Thursday, January 17, 2019

Trump’s AG nominee wants to confiscate guns

ACTION ALERT: Urge Your Senators to Oppose AG Nominee William Barr!

Gun Owners of America sent out this emergency alert Tuesday.

Tuesday’s confirmation hearing for Attorney General nominee William Barr was very disturbing.

Even the most liberal, anti-gun Justice on the Supreme Court -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg -- didn’t sit in the witness chair in the Senate Judiciary Committee and tell us she intended to shred the Second Amendment.
So, when Barr openly spat on the right to keep and bear arms on Tuesday -- and threatened to break down our doors in the middle of the night in order to confiscate our guns -- well, that’s a problem for us.
Listening to William Barr, there is no doubt that he will be an enemy of the Second Amendment. He even talks like an anti-gunner.
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  1. I totally agree; this Wm. Barr is no better than Sessions that we just finally got rid of. I wonder how this guy got here?
    Barr was involved in obtaining complete immunity for the shooter that killed Weaver's family at ruby ridge, as I understand it.

  2. Have a look it is no coincidence they have been planning to disarm and dismantle the military for a very long time
    All planned out years ago by the traitors they have been portraying to us on tell lie vision as our so called honorable leaders
    And the techno companies are all part of the deception and so is the public education system, WalMart and many others
    Read number 11 in this below link
    I can tell you from my own experience living in one of the FEMA Mega Region SMART areas and seeing with my own eyes the rolling out of all the surveillance, pay by the mile toll roads, stack and pack housing going up everywhere, that the designed in Israel SMART Cities and the IoT (Internet of Things) is in full implementation mode being carried out by private membership association organization such as NCTCOG and the DOT and the cities, counties and the state
    Have a look at the actor playing the role in New York who is no spewing out Universal Basic Income, Medicare Deathcare for all and a tax on drinking water
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  3. Trump turns them ALL before they get in his orbit omo &/or they r terminated one way or another when their usefulness to his agendas end💥