Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Corporate Crime -- Third Tier

By Anna Von Reitz

We blew off the top of the candle back in 1998 when we discovered and disclosed that our actual national governments have been usurped upon by incorporated subcontractors -- "governmental services corporations" -- in the business of providing governmental services and doing business in the name of actual countries and lawful national governments. 

The United States of America is the actual unincorporated holding company created to hold and exercise the International Powers of Government for America; "the" United States of America is a British Territorial Commercial Corporation franchise doing business "in our Name" and usurping upon the People and the actual States---- and exercising our Delegated Powers against us.   

In the same way, The United States is the actual unincorporated Union of soil jurisdiction states, while "the" United States is a Municipal (City State) Subcontractor doing business in our names, usurping upon us, and exercising our Delegated Powers against us. 

That is a big enough shock.  

Then we blew things up again in 2008 and brought forward the mechanisms of the fraud and the interlocking trust directorate in back of it all, exposed the Babylonian Slave System that has been secretively imposed by all these "governmental services corporations", and the ancient and venal religious practices and beliefs that are the ultimate source of this horrific and corrupting system. 

A bit earlier today we carried the ball forward and showed you how very, very profitable war has been for these same "governmental services corporations" regardless of the cost of war in terms of blood, suffering, privation, waste, and misery for everyone else. 

With profits like that on the table, it's easy to see why these "governmental services corporations" are war-mongering maniacs.  And why not?   It's all gravy for them.  It's our lives, our sons and daughters, our natural resources, our homes and businesses that are at risk.  

We also briefly discussed how the Pope is supposed to be liquidating all these insane corporations that are criminally trespassing against us and promoting all these wars and destruction---- but isn't, presumably because the kickbacks in terms of money and political power are too juicy. 

The picture that emerges is of the Church merrily fornicating with the Kings of the world and participating in the misery and enslavement of this planet, and of faceless, nameless, immoral "governmental services corporations" making up the top two tiers of a reeking and corrupt pyramid scheme designed to defraud and deprive us of our most basic prerogatives in life, including life itself. 

And now we come briefly to the Third Tier of corruption underlying and underpinning the government services corporations and the "Secular" Church--- the major corporations that go to "confession" in courts around the world and pay huge fines for their crimes, but keep right on committing the same crimes, because the penance is so petty compared to the rewards. 

"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.....and though we both know I mean to continue right on sinning and doing the same thing next week, too.....cut to the chase--- how much are you going to take off the top to "forgive" me?"  

Please notice that the bulk of the crimes are crimes against our mutually shared environment, and crimes of monopoly and market manipulation lumped together under the subheading of "Anti-Trust Crimes".  

Our thanks to The Corporate Crime Reporter, and we say, yes, it is more than past time for the Department of Justice to start living up to its name and compiling these crime statistics and for us to put them under the noses of Judges and Legislatures from sea to shining sea:  


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