Monday, April 15, 2019

Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan, Arch-Criminals

By Anna Von Reitz

As time has unwound and the deals have gone down, there is one figure among all the others, and seven banks, three securities companies, plus three banking "systems" that stand out as criminals.

Jamie Dimon is a stand-alone Hit Man who has sidelined and misappropriated and "blocked" credit and assets intended for global relief and bank and currency system reform--- and is now trying to "misappropriate" the American gold assets held in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Make no mistake, it was our gold used to buy the Philippine Islands in 1898 and it was our gold that was primarily stored there prior to the 1907 bankruptcy of the Scottish commercial corporation doing business as "The United States of America, Inc."

If JP Morgan thinks it is going to get away with misappropriating American assets owed to the States and People of this country and not go down in flames---- JP Morgan better sit back and think again.

We have all the records. We have the transactions. We have the patents. We have the trademarks. We have the times and the dates and names signed on the dotted lines, too. We have it all. We have all the rats in the whole world, caught red-handed, in their own words, by their own filthy paws, and by the short-hairs of their chinny-chin-chins.

So does anyone want to talk to me? No. They see me coming and they scatter like sheep in front of a tornado, but it won't do them any good.

You can't undo or disavow a hundred and fifty years of financial transactions and public records.

So, listen up and repeat after me: "It isn't going to isn't going to isn't going to isn't going to wash...."


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  1. They don't pass the smell test, do they Anna?!!

  2. Those Zionists scum did all sorts of fraud in the mortgage scam of 08 and Ratings fraud.The FED when ahead a gave Central Banks 16 trillion dollars when the TARP was 780 billion dollars.Bernanke should hang for that fraud.Reinstate Glass-Stegall and hand that horrible plate of fraud back on the Banksters.

  3. It is in the documents, international banking rules. The orders are in the rules already if any crashes the bank automatically is protected. Some of these people taking the blame are just workers and of course making up stuff for people to believe. Same with the medical plan Obama just complying with UN or WHO members requirements for the world medical program. The evidence is there just for that reason so we can find out. The crooks do everything they can but can only lie it seems, won't be honest so wind up sleeping in a bed of their own making.


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