Monday, June 22, 2020

Let's Be Clear About the Federal Republic

By Anna Von Reitz

The "Federal Republic" that Mr. Trump keeps talking about is a subcontractor of the American Confederacy established in 1781.
The Union of States created the Federation of States called The United States of America and the member States of the Federation created the Confederation of the States of America. There is a logic here.
The (e)states claimed by the former Colonies had to be extended to the international land jurisdiction and formed as States, these States then created a Federation to enable them to act as one entity in international affairs, and then each State formed a "State of State" to do business for them, and these "States of States" were then included as members of the original Confederation formed in March of 1781.
Six years later, it was decided to structure the business affairs by issuing three Constitutions, one each for three "Federal" Subcontractors, that would supplement the government in much the same way that we hire plumbers, electricians and architects.
The Federal subcontractors were the States of America, the British Territorial Government, and the Roman Municipal Government.
So the original Confederation doing business as the States of America was the Federal Subcontractor operating the Federal Republic.
When the original Confederation was split apart over Lincoln's election, so was the Federal Republic.
One cannot restore the Federal Republic without restoring the Confederation, and one cannot reconstruct or resurrect the Confederation without first summoning the actual States into Session.
Why? Because the actual States are the only ones who can form the American States of States needed to restore the Federal Government.
1, 2, 3 --- American States give rise to American States of States, and to their Confederation, which runs the American part of the Federal Government known as the Federal Republic.
Florida creates The State of Florida, and then The State of Florida as a member of the Confederation participates in running the Federal Republic.
That's the way it is supposed to work.
The largest part of the Federal Government is supposed to be under the direction of these American States of States, not British Territorial States of States, and not Municipal STATES OF STATES, either.
You can see that in the documents and in the history and in the Reconstruction Acts and after all, it only makes common sense, that if the American States were going to hand out juicy services contracts, the Lion's Share should go to their own business entities ---not foreign interests.
And so it was, right up until the Civil War, when everything went ballywhump.
The Reconstruction of our Confederation and, secondarily, the reconstruction of the Federal Government Republic, has been left hanging since the Civil War, simply because we were never fully informed of the circumstance.
We didn't act, because we were duped into thinking that everything was already done. The British Government moved in and without full disclosure, installed British Territorial States of States to replace the American versions, as an "emergency" measure.
The only difference that Joe Q. Public could observe was a subtle name change from "The State of Maine" for example, to "the" State of Maine.
The British Territorial Government and their cohorts in the Roman Municipal Government dba "the" United States have been collusively usurping upon their Employers ever since 1937, under the terms of an agreement known as "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States".
And the American People were never told a word about it. Nothing was said. Nothing was taught about it in the schools. It has taken 150 years and horrific abuses for us to waken from our slumber, evaluate the situation, and take effective action.
We stand ready to help Mr. Trump and his cohorts in the Military to restore the Federal Republic as an American enterprise, not a British one. And we point out that Federal Citizens, whether U.S. Citizens or citizens of the United States, don't have the correct political standing to do the job of Reconstruction.
Only Americans who reclaim their birthright political status as State Citizens can act as the People who designed and who have the power to restore both the States of America Confederation and the Federal Republic.
The United States of America (Unincorporated) is still here, our States and People are still here, and we are the only lawful government still standing on this Continent. We are not bankrupt and we are not absent.
We are the only beings on this planet with the lawful standing to Reconstruct the States of America and the Federal Republic, and now that we finally know what needs to be done, we have assembled to do the job that should have been done in 1865.
The United States Military is asked to review the fact that they owe their oath and allegiance to the States and People of America, their actual Employers, and that they are supposed to be acting under the direction of our civilian government -- not at the behest of fellow subcontractors and lobbyists.
And let's everybody, including our British subcontractors, get on the same page.


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  1. FEMA's hiring idiots, if they're ready to do their dirty works... Seen their Ad on Youtube Yet? $2,654/paycheck. That's much higher than my old paycheck of $4670/week.

    Protesters tore down more statues across the United States, expanding the razing in a San Francisco park to the writer of America’s national anthem and the general who won the country’s Civil War that ended widespread slavery.

    In Seattle, pre-dawn violence erupted Saturday in a protest zone largely abandoned by police, where one person was fatally shot and another critically injured.

    Meanwhile Ebay prohibits CA-fornians to return bad items, for "Out of right" reason.

  2. Just wondering, have you authored an article on: "Americans who reclaim their birthright political status as State Citizens"??


      Have you finished this site?

      Documented Americans, Assemble and Educate

    2. or actually - " How Americans can reclaim their birthright & political status as State Citizens"??

