Friday, November 15, 2019

For Richard and Company

By Anna Von Reitz

I have the public records to back what I am saying, and all you and the "Rotary" buddies have is your incompetence as enumerated yesterday.
I do not appreciate your habit of putting words in my mouth and trying to misconstrue facts. I especially don't like or respect your attempts to misrepresent me as "an agent of the Vatican" ---- an organization that I have never worked for in my life.
What do the documents say I was doing? Working as a "Private Attorney". For whom or for what? Pope Benedict XVI.
Is that the "Vatican" or is that a mortal man in his Office as Pope?
He was trying to do the right thing and make correction to put an end to the criminality. That's what he asked me to help with, and that is what I did for a period of seven years straight ---- I gave "Notice" of that criminality to Government Officials, just like I gave Notice to you, too, Richard Schaum.
What did I bring to your attention? That trillions of dollars owed to Americans as the "American National Credit", the flip-side of the "US National Debt", was missing ---and that millions of Americans were not getting the benefit of credit they have already earned and is owed to them.
My bad? Or yours?
You were the Big Shot Government Accounting Expert. It was your job that you were being paid for, to keep track of the books and make sure they were square. How come a little old lady from Big Lake, Alaska, had to come tell you there was a multi-trillion dollar discrepancy?
You keep on saying that The Articles of Confederation were "replaced" by the ratification of the Constitutions. There isn't a shred of evidence anywhere in any public or private records to suggest that that is true.
No action by The United States Congress to repeal or replace The Articles of Confederation ever took place. Therefore, The Articles of Confederation were not replaced, nor were they even altered by the adoption of the Constitutions.
The States of America went right on operating for another 79 years after the Constitutions were adopted.
So, once again, just more BS and "assumptions" by Richard Schaum and Company, trying to avoid the facts and spouting crap they learned in public schools where the truth was not on the menu.
It isn't my job to correct your education. My "job" such as it is, is to tell you the truth, which I have done repeatedly over the past twenty years of service to people who can't read.


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  1. Anna, The Articles are a fraud and therefore fraud vitiates all, no? Hint: A maxim of law specifies perpetuity in government is unlawful and therefore what does that mean for the Articles? "wink"

  2. Thanks Anna for being firm in stating the Articles of Confederation are still alive. That is correct. Go online and read the Introduction to the Volume 1 of the United States Code. It names the four Organic Laws including the Articles of Confederation as good, current U.S. law.

    The new Constitution of 1787 was actually created to attempt to replace, not amend, as alleged, the AoC. Though never repealed, the AoC has been treated since 1789 ratification of the Constitution as a vestige no longer important, so it has been ignored by the various Congress’s of the United States.

    But the people of the states of the original union under the Articles of Confederation, plus the people of the federal States of States which were added as the nation grew, and which States and people were ALL to be admitted to the nation on the same footing as the original organic (unincorporated) states, must realize OUR voice must speak unitedly again in OUR State Assemblies as American State Nationals.

    Then the Congress, the United States Judiciary, and the Executive arms of each of the pretended legitimate United States is compelled to hear our voices and yield its pretended authorities back to the people assembled in our proper forms and forums as the living birthright people.

    1. Joel, I don't disagree with what you are saying. But THEY are not going to comply and could care less what the rule book says which is self evident that they don't even follow their own rules. There needs to be a cell swap.


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