Monday, January 6, 2020

Ridiculous Excuses

By Anna Von Reitz

Begin with the little-known and vastly under-appreciated fact that America has a hundred times more natural crude oil than Saudi Arabia.

Do we need to fight with Saudi Arabia over oil or anything else?

The people who need to meddle in the Middle East are the Europeans who actually are dependent on oil and gas from the Middle East and Asia Minor---and of course, Israel, which keeps banging on our door to assure their continued existence.

So it comes as no surprise that, once again, Great Britain and various other Players, are attempting to use American Muscle to get what they need and to Hell with what we need.

Mr. Trump is being tempted with a fat Mercenary Contract and pressured by the rats withholding money that is actually owed to us from his Administration.

This is why he needs to enter the actual Power Holder Office and work directly for us instead of acting as a lackey under "Powers Delegated" through the Pope and the Queen.

He is supposed to be acting as our President of The United States of America and directing the operations in our behalf.

Instead, he is acting as President of "the" United States of America and subjecting himself to the Queen, and as President of "the" United States and subjecting himself to the Pope.

If he would just get his own political status declaration on the public record, he could enter the correct office and access all the money and credit that both the Queen and the Pope already owe to us.
And not be coerced and manipulated by Europe and Israel anymore. He could simply do what he considers to be best for us, and for the world, and take care of everyone's actual needs without scrabbling and warring over oil transport costs.

And wouldn't that be refreshing?


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  1. "Mr. Trump is being tempted with a fat Mercenary Contract and pressured by the rats withholding money that is actually owed to us from his Administration."

    How are these two actions connected ? Taking the Contracts and Paying American State Nationals Money? Please expound.

    How are you so sure Trump has received any or all of the correspondence you send his him? Bearing in mind he has been surrounded with gate keepers.

    Also, please explain, if he accepted the Power Holder Position of "The United States of America" what impact does that have on the Congress and Judiciary?

  2. "The world has become one giant Mafia network controlled by our government" - John Cruz, Senior Vice President, HSBC

    John Cruz must self publish his books because no publisher will allow him to advertise or publish his books. When he attempted to advertise his books on state billboards, he was told that the democrats in that state would not allow him to advertise his books on any billboard in their state. How do you like that for suppression of vital information?

    World Banking, World Fraud Voices

    "A Whistle blower like no other. These actual voice recordings reveal incriminating conversations from bank executives, security specialists, IRS agents, Homeland Security employees, attorneys and others. It's difficult to deny the Truth of complicity and cover-up when the conversations were recorded . . . Volume I Actual uncut voice recordings."

    1. World Banking, World Fraud

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Pinkham, Per this former bank president, these banks steal social security numbers and create fake bank accounts to launder money...these banks need to be shut down but it will never happen. And the IRS and Federal Reserve are complicit!

      Dave Hodges Common Sense Show

      “Cruz charges that the 1,000 pages of customer account records suggest HSBC relied on identity theft to capture legitimate Social Security numbers that were then used to create the bogus retail and commercial bank accounts through which employees systematically deposited and withdrew hundreds of millions of dollars on a daily basis, apparently without the knowledge of the identity theft victims.”

      "When an individual finds out they got a loan they never knew about, 5 percent of that loan went to the accounting firm that made up the phony tax returns, and the other 95 percent of that loan went to the manager," he said.

    4. I listened to Ron Paul yesterday state the Gen. Someliani was on a peace mission when assassinated. If this article is true, it is very disturbing.

  3. He has no intentions of helping any of us except sending us in to FEME Mega Region SMART Cities where they will eugenics all of us off this planet so they can have it all for themselves

    He is part of the world wide fraud, groomed for the role he is playing

    1. Hey Shelby - Yeah so what is with Trumps approval of 5G? Wonder how that's going for our people & all life? Am sure his JEWS told him all that HIS 5G is now tweaked w Nikola Tesla styled 'good vibes' for the stupid goy.
      Yeah, & JEW Talpiot & Unit 8200 have already tied-in their Robo-Fabulo-DNA-Identifiers into their JEW FEMA Concentration Camps, wired up w all the 5G imaginable so the stupid goy can get the best connections possible while being 'rehabilitated', with personal thumbprint identifiers right there on the guillotines.