  3. More gobbledygook from Anna that shouts, "I don't care if you understand it as long as you think I do"! Whatever you think you are learning from Anna's nonsense, be prepared to unlearn because she is 90% b/s.

  4. ALERT: July 3/4 “Communist Attack on America”
    (23 June 2020) – I’m seeing strong indicators that the globalists may make a second attempt at the “Communist Attack on America” on the Fourth of July Weekend (utilizing the sound of fireworks as cover for the sneak attack). If you live in an area that has been experiencing a recent rash of nighttime fireworks and has seen an Antifa or Black Lives Matter presence (my peaceful corner of Fort Worth has seen both), you may considering prepping for an attack that could include armed home invading/burning thugs in your neighborhood and a simulated regional or nationwide “EMP” attack.

    Common sense preparations for those living in areas that have seen such warning indicators would include arming up, obtaining door security bars and extra fire extinguishers, and readying a bugout bag with necessary supplies and essential valuables. And if I lived in New York City, Chicago, or DC, I would make plans to be out of town by Thursday, July 2. Major metropolitan areas run by Democrats will get the worst of it.

    We also need to watch Thursday, June 25 (the 70th anniversary of the start of the Korean War) for a preliminary attack or nuclear demonstration “by North Korea.”

    I’ll begin full coverage in the morning.
    Cannot note the blogger that produces this information as Paul will ban my commenting as he did before


    1. Pure insanity...People in NYC were so sick of being kept awake with all night fireworks that they protested by honking their car horns outside commie Mayor DeBlasio's Bast*rds even set a homeless man on fire. This is what happens when you elect a Commie Mayor and Governor.

      Hundreds are protesting outside Gracie Mansion in #Manhattan right now after @NYCMayor refuses to do anything about the insane fireworks the last few weeks plaguing NYC. Residents can't sleep, so they decided to not allow Deblasio to sleep tonight either.

      Homeless man literally set on fire last night on the streets in Brooklyn. Take a close look NOT one person can be seen defending this victim. Not one person seemed to care no protesters to condem no news media to tell the story.

  5. Might want to visit the following page and then read all the other articles


    Not a damned thing goes down to prosecute
    Evidence out the ass of preplanned global genocide AND NO ONE GETS CHARGED HMM I WONDER HOW THAT IS???

    The site above has many many articles so read them all

    1. Because, Shelby, the 'string pullers' who control media amd politians are the perps!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. .
    There is no “Fraud” in a Fiction – Illusion

    Your half right for the wrong reasons.

    (and I expect people will respond without doing the correct research – want to bet ?)

    Your claimed age is incorrect and therefore have tied it to the [citizen] B.C. and the Cestui Que Vie Trusts among others.............B.C. is only the acknowledgment of an event mothering more.

    If the alleged B.C. is mine then why do I/we need to get a certified copy for the STATE? ………..LOL

    All people are deemed a US citizen by CONgress and there overloads.

    And paper of a two-dimensional world does not work in a three-dimensional world, Does it? NQ!

    No one is free until this [insemination / creation date] is corrected or the Real Genuine Original Republic is resurrected and all CODES are replaced with the Original and Real Law including "The Creators" [The Creator of the Universe – God]

    You can wright all the paper-documents [accepted by this corporate government officials and the courts] you want to the quasi-courts and it will get you nowhere –

    OK anyone want to step forward and show us with stick evidence that they are in the United States or in the UNITED STATES?

    The corporate governments Supreme courts have declared there are three UNITED STATES under Hoven and Alison vs Evert.

    Gratitude keep moving forward

  8. .

    Forgot to ask can anyone PROVE that they are "alive" in this system of government?

    See above comment - How does a piece of paper prove that you are alive ?

    How do you prove that bleeding is alive ?

    Gratitude - keep moving forward

  9. Anna, can you explain in greater detail the influence of the british and Vatican in the day-to-day operations of what occurs on US soil of what you are talking about? If i'm correct, you say the british territorial government and municipal government control us, but all we see is the president and congress making bills and executive orders. What actual influence in that does the vatican or the british(queen of england) have in what we see in congress and the president? Is it solely they have massive wealth invested in businesses and through their financial might they can lobby congress and the president? Or are you saying they actually have some sort of legal power they are using that affects our own government? Or are you saying that our congress just got pushed into a foreign jurisdiction that was not our original jurisdiction that we set up under the first few years of our new country at the last quarter of the 18th century? Can you please elaborate? Thank you.

    1. Please go into the legal or lawful reasons for the justification of that influence as well? Or is it just that the rothschilds have always owned the debt that our government owed and perhaps there's some legal obligations our government has always had to the holders of the debt? I'm just throwing darts here, but please elaborate.


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