Thursday, May 14, 2020

Ammon Bundy on Children's Emergency Quarantine Centers

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  1. EXCELLENT hearing from Ammon Bundy. Yeah, the >> Contact Tracers << are being implemented. >>> SEE THIS VIDEO Folks, its short & necessary <<<

    I can't believe how FAST WE'RE BEING BOLSHEVIK'ED, right now. WHERE IS TRUMP on all this Contact Tracing?

    We heard about this from Amazing Polly recently. EYES OPEN.
    Am telling y'all right now, look for >>> PALLIATIVE CARE TEAMS <<< who are to convince you or your loved one in care, in hospital, etc to SIGN UP FOR MURDER due to fake cost of care expenses!! That's happening too.

    JEWS DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR OUR CARE, OUR PARENTS, GRAND PARENTS, AUTISITIC CHILDREN when they can just get our signature for them to MURDER US & then the jews can walk away with our estate trusts assets & a body to sell. Bones bring the most shekels, even from a pile of dead bodies, ok.

    WHILE WE ARE INSIDE our homes, we must ask, what are they doing outside? Did they install 5G in our childrens schools? What else have they done during our absence?
    This is why they don’t want us milling about freely. This is how they do it.

    Those who participate in the kidnapping of our children WILL HAVE A PRICE TO PAY. If we know of anyone signing up, tell them what they are doing is WRONG, unlawful & the consequences will be theirs!! Their bosses will probably get away with it, fly over to Israhell to escape.

    Many will be from other areas. Look for immigrants, jews, out of state, out of town. ASK THEM WHERE THEY'RE FROM? A good question to ask is something peculiar about your town, a famous eatery, or history, how to spell a certain name, or something that catches them lying.

    I did that to a caller trying to get me caught up in a test to see if I'm racist against Negros. She said she was coming for a corporate job, moving here. I told her there are NO CORPORATE JOBS HERE, who are you working for? Then I asked her how to pronounce the name of a street that's spelled weirdly, since she said she was from here & moved away.
    The street name is famous & anyone from here would damn well know. SHE FAILED. She was a paid agent.

    Ask them if they are from your city, or county, or state. What neighborhood are you from?

    We had a jew-looking-thing coming around trying to convince us that illegal immigrants need to come here, using children as the pry-bar to lurch our hearts. WE TOLD HER NO. We stood there on the sidewalk. I said are you a jew? Where are you from? she didn't answer directly, said she moved here. I asked to see her ID around her neck, she decided she needed to move on.

    They use jews, lesbos, sodomites, Asians, maybe some Negros but that's rare. Maybe Latinos in certain areas, but Latinos will find out where they are & go after them, so its less likely they'll use Latinos & Negros.

    JUST BLOW THEIR MINDS if they look jew, ask them. If they look Asian, ask them if they are an immigrant. ASK THEM. JUST ASK THEM. They are shocked.
    Say: Who are you to come here & ask me questions like that? Ask their boss' name & where they are. First get a photo of their ID & OF THEM. Video it if you can.
    PUT YOUR BOOTS ON FOLKS. This baalsh*t is real.


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