Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Hold the Presses! This is Incredible 1.0

By Anna Von Reitz

I have a statement on my desk attributed to former Democratic Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa.  He retired in 2015 after twenty years service in the U.S. Congress, ten years in the House, ten years in the Senate.  So he should know what he is talking about, right?  

He is still alive so far as I can discover, so maybe someone in Iowa can track him down and ask if he actually said the things that have been reported to me and ask him to make additional comment, because what I am about to discuss is nothing less than astounding.  

According to these statements sitting here on my desk this morning, Senator Harkin believes the following quotes.  My explanatory notes and answers appear in brackets [ ]: 

1. Senator Harkin:  [The Internal Revenue Code] "or any other constitutional or federal provision [is/are  null and void because] "those authorities fell with the loss of our national money standard in 1933."  ----that is, because the (Territorial) United States went off the gold standard.  

[Obviously not, Senator, because the Municipal United States continued to function and the Internal Revenue Service continued to click along. Changing from the gold standard to the silver standard in commerce in 1933 could not possibly have any such international treaty consequence. Both forms of money, gold and silver, are actual money and they both pay debts which the American States and People continued to pay for stipulated services under conditions of contract assumption. 

Federal Codes established by the old service corporation may have been vacated, but if so, the members of the U.S. Congress failed to serve Public Notice of those facts, and continued to publish and use those same Federal Codes--- which means that just as the American  People were "assumed" to bind themselves to the new service providers by process of assumption, the U.S. Congress is "assumed" to bind themselves to the provisions of the Federal Code they have published and used as a basis for suing people in courts all over this country.  Anything less results in institutionalized constructive fraud on the part of the members of the U.S. Congress in 1933 and every year since then.] 

2.  Senator Harkin: "Since 1933, the people have formed a new unincorporated United States in trust by their silence in accepting the loss of their ability for paying their debts at law." 

[We must immediately ask --- "Which 'people'?  The actual living people of this country, or the invisible fictional "persons" of the Territorial United States?  Because the States and People who actually own this country continued to pay their debts all along and have no reason to believe in the existence of any unwritten or implied "United States" trust. 

The bankruptcy in 1933 ruptured the assumed service contract with 
"United States of America, Incorporated" and ultimately led to the demise of that corporation in 1999, but so what?  If a subcontractor goes bankrupt the only affect on the Principal is to hire new subcontractors or extend additional duties to already existing subcontractors --- which in this case meant, historically, the UNITED STATES, INC. taking over.

 Also, there is no such thing as a totally "unincorporated" trust.  Trusts may be corporate or incorporated, but they have to have substance and form and a written indenture in order to exist.   There are no Zombie Apocalypse States or States of States or Commonwealths in our country or anywhere else. 

Senator Harkin's belief ----if indeed he said all this -- that some kind of un-stipulated public trust exists then or now is straight out of the realm of fantasy and has no basis in law or fact. 

There are unincorporated state trusts, but they are not some airy-fairy merely "presumed to exist" construct.  Our unincorporated state trusts are formed by declarations, not constitutions.  Those declarations may take different forms -- they may be compacts, they may be sovereign letters patent, they may be commonwealth treatises --- but they all have definite written hold-in-your-hand provisions that include public trust indentures.  All of them.  

Stop a moment and think about what this purported statement by Senator Harkin implies --- the members of the U.S. Congress think that our States don't really exist or have substance, because they are not incorporated?  That's like denying the existence of chickens because you broke an egg. Our States are the authorities that charter all their States of States and if the members of the U.S. Congress missed that fact in Grammar School, we are all in a heap of trouble.  You cannot ever have a "State of Florida" without first having a "Florida" --- does everyone grasp that fact?] 

3. Senator Harkin then quotes Russell v. Allen, 107 U.S. 163, 27 L.Ed. 397: "The United States Government may be the trustee of a charitable trust."  

[Well, I "may" act as a fan dancer, too, Senator.  But in the absence of evidence, we cannot presume that I occupied that capacity, can we? Or any other "potential" capacity --- dog catcher, soothsayer, or rocket scientist.  I might act as the trustee of a charitable trust, too. Might. Or might not.  This is crazy stuff, right out of Loony-Tunes Central.... The Trust to which the delegated powers return by Operation of Law is and has always been  The United States of America, Unincorporated, which was formed and announced to the public by The Continental Congress, September 9, 1776, and to all the State Trusts functioning under their statehood compacts, letters patent, commonwealth treatises, etc.  If this is not perfectly obvious to the members of the "U.S. Congress" it is still perfectly obvious to the rest of us.] 

I literally can't believe what I just read.  If this two-page statement by Senator Harkin is legitimate, and if this is representative of the level of understanding among members of Congress, our Ship of State has been lost at sea for over a hundred years, captained by pirates and crewed by imbeciles. 

And that discussion was just the first paragraph of this statement.  There's more.  Unfortunately.  But I must stop and draw breath.... 

Dear Mr. President Trump: there is no need for any vacuous supposition.  The occasion of any service provider going bankrupt results in the delegated powers returning to The United States of America, Unincorporated.  We were not given Notice by the International Trustees that they were unable to make provisions for new service providers (or were incompetent to do so) and in fact, new service providers readily came forward and assumed the service obligations and have been paid for those services since 1868. 

You can see that the obligations of contract by assumption swing both ways, and that any failure by the U.S. Congress to recognize this fact (such as their obligation to honor the entire Federal Code so long as they continue to publish and reference it ) results in constructive fraud against the sovereign States and People of this country and is in fact, treason.  

