Wednesday, October 17, 2018

France? Liquidate the UN Corp and All Successors and Derivatives

By Anna Von Reitz

We know how it started. We know who did it. We know that the "UN Corp" as opposed to the United Nations organization (chartered in 1945) was chartered in France during WWII by Vichy French Nazi sympathizers and these criminals then colluded with Swiss officials (also Nazi sympathizers) to transport their ill-gotten gains into Swiss banks by the railroad cars full.

We know.

It's not just the Brits, though as usual, they are at the bottom of our particular dog pile. It's you, too, France. And Switzerland. Oh, and Italy, too. Ironically, you are all now suffering from the parasites you harbored and wondering why?

Because a snake is a snake. It is its nature.

And a worm is a worm. It is its nature.

If you want to prove where you stand on the issues of civility and law and culture, if you want to do the right thing and free yourselves to live as free men again, then start doing what has to be done.

Liquidate the UN Corp as a crime syndicate.

Then maybe you can stop talking about your "national debt" and start talking about your "national credit" instead.


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  1. Nazi's sympathisers? France is run by jews since napoleon who was a tool of them emancipator of jews who run wild with corruption .and napoleon in prison ed the pope till he allowed the Jewish Jesuit order naked into the fold .to say nazi's negative Rothschild . Basel Switzerland is more banking of IFM. all zionest ground.

    1. Napoleon reincarnated as Hitler another lifetime, too.

      Napoleon loved 🕋

    2. And we know the Zionists lived Hitler🕆


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