Friday, April 19, 2019

There is More Than a Grain of Truth.... from Julian Rose, Via Daisy Luther and The Garden Rebels

By Anna Von Reitz

"From now on, unless we cut free of obeisance to the centralised, totalitarian regimes whose takeover of our planet is almost complete, we will have only ourselves to blame. For we are complicit in allowing ourselves to become slaves of the Corporate State and its cyborg enforcement army. That is, if we continue to remain hypnotized by their antics instead of taking our destinies into our own hands and blocking or refusing to comply with their death warrants. This 'refusal' is possible. But it will only have the desired effect when, and if, it is contemporaneous with the birthing of the Divine warrior who sleeps in us all. The warrior who sleeps-on, like the besotted Rip Van Winkle in the Catskill mountains."

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  1. Those of you who know me also know I come from a farming background, I still grow my own food, shoot and butcher my own meat and have preached about an organic lifestyle before it was called organic.
    Look up on any given day and see the chemtrails. Read the labels on food . Go online and diligently search for all the corporations who sell bottled water that contains flouride. Bring all the aluminum pots and pans to the scrap metal guy. Meditate, get good sleep , do you have a smart meter ? Dont use the bluetooth in your ear, limit cell phone use...dont drink alcohol, its poison.Do I have to tell anyone not to smoke ??? all these things I do and have done. Maybe thats why I am more aware, tuned it and on fire about waking people up.
    Does the cognative dissonance of others almost scare you ( how can they be that blind and ignorant( stupid now by choice because the truth has been offered) ?
    I truly believe we were never meant to be in big cities. They are repulsive to me . They seem unnatural and filthy. Small communities of farms and people with common sense and skill at being able to do things always was a more sense and I am comfortable and at peace there . Thats the place we can thrive in. No centralized anything especially control.... when they start dictating its time to take them shark chum.
    I may have shocking or some times brutal answers to problems and to me they are the natural way to solve the problem as in natures way . Admit it because you have all been trained to be afraid to speak, think and say what is obvious. I am so glad I have overcome that nonesense . Do I need to temper it a bit, maybe. Perhaps its easier for men because our purpose is to protect women , children, the old, the weak , infirmed and yes even the idiot. Ok, I have. A hard time protecting the idiot, I find it amusing to them do stupid things...I' m working on it.


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