      QUTE THE UPGRADE FROM THEIR AshkeNAZI-JEW-RUN CONCENTRATION SLAVE CAMPS IN GERMANY. Am sure the JEWS will blame Americans for refusing to be their slaves & charge our survivors REPARATIONS for their having to take the trouble to GENOCIDE US out of their busy Talmudic schedule.

      How in hell is it that still to this very day as obvious as it is, rubbed in our faces, stuffed down our throats that some still cannot see its the JEWS... not QE, nor the pope ITS THE JEWS.

      And why would QE & the Pope not continue to head JEW ADIVICE when their profits have been so fantastic, hardly a hiccup, with all those Wars-for-profit perks & bonuses & a good slice of our White Christian American & European populations taken out, whats not to love about the JEW?

    2. The Kalergi plan in action
      They are all related to one another in some form or fashion
      Hell hollywood sleeps with each other to keep it in the jew bloodline
      They surrogate out to one another to keep it in the bloodline
      See Greg Bradford of you tube for information on how they hide their kids to come up behind them in the same fashion
      Olivia Newton John a jew married the jew John Travolta and had kids no one knows about
      Surrogated out to others their bloodline to have kids we don't know about
      And one of the main players Greg talks about on his channel is Diller of which is on the Illuminati list of billionaire donors like Diane von Furstenberg or whatever the hell her name is

      Their one world agenda

      Wonder why all the hollywood and sports jews throw up their illuminati signals well wonder no more

    3. Carl Marx was a jew

    4. And once you read all of miles' papers you have to ask yourself about the spook Robert David Steel, former CIA
      He's a plant

    5. They are all related back centuries

  4. It's a good thing that we are primarily spiritual and not mortal people and can never really be killed. And a fun anecdote about eternity is that a very devout Christian friend of mine whose father was a preacher said that as a child his dad's long and intolerably boring Sunday services is what he thought heaven would be, and he decided that was not where he wanted to spend his eternity! He was a rebel most of his life but changed his point of view about Christianity after life seriously hammered him around for a while and the universe spat out some positive help when he was most desperate and prayed.

  5. TRUMP IS UP TO HIS GILLS IN JEWS & its JEWS who want war. He is swimming in JEW-SEWER, surrounded by them 24/7... & Chabad at that! Europe can get what it wants from Russia & America.
    It is not Europeans >>>> its the VERMIN JEWS <<<<< right up to City of London JEW-rat-nest & down to JEW Club of Rome w their Jewsuit lap cats & up the Alpine peaks to Swiss Octogon JEWS calling the play board. Its the Swiss JEWS running their Game Models.
    If Trump wasn't so infested w jews jews jews he might have a chance, but he drank the JEW POISON long ago … Oh! & how pleased is Bibi Nut-n-yahoo w Jared Kushners father-in-law who JUST GRANTED THE JEWS ALL THE ANTI-SEMITISM PROFITS for their Pity-the-jew false flags, to say nothing of that little Free Speech thing. Now Trump gives the JEWS Iran.

    Well if we do have MEN in our Military I hope to hell they tell Trump to stick it up his kosher bagel.

    Trump is UNFIT to OUR president of The USA, he is infested w JEWS. Trump isn't interested in our nation right now, he's interested in RE-ELECTION & catering to the JEWS & ISRAHELL seems to gratify his need for JEW APPROVAL to secure his next term. He just gave them an Iranian hit, exactly what the JEWS WANT & NEED. WAR. And Americans to shed their blood for the JEW.

    It's highly unlikely Trumps JEWS will advise him on 'recording his papers', as that is the very thing JEWS displayed in Congress against WHITE NATIONALISM to make it a CRIME - No difference in their perspective from a National. Who in their right mind thinks JEWS WANT US TO BE IN CONTROL OF OUR OWN GOVERNMENT?

    And will say this: UNLESS TRUMP DUMPS HIS JEWS HE IS UNFIT TO BE IN THE POWER HOLDER PERCH. All of this is JEW, not Q Eliz, not Jewsuit fake pope Bergoglio, they're puppets of the JEWS. Nothing is done by them w/o JEW APPROVAL, PROFIT & CONTROL.

    1. I think you're right Wink wink. Every Puppet met the QUEEN drank Dracula blood. The Royal "Dragons" family. below is their Raughtschild except.

