Sunday, March 8, 2020

Repeat— We Have The UBS Receipt Book

By Anna Von Reitz

For those who don’t know just how big this news is——

We now know that JP Morgan is a storefront for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and we can prove it.  We now know that the Grand Duchy has been Spook Central for the entire effort to re-fund the Central Bank system using other people’s assets, and we know where the “monetary assets” came from and where they went.  

We know the Grand Duchy, the Vatican, and Israel colluded to create the BEAST system, by which they intended to enslave the entire world and impose a Bar Code to tax every living thing as well as track every scrap of land, water, and other commodity. 

We can track the Face of Evil for generations using the UBS Receipt Book, and now everyone around the world can do the same. 

Just start at page one.....

The early entries explain how the Brits and Popes colluded to start the American Civil War. Abraham Lincoln joined the Illinois Bar Association in 1834.  He was, as a result, prohibited from holding public office in America and could only serve as CEO of incorporated “Federal” Subcontractors. The nature of his mission as an Agent of the British Crown (Westminster) is clearly detailed, including what he and his heirs were supposed to receive for their treachery— most of Oklahoma and Kentucky.

And that is just For Starters. 

The activities and kickbacks to generations of “US” Presidents are faithfully recorded along with the commodity rigging schemes of Big Business investors. It’s an entire history of the world from the 1860’s when the fraud began through most of the Second World War— which was yet another British plot. 

We now have corroborating proof that the bulk of the gold in the Philippines is American gold transported there between 1898 and 1907 — and the gold assays support our claims of provenance. 

Read that— it was never “Yamashita’s Gold” and it never came from Japan, China, or the Philippines, all fanciful claims otherwise not withstanding.  

It does not belong to the Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Indonesians, American Servicemen, or any of the other servants of the Interlopers, including the Scottish Commercial Corps that are responsible for this entire Mess.

The temporary war-time ownership of it by Imperial Japan counts for naught.  

Possession by pirates — at war or at peace — does not change ownership.  

The Second World War like the First World War and the Civil War were all mercenary conflicts by definition because they were declared by corporate CEOs and board members. 

This makes Japan a pirate in war-time and has no effect on what this country is owed back, quite aside from the fact that the US ARMY won. 


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  2. My Dear Anna, I hope you have made a dozen copies and placed them in places no one could find. Better send copies to your most trusted friends at the assemblies. If this is valuable you never know who wants it.

  3. Where can we see these documents? We need evidence and facts.

    1. I agree. I can't share these articles without proof of what Anna is claiming.

  4. Where can we see thses documents? We need to have hard eveidence, please.

  5. Theft is usually well justified. Where is there a border that is not a fiction created by several fictional owners of lands. Lands are pirated and then become countries. Gold comes from where - indian land, because the indians placed little value on it. Then someone that never dug a hole in their life sends this stolen gold to another fictional land. All pirated from the beginning. Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico - all by force and intimidation - stolen. Pirated.


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