linked directly below it

    The Netherlands as the first thoroughly capitalist country in the world.
    In early modern Europe it featured the wealthiest trading city (Amsterdam) and the first full-time STOCK EXCHANGE.
    The inventiveness of the traders led to INSURANCE and RETIREMENT FUNDS as well as phenomena such as the BOOM-BUST CYCLE, the world’s first ASSET INFLATION BUBBLE, the TULIP MANIA of 1636–1637.
    Continue reading at the link below under the title
    MANHATTAN – The NYSE – SION – New AMSTERDAM – Solomon’s Temple – New JERUSALEM – 11 WESTERN STATES – The Pacific Ocean

    The readers can make their own assessment from the information provided


      The Fall of America Will Look Like the Salvation of America
      (1 September 2020) – You may have noticed globalist disinformation agents warning that “America will be invaded by Russian, Chinese, and UN forces as part of the worldwide communist revolution funded by the Western Satanist bankers.” Here’s the thing, though: if we do see the “Communist Attack on America” this month, the United States will indeed fall, but not to communism. And the public perception of the fall will be that America has been saved.

      Once all the “bad guy” communist/narco forces begin their attacks within our borders, the US military will defeat them “with the worldwide help of Putin’s Russian forces and Xi’s Chinese forces” (only forces supposedly controlled by the current UN and the “Chinese Deep State” will be on the side of the “bad guys”). It will be a joint “US patriot”/Xi/Putin victory in which it appears that America and the world was saved from the communists.

      Everyone needs to read everything at the above link

  7. Interesting read about DNA and a molecule that can fix all damage

    From the article linked a clip of it reads
    This material inter-reacts with DNA, correcting the DNA.
    All the carcinogenic damage, all the radiation damage, all is corrected from these elements in the presence of the cell.
    They don’t chemically inter-react with it, they just correct the DNA.

    Interesting to say the least

  8. Interesting tweet on this page, be sure to read the article about POPEYE
    You will notice he states GERMANY
    Read the other information on his site to find out more about Germany, the Reich and their agreements at the end of the war to progress their plans

    Just found it interesting tweet


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