Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Be at Peace -- 9 October 2019

By Anna Von Reitz

Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid, for all these things must come.... 

Those words were spoken over 2000 years ago.  Hear them now. 

Many people are clamoring to understand what is going on.  They are alarmed by President Trump's activation of the Marine Reserves and United Nations Troops who are stationed here.  

President Trump faces an unprecedented, massive task, one that no peacetime President or other world leader has ever faced.  

There are over a hundred thousand sealed indictments ready to serve and many arrests to be made.  Ultimately, there may be as many as two million people in America alone, who have been involved in a criminal interlocking trust directorate scheme seeking to destroy all national governments and all world religions. 

The crimes involved run a vast gamut of offenses, from high crimes like treason and global racketeering and conspiratorial human trafficking and national level identity theft schemes, to pension fraud and interstate securities fraud and embezzlement.  

Virtually all these crimes have occurred in either international jurisdiction or in the global realm of commerce, so they are "federal" crimes, though there is an interface with incorporated STATE OF STATE franchise courts.  

All this has happened, in part, because the Federal Marshals Service was de-funded and "absorbed" into the United States Marshals Service, leaving half of the international boundary without police forces to defend it, and the other half -- the U.S. Marshals Service, under-trained, side-lined, and deliberately misdirected by those profiting themselves from all this mayhem. 

We are, obviously, doing our best to train and get competent Federal -- that is, Continental Marshals -- back in the field, ready to assist local Sheriffs and LEO's loyal to the Public Law, as well as the restored and redirected U.S. Marshals Service, and all the international peacekeeping forces that President Trump has called upon.  

President Trump has called upon Marine Reservists on our land jurisdiction, so there is no reason to be concerned about any ability of the British Queen to countermand or take control of their command structure.  The British Delegation of Power only affects those operating on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways, and our Marine Forces are loyal to our country.  

He has also called upon regular United Nations forces --- actual soldiery from other countries who are here for various training and cooperative exercises -- and that is also not a reason for concern.  

Back in 1976, the US Congress passed the International Organizations Immunity Act, and without our knowledge or permission, transferred trusteeship of our states and our state government offices to the United Nations.  This was done to allow the perpetrators like Jimmy Carter to avoid their responsibilities as Trustees and enabled them to do things like sell all the Birth Certificates issued against Americans to the IMF.  

As improper and illegal as all this fraud and chicanery was, the United Nations accepted the responsibility, and is now being called upon to act in our behalf to help clean this Mess up.  

The first action takes place in America, because we have suffered from all this criminality the longest, and the Perpetrators ---having secured a base of operations and the use of our "government" institutions after the Civil War--- used us as Crime Central--- the Hub from which most of the rest of the world was deluded and ensnared.  

As a result, the records of their wrong-doing and much of the paperwork associated with it, have been stored and executed here in America.  

They used us as their criminal HQ, and hoped that when the poo hit the fan, the rest of the world would blame "the Americans".  

That's why there has been such an effort within this country to indoctrinate Americans with the notion that they are all "US Citizens" --- and at the same time, an equal effort to indoctrinate the rest of the world to think of "US Citizens" as "Americans".  

They not only schemed to use us to accomplish their evils, and to make us pay with our lives and our natural resources to support their war-for-profit agendas, they also conspired to leave us holding the bag in other ways.  They intended that we would take the blame for all the atrocities and thievery that they have visited upon other nations "in our names". 

This is why you see crowds of Muslims chanting "Death to America!"  -- they mistake "America" for the "US", and that confusion has been deliberately inculcated by these criminals to frame us for their crimes.  

I look at all this with the horse-sense of a Great-Grandma.  

Yes, when you clean house, you are going to kick up a lot of dust.  About halfway through the process, things are apt to look worse and more confused than when you started.  

So long as you keep moving ahead step by step with the process, it all gets done, and everything gets sorted out, and at the end of the day, the place is clean and orderly--- and you can live in your house in comfort again.  

President Trump promised to drain the swamp -- that is, to clean house.  Like every other promise he made, he has kept his word.  I can think of no other American President of recent vintage who has done so.  We are going to have to move both a lot of dirt and a lot of dirty people aside to get the job done. 

So be patient, be at peace, do your part to restore America by declaring your political status as an American and joining your State Assembly--- and stay the course as Trump has done. Remember that this is not about politics, race, religion, sexual preferences, or anything else like that.  

It's about crime and treason and attempted world domination by international and global criminals. 

We have to endure the scouring process to get a clean house.  


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  1. Don’t think so Donald had done what his handlers want war ,opens borders,let the zionest attack us through legal,monetary,public air waves, Galveston flag one after another. Zero oversite crackdowms on state patriots.

  2. Changed false flag to Galveston flag boy the google zionest

  3. Just told a certain professor friend about the deep state and the professor said they did not believe the existence of it and so when I read: "President Trump promised to drain the swamp ... he has kept his word" it would be helpful to have an article that substantiate this. Does one exist? .........

    1. Here is Trump promise with his signature to drain the swap:

    2. Abby = the "do-nothing" talker.

      Documented Americans Assemble!

  4. Not exactly but here it is,
    Trump draining the swamp Art Canvas HD Print Home Wall:

    Trump cannot drain it, the dp-state plays games on America, to fire Trump for ppl to thank them.

  5. No explanation enough for the disbelievers in God’s power of binding, known as natural law of physics.

    Folks, I’ m giving you a clue / reference for you to reflect upon, for your self-awareness.
    From 1945 to 1950’s America was strong economically and militarily, was she not?

    After Vietnam/Indo war, many things went wrong with America, including the kidnap of Americans by Iran - Oil crisis in 1978 – 1980’s. Then Bush-Reagan came in, with nothing better but worse. THERE is where the negative energies settled in to affect America as a whole, GENETICALLY, until these days. All of these bad trends shows up a radar.

    I looked back to 1900’s and I see the problems as Anna cited about the Fed scams, even back to 1860’s and 1760 - 1790’s revolutionary wars. Scientifically many things wrong happened, and tied to this date 9/9/1776. No astrology books or persons can do such a long analysis, even back to BC years. This is only my hobby, to remind you there are intrinsic problems. IF you cannot solve the problem by 2023, 2024 the latest. You all will get stuck until year 2144.
    NAME Changing for 340 million people in 2-3 years will NOT solve American blood sucking problems. America needs a Jolt-fix, and she cannot have it when the leaders in WA D.C. are weak, wicked genetically.

    When You cannot see it, you CANNOT fix it. Many other countries fixed their problems by REVOLUTION - Jolt-Fix.

    You can NOT have a Revolution when people can NOT see the hidden problems your way. Perhaps through a Radar they can see, but they still will not believe it like Abby.

    1. I agree Bodhi, I would love to read it