Thursday, August 20, 2020

Attention Valiant Thor


By Anna Von Reitz

Pardon me, but for an immortal Extraterrestrial from the planet Venus who has been trying to assist the people of Earth since the 1950s, you sure are dumb. 

You’ve been talking to the wrong “US Government” for over sixty years and getting nowhere.  Go figure. 

Now, granted, sixty years may seem like a very short time to an immortal being, a mere blip between stepping off your spaceship and meeting President Eisenhower and today—- but—- surely the number of people you’ve dealt with and the sad results overall must give you pause to think that maybe something is wrong?  Maybe your message isn’t being properly heard?  Or as I suggest— you are talking to the wrong government?  

The US Government is not the same as the American Government. 

I hear your buggy is parked at Lake Meade, Nevada right now.  Why not spin on up here to Alaska and chew the fat?  The United States of America, Unincorporated, the actual government, is headquartered here. 

I am sending out an urgent intergalactic telepathic message to you.  

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