      Sometimes other Ancient Families become Implementers and if Implementers use force and coercion, then they are termed as “Dragons”. For example, Queen Elizabeth II is and Implementer and not part of The Royals, so this should not be a matter of confusion. Sometimes they are given to groups or parties to form governments and therefore use their Central Banks to manage some aspects of the interface between The Royals and the Implementers. In recent history, The Committee of 300 was used for this interface,

    2. Pinkham - thanks for the Implementers. Lots more exposure to (((their))) true nature & origins is coming up. We're looking into corrected historical timelines, dates, events. Ties into their false royal lineages. Our history is a lie, the whole of it. True timeline is much shorter.

      As What If:
      -Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 1638 not 79 A.D.
      -Antiquity is really the Middle Ages 1300-1600, immediately before 1700-1800, not 5th-15th century.
      -Troy, Trojan War were Middle Ages
      -Trojan War & Crusades were the same historical event.
      -There was no Dark Ages.
      -Roots of Freemasonry 1717-1736 (may differ from Masonry)
      Martin Luther The Captivity of Babylon 1705 (not 1520)
      -Society of Jesus 1725-1773 (not 1520) dismantled by Pope Clement XIV in 1773 (is 'Jesuit' a different franchise)
      -1768 (not 1583) jew Protestant J.J.Scaliger publishes false 'official' chronology map, adding 1000+ yrs to history timeline & changed to Gregorian calendar.
      -Columbus’ voyage in 1677(not 1492)
      -Christ's life 1152-1185

      How would such dates alter contracts, treaties, etc? The falsification of our history was/is done by (((Implementers))).

    3. Wink Wink check this out link between Folgers and Starbucks

      Came from one of the many papers this guy writes

      And our illegal communist state representatives are all working the game

      They created that monster Israel to keep the people afixed to the bible prophecy and to support this hideous group of thieves

    4. CIA created in aftermath of WWII and the entire set up was planned

      The bush clan are all Jewish

    5. The Charlottesville planned event

      Telling you they are all in on it

    6. Shelby - thanks & will do. Yep on Charlottesville jew false flag. The so-called White supremacist killer is JEW Fields, who tried to get the jew-instanity plea cuz his jew grandad killed his jew grandma then killed himself thus making Fields mental. This more often works for jews, as they really are insane. Its also their jew attorney's who posit conditions of trial to track the case accordingly.
      Funnier is the jew Heather Heyer who died of obesity & only a possible image of her alive, squatting on the curb, is said died of fatty-disease. Her 'mom'actor Susan Bro, held rent-a-crowd 'memorial' blaming Whites & Trump. Bro did Sandy Crook too! Gee, those jews sure get around. Amazing how people die, injuried in great numbers by their mere presence. STAY WAY FROM JEWS is the moral to that baalsh*t.

      ~~ Man Who Ran Over Charlottesville Protester Blames Jewish Grandfather, Asks for Mercy in Sentencing In Friday's memo, Fields' attorneys highlighted his difficult upbringing and history of mental illness, but many of the details were redacted from public viewing. He was raised by a paraplegic single mother and suffered "trauma" by growing up knowing that his Jewish grandfather had murdered his grandmother before committing suicide, his lawyers said.

      ~~Heather Heyer mom: Mona Alexis Pressley: In Solidarity with Alex Jones – Charlottesville Crisis Actor made her Debut in Sandy Hook Susan Bro: Viki Soto’s mom; Heather Heyer’s mom

    7. And Good Folks: Chabad jewess Ivanka 'Yael' had to chime in BLAMING WHITES. Well that little plastic jew princess needs to APOLOGIZE to all Whites, especially White Nationals/Nationalists (same thing in her pea-brain) & force jews to take responsibility for their own crimes. Blame the JEWS for this false flag, confess Fields is jew, Heyer was a fatty, her mom an actor.

      That's correct folks pin-head bottle blonde jew Yael, wife of 'Kush', had to satisfy her jews by blaming Whites, publicly broadcasted. WHAT A GOOD LITTLE JEWESS Yael, wife of 'Kush', daughter of CEO of USA Inc, can be - promptly on command - for their False Flag anniversary to DESTROY OUR NATION & specifically blame Whites for JEW CRIMES.