On this occasion with the failures of both the corporate Territorial and corporate Municipal service corporations, we have said --- "Enough." and have made public our non-assumption of contract and have also published our acknowledgement and acceptance of the returned Delegated Powers. 

It is now your turn to educate the members of Congress about life in the actual world and tell them that there is no implied United States trust charitable or otherwise available for the United States Government to (possibly) administer.  Andrew Jackson sold off the unincorporated United States as a business in 1836 and used the proceeds to pay off all debts owed by The United States of America, Unincorporated. 

All variations of "United States" incorporation(s) since that time have been completely foreign operations acting under assumed contracts, both Municipal and Territorial --- and aside from being responsible to obey and execute the constitutional agreements they were assuming, never had any authority, business connections, or any other rights, titles, or interests related to this country or its people. 

We are now calling for the "Internal Revenue Service" to vacate our shores for lack of valid contract and lack of evidence that any valid Municipal or Territorial PERSONS exist.  We also remind the American Armed Forces that if they want to work for us, they need a new contract.  And as for the "United States" meaning the British Territorial United States and Municipal United States -- we are your Priority Creditors, and that is set in cement.  

Finally, as for the Office of the "US Attorney General" ---that whole mess needs to be straightened out along with dismissal of any claims that Americans "voluntarily" donated their babies as chattel "alien property" --- ASAP.  Thank you, very much.


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  2. I noticed Harkin is a demoncrat.....

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    1. Seeing Mr Harkin is a Democrat which have been Anti-everything regarding God, personal dignity, respect, freedom, American values, Christiannity I am not surprised his thoughts on this important subject are on a distorted trajectory. Pirates and imbeciles is putting it mildly.
      Stay sane and hopefully Trump and the White Hats everywhere, including Us, will get this ship to a glorious harbor !!

  4. Well,well....color me purple...again.

  5. Yes, Yes, Yes Anna!!! The Pen IS Sharpened and the TRUTH IS Mightier than a bloodied worn out "Old World" sword!! NO MORE FICTITIOUS TRUSTS OF BANKRUPT NO VALUE "THINGS". NO MORE Stealing Our Living Life True Substance Energy and Priceless morals and values without our knowledge or our fully disclosed consent!!! COLLAPSE and LIQUIDATE Now!!!

    Its Time to throw some anointed Wholly water & serve our "True Life Bill" on this nasty CORPORATE DEAD wicked witch of the East and "Liquidate" this BEAST once and for All Now!!! Get your peaceful King of Kings "weapons" sharpened and ready....its time Now!!! SO So Grateful Now!!!

    Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Peace Be For All Now

  6. lets get started put them on notice....or what else can we do?

  7. Let me know when We the People are ready to "Privately Unite" to improve the QUALITY & QUANTITY of Individual lives "WITHOUT ANY GOVERNMENT FUNDING,and that is what can be done! I look forward to hearing from those not living in F.E.A.R.
    Ron Lesnick

    1. Ron One of my current projects on behalf of the People of South Carolina to over come this crap, the people might find it interesting. Oh and about the private unity thing...the national assembly [private assembly of the people] is happening and its growing, because people are waking up and realizing and exercising their right to private assembly. enjoy this link:

  8. As I recall, a section of the U.S.Code defines partnerships, trusts, and some other entities as unincorporated corporations. I don't have the cite, perhaps someone out there has seen it and knows where to find it.

    1. earthdweller...I am from South Carolina, so let me answer this using the law here. But in law, remember this: pursuant to the 14th amendment the United States is in control of all U.S. citizens. Now, remember this also prior to the 14th amendment the RECONSTRUCTION ACTS abolished the de jure governments of the several States and established military rule and set up the STATES OF THE UNITED STATES [better known as the STATE OF STATES] in the vacant seats. This military takeover was only to be temporary until the de jure [non-combative] State republics could be re-established. But, it continues today, with the military in control of the state of states of the United States. Now, this was all done ALLEGEDLY to protect and defend the rights of the peaceful PEOPLE OF THE SEVERAL STATES. It was done by an act of congress [de facto] and not by the Constitution. So when the de facto congress set up the STATE OF STATES under military rule, they did it under the right of interstate commerce of the Constitution. They changed all the governments [under their control] to corporations and added gold fringe to the flags to represent military rule. [gold fringe is military rule]. What they did not do is confiscate the private trade, private property or private possessions of the peaceful people. That was tried by FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT when he confiscated everything, but the courts made him give back discharge of debt to the private people. Now, do private people of the several States still have their rights to privacy in tact? YES! But, now we have to prove privacy because of all the crap that congress has done since reconstruction. So in this link, from SC statutes you will find your answer. because of U.S. rule over the STATE OF STATES, it will apply to all STATES because no de jure government have YET been re-established by the People of the several States. We are working on it, because it is our right, but trying to wake the People up is like trying to pull good teeth. Most People just refuse to see truth! You will see from this link the separation of corporations from the private people. private people are not subjects to the corporate jurisdictions of the corporate/military courts of the U.S.

    2. Ps. never REGISTER your fictitious corporate name with the SEC OF STATE. You can RECORD it as your private trade [unincorporate] trade name as Anna teaches. But, never register anything. Your private trade is tax exempt! Understand the difference between REGISTER and RECORD. CORPORATIONS REGISTER....PRIVATE PEOPLE [INDIVIDUALS] RECORD.