Monday, December 17, 2018

Committee of 300 v. 7,000,000,000 Victims

By Anna Von Reitz

I just received Notice from the Committee of 300 that Queen Elizabeth II will be stepping down as leader of this group of psychopaths in favor of "someone" younger -- yet to be announced.  

Join me in recognizing the fact that the "Committee of 300" and the interests that these "Thirteen Bloodline Families" represent are all  either: (a) criminal enterprises or (b) criminally connected enterprises, that need to be liquidated and the assets and profits returned to the victims.  

They are blaming the Hapsburgs for their sins  --who are really the least of the problem, but then, that is typical of liars and thieves and pirates. They seek to deflect attention and blame from the more active and virulent members of their criminal enterprise, while those who drag their feet and "cause problems" are singled out to take the blame. 

Rotten to the core and to the end, because whether they realize it or not, this is the end.  The Apocalypse. The time when the Sword of Truth is unleashed.  

And it's already over, except for the shouting. 


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  1. hmmm I wonder if it will be Prince William as they have planned
    Anyone think it is a coincidence that there is a county in Virginia named Prince William County
    How about Virginia and Maryland (you get it Virgin Mary) and DC used to be called Rome
    Interesting blog everyone should read
    If you look closely at the picture of this guy he kinda looks like JFK Jr? Just my opinion
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Fulford wrote in his latest report that one very connected informant says Williams is out, too...

    2. @Shelby: Yes, definitely me too I suspect Prince William or his Dad. I've been matching and expecting this to happen. Because I saw a large transfer of our assets / funds to him the most.

  2. HalleluYah!!! Well said, judge anna, :)

  3. i am not a victim. The minute you start thinking and feeling this way, begins a path i do not want nor need to go down.
    We have been told where and what the True temple of God is. We have also been warned of the imposter who will come in and set up shop in this Holy temple. So how many now say they too are Gods?
    So are you equal or greater than God?
    Getting past stumbling stones are part of the journey.
    Alas we also do not need nor want martial law. i mean now you have narrowed it down to a mere 300 bad guys, Right? The rest of us are just "victims."

    1. Not a victim either as Soul is just visiting earth for awhile with one of ITs lower bodies 💥

    2. Yes,Leland and i also agree on what you said about dna.
      at least on the surface?

    3. Soul is (way, way) 'above' matter,energy, space, time💥

    4. There are gonna be billions of souls going to hell, so don't get too ''heady' there thinking you are in control of your soul; you are not.

    5. Per nonsense as usual dear Abby...u don't even know where 'hell' it's a temporary remedial zone in the astral plane/heaven. And guess what? Not a permanent residency for Soul whatsoever.

      How could it be with the biggest lie u cannot grok?🎶

  4. The queen stepping down from her nefarious position means nothing. The beat will still go right on, with a replacement of equal or more sinister heart. I don't see it even worth the mention here.

    And to tell the People that ''its already over except for the shouting' is ludicrous. It hasn't even really begun yet; its not apocalypse as you put it, its called the great tribulation and once it does start, it will take 7 long years. It will wipe out 1/4 of the population, and then another 1/3 of it, at least. So you see, it is far from being all over with.
    It is written, but you dont know this because ya never read for yourselves. Thats what you get for just listening to some lying mealy mouth 'pastors' who will never tell you this. Of course most of them don't know it because they are ignorant and have chosen an easy high paying job working their way to hell for their false preaching.

  5. Oh Abby! I have hesitated to respond to you but now I feel compelled.
    Let me do so by asking you a question? To preface, you wrote earlier you had left "churchianity" 15 years ago. So dear Abby, where do you get "7 years"? Not from Revelation, as that work mentions 3.5 years 3 times, for a total of 10.5 years. Not from Daniel, as that work speaks of "middle of the week", meaning 3.5 years. Are you really doing independent study, or are you bringing pre-conceived notions put forth by error-prone religionists? Please explain.

    1. First time I posted here, I see it says "Unknown" on the above post replying to Abby. To be clear, I'm Tom in Big Lake, Alaska.

    2. Hi Tpm from Big Lake! U doing ok after the earthquake?🎶


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