Thursday, May 28, 2020

Urgent Warning!!! Get This to President Trump!

By Anna Von Reitz

Urgent Warning!!! Get This to President Trump!

All ancient prophecies come down to this. 

There will be "a moment" in time when it appears that we must give up our souls and our freedom in exchange for a solution to our problems.

In this moment, we will be offered an "easy way out" of what otherwise appears to be an impossible situation. 

In that moment, we must trust our own creative abilities and inner resources.

We must say, "No thanks--- but why don't you get off our planet, once and for all?" 

Because at that moment, the Sons of Saturn will be overcome and forced to leave.  Finally. 

So prepare yourselves for the Test.  Resolve to be calm and centered and know the answer to your very soul.

Only the meek, the strong, and certain will remain.


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  1. Replies
    1. Updated predictions #2 Reflecting changing energies in America, similar to China Trend:

      May 28, 2020 (+/- 1-2 days)
      to May 29, 2020: Ten of swords, Ego, Conspiracy, Sneaky corp. Gov’t in Forceful authorities, Physical Injuries, ...

      May 30, 2020 (+/- 1-2 days)
      to June 1, 2020: Forceful corp. authorities show force, Physical Injuries... Mid-High neg.Energy exchange.

      June 2-3, 2020: +/- 1-2 days: In pains, sorrow, despair, Political/ Gov’t chaos, extreme relationship breakdown. Mid-high neg. Energy exchange.

      June 4, 2020: (+/- 1-2 days) #2 Conspiracies, assassination style, Coup d’Etat. Political chaos, extreme relationship breakdown. Mid-high negative Energy exchange.

      June 5, 2020 (+/- 1-2 days)
      to June 12, 2020: Forceful narcissist authorities in force, Physical Injuries.. Negative conj. Higher energy exchange. Unity and extreme relationship breakdown, Political still in chaos.

      June 13, 2020 (+/- 1-2 days)
      to June 17, 2020: Ending of freedom, for the vermin freedom as well to railroad people to no-end. Tower moment.

      June 17, 2020 (+/- 1-2 days)
      to June 28, 2020: Forceful authorities in force, Physical Injuries... SUPER-HIGH neg. Energy exchange. Extreme relationship breakdown, See Gov’t conspiracy Vs. people below IMPORTANT.

      June 20 to Sept 9- 2020: Corp. Gov’t Conspiracies against People (by foreign –Bar politicians). Lawless in-jail toxic vaccine possible. 30,000 guillotines bought, hidden in FEMA or Govt military compounds, run by UK++, Popes & thievery Bankers. Avoid all you can.

      June 29 2020 (+/- 1-2 days)
      to July 2, 2020: Ending of freedom, for the vermin as well to railroad people. Tower moment. Political chaos. Unity, United-we-stand seen. Extreme relationship breakdown.

      Jly 3rd 2020 (+/- 1-2 days)
      to July 10, 2020: Forceful authorities in force, Physical Injury... Negative conj. High energy exchange. More United relationship & extreme relationship breakdown.

      July 12, 2020 (+/- 1-2 days)
      to July 13, 2020: #2 Conspiracies, assassination style, mil. coup d’Etat. Still in chaos. Extreme neg. relationship.

      July 14, 2020 (+/- 1-2 days)
      to July 24, 2020: Forceful authorities in force, Physical Injuries... Decreasing neg. Energy exchange. ** Read the IMPORTANT mid-block. **

      July 28, 2020 (+/- 1-2 days): Ten of swords, Ego, Conspiracy, Sneaky Gov’t shows Forceful lawless authorities, Physical Injuries, mild neg. energy exchange. Both sides: In pains, sorrow and despair.

      June 21st, 2020: Solar Eclipse: Marks the major effects on American homes, security and insecurity. Making us think why or if our Gov’t is worthy to respect. They are in multi-party business, not for us as they pretended to serve, per 19-enumerated contract that we hired them to follow. They act as if they are our bosses. Remember: we are their bosses.

  2. Are you referring to the vaccination?

  3. Many confuse "force" with "strength". It is upon each of us to know the difference.

  4. The gypsies, the imposters

    Hmm could this be why there is a CAMP DAVID in the USA?
    More false bullshit like the FALSE STAR OF DAVID FLYING OVER THE MIDDLE EAST and the millions of slain Palestinians

  5. Stand strong. Declare loudly, "I am sovereign, I am free! Only I can govern me. I govern me in harmony with the Divine Source. I am Soveriegn and NO being has ANY right to take my energy from me! I DO NOT CONSENT!!!!
    Say yhis before you go to sleep. When you wake. and during the day. Feel it. Be it. We are here to take back the Earth from the evil doers on ALL levels.

  6. Have a view
    Kobe was going to court against drug company for putting opioids in supplements?

    I would caution anyone and everyone to not buy any drugs or vitamins

    How about the one they hawk on tell lie vision Nugenixs? Just the sound of the word should throw up red flags

  7. Gotta say ive not seen any ancient prophecies with the " Sons of Saturn" in them. Care to explain Anna?

    1. the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to try and convince people he doesn't exist.

      so, you have to invent a "sons of saturn" as a scapegoat to excuse demonic "2nd coming".

      its really utterly, utterly predictable.

      and just as idiotic as "satanists all wear black robes" and "left handed people are of the devil"

      anna is fine for "american" things.

      for any "religion" stay far, far, far away.

  8. does the government ever listen to the assembly???

  9. Here get this to the president of the syndicate

    He is the chief liar of the organized crime synidicate


  10. The name is actually pretty creepy. Saturn/Cronus was said to have eaten his sons as newborns, having feared they would grow up to overthrow him.