Thursday, May 7, 2020


Found Here:

Scenes clipped from a Movie series titled " The Dead Zone - Plaque"
Season 2 Episode 14, which was released in July 2003.

The episode portrays about a Corona Virus.

Share this EVERYWHERE! . They always tell us about what is coming in movies.
This is amazing!  PLAN-DEMIC!  17 YEARS AGO...... You will shake your head!
You will really flip when you hear them talk about the cure! (used for Malaria)


  1. The Dead Zone is a movie based on a book by Stephen King. He does a lot of research to make his books realistic.
    The Stand is another very good book and relevant, about a Plague, and Good vs. evil.
    i have wondered at times about how 'Tuned in' to perhaps the Spiritual world Stephen King is. To many coincidences.i wonder if he is even aware of some of the things he has written of.
    If anyone has read The Dark Tower series, it is flat amazing how so much of it is relevant to this world and what is going on.


      Back in the 70s, I just had this idea based on a chemical spil in Utah. And I went to a Doctor that I knew and I said, "Could you give me a scenario for a pandemic that wipes 99% of the earths population?" And his eyes lit up. I mean, they love that sort of apocolyptic "what if" scenario. And he said, "Well, the flu would be the best thing. It's a virus, it's not dead, It's not alive. Nobody really knows what it is. But the thing about the flu is that it is the gift that keeps on giving because, every year, it comes back, but it comes back in a different form so that you need a different shot for it."

  2. The JEW W.H.O announces their further plans, see below. Who's protecting the people? Where's Trump as this escalates? Will those who are susceptible be vaccinated by force, including elderly who are being medically kidnapped right now.

    Ever wonder who they are, behind the masks, in the hazmat suits, forcing our elderly to be test-subjects, as fake-tested-positive Corona-Con "victims" are taken out of their Nursing Homes into large buildings in hundreds for this JEW CON? REMOVED FROM THEIR CARE FACILITIES subjected to this evil, this fear, this KIDNAPPING & placed wherever the gov thugs decide they will be placed. KIDNAPPING OUR ELDERLY helpless in the claws of this JEW AGENDA.

    This is the jews dream come true. Poof! No 911 even needed, just msm & White House propaganda. Already, medical staff is 'recommended' aka nearly forced to vaccinate in most areas & they will be most highly infected carrying the poisons. When the CDC ‘recommends’ 80-85% comply!!

    NOTHING IS STOPPING THE JEW who are laughing all the way to the bank with our stolen wealth.
    The W.H.O. wants to check for Covid IN OUR HOMES. Snitches will be PAID.

    What about this IS NOT BOLSHEVIK? The reason the term Nazi is used to keep us from realizing it was/is the Bolsheviks, the jews, the AshkeNazi.

    Stop the Crime channel feature:
    WHO Official It's Time To Remove People From Their Homes & COVID Task Force Admits Inflated Numbers

    IT IS HAPPENING, right now. Where is Trump? Still thinking we're hoarding toilet paper? Or has he Come to Jesus on what his bastard JEWS are doing to us in rapid time?

  3. Dr. Erickson is strong enough to stand on his own, thankfully. His clinics are his & partner's, so he's not reliant upon Big Med Compliance so much. He can speak more readily.
    In his original video, that made him so popular, at the end he brought up what else is going on: the need for control.

    So good to see he's still voicing his truth. Thanks for keeping his voice present by posting his videos.

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