Wednesday, September 5, 2018

News for NYC

By Anna Von Reitz

There are, give or take, around 8.5 million people in New York City, right?
53 million people worldwide read my postings each week.

That's roughly six times the population of New York City.
And unlike the captive audience of the New York Times (which is owned by foreign and distinctly unsavory interests) these people actually make the effort to seek out the information and pass it on to family, neighbors and friends.
I once heard Rudy Giuliani give a speech and afterward some guy from the audience was teasing him and Rudy shot back something like, "Seven million people (the NYC population back then) can't be wrong!"
So, 53 million people are even less likely to be wrong.
If you want insight into what is really going on in the world---use The New York Times to line your bird cages and hamster hutches. Start thinking for yourselves again.
It will be tough at first, but after a while, you will start feeling really good about it.
Now here's the first Practice Question addressed to 8.5 million New Yorkers:
Can anyone in NYC tell me what tax evasion by a former campaign manager has to do with Donald Trump or Russia?
Either one?
We will try to get the East Coast logic circuits fired up to full power again, and then work the Hard Cases in California.


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  1. Manafort's alleged tax evasion serves as a distraction from what Trump is actually doing, and the fact that he still draws the same standing-room-only outside overflow of voters as he did 3 yrs. ago.

    As for thinking, I already do way too much of that.

  2. It shows us what kind of people Trump surrounds himself with. Look at and into Roger Stone ( Yet another example.) Omarrosa any one? What kind of judgement has the Donald exhibited in the past?
    You see these things may show us Truth about The Donald.
    Remember how tight the Donald and the Clintons were?

  3. And look at Trumps taste in women: Chuckle

  4. To Abby and a follower... why waste time on the fake narrative nazi propoganda ?.. get your affairs in order and stop watching government television.
    What matters is doing the paperwork and recording , then and only then can we be free of this bad hollywierd fiction . Lets do it together...Kevin

    1. Kevin,
      Anna, posted the article. Read it and see. What is the main point she is making? i would like to see your answer.

      i do not see how taking your eyes of of what is going on in the world could be a good thing. Discernment in all things is the answer.

    2. Patriot, you just keep right on thinking filing all those papers is going to rid you of this hellywood you speak of. Did you not bother to read where 'a follower' showed that filing papers will never change the evil hearts of Man?
      It just might do you some good to actually ponder some of the good points that are brought up in here. So can you tell us all how filing papers is going to rid us of all these innumerable wicked entities that we have all around us every day?
      How does paper work mixed together with all the immorality, deceit, and criminality rid us of anything? Tell us where is there any real Freedom in that?

  5. I agree with Patriot. Do the work. File your docs.Great responsibility comes with ACTION! Distractions are just that: distractions.

    1. Findingthetruth. And that's what it is all about distractions and fear!?! Yes I agree w/ you and patriot58... I do and have not watched the News.


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