Sunday, February 17, 2019

Do We Really Have to Reconstruct the Federal States of States?

By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, we do, if we want to put the Queen and Pope back in their boxes without a fight. Simple as that.  And meantime, we need to expose what skunks they've been to the entire rest of the world.  

But I think there's more to this question. 

Our States can do whatever they want or need to do.  They can conduct international trade and commerce all by themselves and we can "float our boats" in international and global jurisdiction just fine. 

Our battered old "Ship of State"  The United States of America--- the unincorporated version--- still sails the seas just fine.   

Our Forefathers did exactly this same thing from 1776 to 1781 when they created the original Confederated States of States.  We can, too.  We don't need any franchises from foreign governments to conduct our business. 

Never did.  Karen Hudes' "presumption" that our government is now or has ever been in "abeyance" is dead wrong.  

Our actual government was never vested in the commercial corporations that went haywire in the so-called Civil War.  When they ceased operations, our States continued on with hardly a ripple:   

"Oh, dang!  My favorite Laundry Service went out of business....." 

All the "extra offers" that the British Territorial Government and the Pope's Municipal Government lavish on us are bogus. 

They don't give us anything we need or want, and then they claim (falsely) that we owe them for the use of their "gift" franchises.   It's like a "free" magazine subscription that secretly obligates you to receive and pay for fifty unwanted subscriptions. 

Or all the churches incorporating their operations to avoid taxes they never owed in the first place, or all the American workers being deliberately misidentified as "volunteer warrant officers in the British Merchant Marines" --- the entire identity theft and "enfranchisement" scam is a fraud, a sleight of hand, a false offer, a Trojan Horse "gift". 

The sooner people wake up, recognize the fraud for what it is, and put an end to it, the better.  


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  1. There ,another answer to a question you had'nt yet thought of or had, no matter. The buisness of getting our status as American Nationals is our priority.

    Status correction help meeting, Sundays at 8pm est

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    Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
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  2. TY, Anna--Article of cognizant: having knowledge or being aware of.
    "statesmen must be cognizant of the political boundaries within which they work"
    synonyms: aware, conscious, apprised, abreast;
    "everyone should be fully cognizant of what is happening"

    Also: Stand For The People, 12:48 min's
    & 8:08 min's

    Peace. ra

  3. All we should need then is for ONE State to negotiate with an international contract agreement with an independent foreign country to force the issue. Let's say for example and independent treaty with Venezuela. If you want an immediate legal challenge for the cause and an elevation of visibility, that should do it.