      And by the way Good Folks, so-called White supremacists Crusius of El Paso, Betts of Dayton, Hogg & Cruz of Parkland/Broward are JEWS, not White. Betts' family is tied to Les Wexner, Epstein & a lot more. Betts previous 'death' in 2014 & sister Meghan included (gotta get credit to get the shekels).
      Shall we say >>> COHEN'CENDENCE <<<

      ~~Ivanka Trump tweets about white supremacy after mass shootings Presidential daughter Ivanka Trump tweeted her support for the eradication of white supremacy Sunday, calling it a “form of terrorism” after two mass shootings in under 14 hours. “As our nation mourns the senseless loss of life in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, and prays for the victims and their loved ones, we must also raise our voices in rejection of these heinous and cowardly acts of hate, terror and violence,” she said on Twitter. “White supremacy, like all other forms of terrorism, is an evil that must be destroyed.”

      Ivanka Trump ✔ @IvankaTrump 1:2 There should be no place in society for racism, white supremacy and neo-nazis.
      The statement from the first daughter, who also serves as a top presidential adviser, follows a barrage of criticism aimed at President Trump, who on Saturday said "many sides" were to blame for the violence in Charlottesville.

      "Very important for the nation to hear [President Trump] describe events in Charlottesville for what they are, a terror attack by white supremacists," Rubio said on Twitter.
      White nationalist, white supremacist and alt-right groups were initially scheduled to gather in Charlottesville's Emancipation Park Saturday to protest the city's decision to remove a Confederate statue.
      Violent crashes broke out between the white nationalist marchers and anti-fascism protestors, which led to police declaring the gathering an unlawful assembly and breaking the event up before it officially began.
      Soon after, one person was killed and 19 were injured after a man plowed his car into a group of anti-fascism protestors.
      WHAT BAALSH*T JEWS SPEW, eh. Thanks again Shelby, will check the links! Appreciate the thought.

    8. In his papers he ties all the events to the jews and the family members involved
      And they did not die either they relocate them
      And the court preceedings all staged

      They have been doing it for decades, centuries

      Doctors, cops, lawyers, judges, city, counties all involved in pretty much all the events all the way back to the Salem Witch Trials and Lizzy Borden

      Wait until you find out who she really was and all the town folk that were involved in that false flag - everyone involved can be traced back in their geneology
      And her father well seems he was wealthy jew and this so brutal murder of him happened prior to crash of stock marker

      Lincoln a lie, yet another gay jew, booth a relation and military intelligence

      Kennedy a lie, ruby an agent, dallas police in on it
      Seems Dallas Texas is named after a jew

      Read his papers check their geneology as he provides all kinds of links to his sources

      This isn't the first round of the anti semitism bullshit either

      This one paper reveals a lot like why we hearing about all this numerology and stuff

      Other intersting thing to note is that this last eclipse just happens to have crossed the continental united states and all the cities it crossed were named Salem, 7 of them

  6. i cant comprehend how people still believe trump is vicarious saviour!Blindly trust the plan! 5g,red flag laws,id2020,heoengineering! sounds like the plan is death and destruction.

  7. In this paper linked below you will find the name Maurice Greenberg

    Maurice Greenberg is the author of the UN agenda claiming overpopulation and humans are the cause for global warming climate change and the creation of human settlement zones for non jews just like they doing in Palestine

    The greenbergs play many roles in the false flags we see being staged all over the continent to bring about disarmament

    1. The fraud of AIG and Maurice Greenberg and families - all linked to 9 1 1

  8. MICHAEL BLOOMBERG on the Illumnati One World Agenda of pledging billionaires

    Green global serfdom and universal basic income and deadly vaccinations and healthcare for all is what they are contributing too

    And this piece of $hit is running in 2020?? Touting great healthcare and good jobs for all while he is behind the scenes pledging his billions for the one world agenda??

  9. Their congress or actually operating board is under our Continental Congress that needs to meet up. Once President accepts then he or she can work to keep their congress under the law or else like no more monarchs once again and the people once again gaining ground against the obvious plan to quench any such ideas entirely from the face of he planet. I seems a good idea to me since in the so called civilized world here it was set up to break free from the dumb feudal plan, de-fang the slave masters and live in peace. Same as the tribal way of many, believe and do what you like as long as you do not harm others or harm things in general. No need for anyone with a whip telling you since you oughta know your self don't ya?


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